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Ofp like ins on payday

 Minnesota law has made it very easy to steal felony amounts of services and property from someone then make the claim they abused you or you feel threatened

I seem to recall there used to be stories how border towns down south illegal immigrants would be allowed to work an entire pay period and only on payday immigration nationalization services would show up to begin deporting.

How different is that from claiming you are someone's land lord, over 8 mo accepting 6,300 usd in services. In a town where a safe estimate of market value would have made the room you were renting $150 a month.

 Then police begin enforcing a zero notice lock change and not only do you not get paid you lose everything you ever worked to afford.

But then the people doing it go to civil court claim you're an abuser now they can still come around you but going near you them is arrestable and the police suggest you need a detainment in a mental ward rather than allowing confessions of fellony theft after the fact on a police report.

yet failing to stay fed or closed can be a reason to throw you permanently in a mental ward

Seems to me it's one sort of prison or another for someone committing crimes against you. or would we start to describe negative pay or imprisonment and or imprisonment we are defining slavery

Unless repeated felony-level thefts have no way of making someone meet the criteria eligible for detainment to imprisonment in a mental health facility. it's kind of like the modern version of cracking the whip on someone you've literally claim to own while doing this

If time is money in time is finite. It's hard to argue anything what I've just said unless anything you buy has no value. or no value in getting income whether transporting you there or a tool you use to earn.

It's pretty hard to argue that all of a sudden not having a car couldnt cause you to lose your income

Those laboring to be deported might actually have it lucky.

Try laboring to be locked up or starve to death. And this is Minnesota it's currently 28 degrees Fahrenheit.

When this mythical polar vortex that all the sudden dominates weather hands up drifting or being steered down here...

2019 in January it hit -30 f

That was so cold but having driven the car on the freeway for about 2 hours idling in the parking lot outside of the hotel I was staying at the cap temperature dropped below freezing. Or another words even after a hard drive on the engine idle wasn't enough to maintain temperatures above freezing in the cab.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the hotel room to go to that easily could have killed you living in your car

Our laws and lawmakers are killing people

Meanwhile on CNN today I read some guy in the march on the capitol which they call storming the capital actually I don't know s*** about what I read about him other than he had a shirt on that reference how work will set you free

albeit match freit

Which of course were the words above the gates to enter Auschwitz

One thing is for sure working for negative pay or being moved around while losing but still working..

Work without the replenishing nutrients of food that sets you free real fast

 medical science facts.

and Minnesota during world war II we did something called the Minnesota starvation experiment

It was in an effort to understand how to help the people who have been rationed or starve in concentration camps in Europe.

Seems that some point are lawmakers understood that if you starve someone it might degrade their ability to be alive or to function and there might be some things needed for recovery.

Now police in Minnesota especially Maple Grove Minnesota will help someone steal everything from you still felony amount since help someone starve you 

Well civil court allows them to label you the abuser.

those studies also found emotional inhibition to be greatly impacted as well as general cognition

So if alleged words let alone actual words said that makes someone feel threatened is the criteria.. police are causing the government uses to demonize you


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