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Pale Wuethrich , Marlene Wuethrich

 Malene dorthy Wuethrich cnnp children's is the nurse practitioner who several times over feigns ingornace to fact one doesn't need an allergy test while she starves them to determine her black mold and aspergillus is not good for her, the last 20 years of sick new horns or her son.

Infact she does the same to the connection betweeny amoxiciln allergy and mold allergy

She's still trying to kill me. I believe she is tortured and or continues to torture her sister Mary

Paul whitrick was a public school bus driver for robbinsdale area School district. He retired after switching to full-time Union organizer. He was the Union steward and vice president of SEIU local 284 for probably about 25 years. He claims to own me. he needs control because he wants control and the police won't so much should give them a stern word for poisoning people for repeatedly stealing for starving for forcing labor under threats threats to my animals now both dead I don't want to do this anymore they steal to make sure I don't have a f****** working vacuum cleaner but I have their f****** mold problem. My dad realized about two years into running me around like the sick f****** child molester he was but a bit past child. My dad realized while I was staying at hotels after their false reports created a trip to the mental ward which Marlene had been threatening for 4 years over now confirmed and at the time being dealt with mold. After that Paul the same she Lord knows you could use someone to talk to you why don't you talk to me John because you touched me as a kid you f****** sick b**** and you try to make me die for your mistakes you risk leaving me disfigured your steel to make sure I can't get away from you while you say you need control cuz you want control you tell me you own me you sick f****** c*********** piece of s*** why don't you slit your own throat and make the world a better place

about a year before that was my 30th birthday 3 weeks before that birthday maybe two Paul wanted me to be his shoulder to cry on because he felt empty and didn't have enough friends when he was going to the bar once or twice a week with two different groups of friends well they were both destroying everything I worked well I was bleeding from the corners of my eyes my animals were sick but nowhere near as sick as Maple Grove Police or Paul and Marlene. 

Paul also used to tell me stories. There was the girl who gave bjs on one of his elementry routes. He was pretty sure her mother was a hooker. 

There was a girl he used to watch when she noticed her nipples getting hard.

There was cyote urin placed in the head of transportation robbinsdale area schools office. 

Sometimes I wonder if it was really a roofing fire.

There was also the fact that when he arbitrated for a driver caught touching a student he became fond of making a joke out of the clothing store once upon a child.

And the fact he would never allow a situation where he was alone with any of my girlfriend s(like a ride home ) under the age 18 because he supposably feared acusations

The more I think about it there was also a driver that he called doo-dah. A habitual liar. I wonder if once upon a child was a brag that he wasn't

it's highly likely that during the Vietnam era when Minneapolis still had a naval air reserve, pulsed stole marker dye and tied it under a bridge to dye minnehaha falls

he always tells that story of somebody but he knows an awful lot of details for claiming swim. Swim is an old acronym for someone who isn't me

I put this together because at some point and click people had told me my mom had a thing for putting soap in public fountains


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