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Only child any child

 It's not worth the time you miss with friends to know anyone your parents do.

Granted this might not be optional.

NPD parents the child is a trophie or devil doesn't help matters 

But the nastyness is the realization of how much of my time during child hood was given to my moms imsane demands to basically be iny room not eating or giving her attention if she demaded it , getting chewed out cause she came home got drunk took out a hard day me

Or with people who actually have 0 concern for me / near enough. Aka their friends.

And then college I would go if my dad came up and sit at the hotel for hours with him only for him to not respect a single thing like please don't call me off the hook I have pee STD from the experience I had almost losing you every time you do that it's like somebody's dying

Paul I wanted to talk to you then he want to know every little bit of my new show about how to graduate even if I had a test the next day

If I didn't answer sometimes called my girlfriend. I realized later How much every gf I've had has adamantly well except for one not wanting to be anywhere near my family. I can't say I blame them. One of them we're sure to tell me how f***** up they were it's hard to hold on to something like that though especially when it's a two-on-one literal lie to your face that nothing like that ever happens or it's all your fault

The really f*****-up thing here in every way they benefited from having me. Even by their largest figurewhich I can't really confirm or deny at this point only then to say I know that it wasn't every year I don't want to say false hugs and the police separated me from anything I'd need to prove what my income was in past years any of that and what they didn't separate me from was stolen in April but they won't allow a report.

Here's what I know if market value for every time they got computer IT services for free including the two computers I built for them what's factored into it it's even.

Except they took everything I worked for they took my time with my rabbits time with cosmos time with people give me a sense of achievement in the actual achievement they're taking my health they're taking my life

I suspected it was mold I knew that because I put my mind to it. I knew that because I went on a volunteering trip cleaned out house that was hit by Sandy when I bumped my respirator they were some pretty unique smells.

They use it to make me sick I haven't been inside that house much more than a few moments since it was fixed which was 11 months after it was confirmed by professional. My mom had been threatening since 2014 to give me diagnosed medicated for her real mold. She shouldn't be practicing medicine. 

Paul and  Marlene conspire to this day to use the law to harm that is another crime in and of itself

But they didn't just hurt me once they've hurt me 10 20 times over. they make sure snow blow through the vents of that car after they had had the house dealt with so I would have to keep dealing with what they got me diagnosed for with false police reports and a mental hold

Now I'm blowing up black ship with one of my rabbit's in the freezer they still have the other one her remains

And if stolen all ability to do anything but suffer all creative avenue stolen inability to cook food what do buy a whole new kitchen just so they can turn and give it back to me or steal it again? This is f****** ridiculous

there are thousands of dollars of legally licensed software suites on the computer they stole that tools i earn with

The only Force as f***** up as them are Maple Grove Police I've never seen such a prime example of hitlers youth sans a few of them  

Can't really blame the judge other than the fact that I would really hope they understand how wrong it is what that Court does. There's no checks you apply this to someone who is hurting somebody else and it gives the police license to hurt them more or rather ignore the crimes that the accuser is committing. There's nothing that I can see stopping someone from chaining someone down in Minnesota to make sure they can't attend the hearing for that

I haven't met the judge though so I can't say much either way. Other than a few read some of these texts my dad has sent it's pretty clear he views this as a power Trip tool the judge would like to talk to you John the judge would like it's like Paul his following someone to lay down the line the sun that he has abused poisoned and molested socially destroyed and he's positively f****** giddy.

But that's just the whole thing they assaulted me I don't even care about that but then they flip this this hurts my ability apply for certain jobs it might hurt housing my credits been fried this is total destruction it's really really sick I did everything agreed on. There's not supposed to be a system where you don't hurt anybody you do everything agreed on and police literally give them your entire life after they beat you then they beat you more in court that's why I call it the incest family court should not be allowed parent to child like this these are not equals they have a 40 year life experience advantage I didn't even know what the hell in ofp was

But back to the theme don't go with your parents anywhere in Minnesota if they are at all crooked you're sick to unhinged you need to be able to cope with the impossible the police will help them steal everything of yours even if you move back in or as you move out. The police might put you on the street for them the moment you turn 18 and not do anything about the fact they just cleaned out your bank account the day before. As crazy as that sounds that is pretty much my experience except I have been gone for 10 years. Which is the other depressing incest nasty f*** part it took about that long time do what they did

but in Minnesota you better be ready the moment you turn 18 to lose everything you thought you had to move out with be thrown out and basically have a lawyer of all types on retainer already the sad thing is I could have done this. I had a law office the state law but he knows there's a family affair he knows other lawyers when I was 18 I had an accounting office law office a printing and engraving shop a car dealership as regular business clients for it support an $11 an hour job I was the exception there I could have survived that. I was building 75 to show up 3235 an hour I had two dozen homes on top of that and the $11 an hour steady job also had commission.

But for the average person would be absolute insanity. This is a state set to pray on those who have already had it rough. Money doesn't really determine rougher or not it can in its own right. That said money given just to harm someone or paid just to keep them in a cell it's just that especially when you take everything they work for and they never needed it to begin with

really shouldn't have to argue with the 25-year vice president of SEIU local 284 that my time isn't worthless

Especially when he probably wouldn't be here to have that argument had I not acted quickly in 2004 this is sick police are enabling them to make me their own personal f****** Jesus they are killing me for their sins I don't usually use that word but it's an apt analogy here.


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