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Pale and malice rape but not as hard as police

 narcissistic parents often can't keep their hands to themselves..

you are a part of them. 

othe part they will rip off and kill for a stain on carpet.  maOr noworse yet for trersomethimg they did to themselves. Justified by u r a brat and deserve the disfigurment to death risk anyway 

before during and after they may be destroying everything you worked to own and steal again after separation.

In my case it gets psychotic because my mom outright tried repeatedly to shove me over a railing. Police won't allow that or what she said after or another assault on a report. This makes me question statistics on domestic violence heavily especially when there's an office of violence against women that offers federal grants AKA money from the federal government to the state government for certain arrest of men.

But as for parents destroying and assulting you your animals and your worked for property. they might lie to your face while doing it. say they will replace it or worse say it never happened before during and or after.

they will steal  your mail, sign  your signature, talk to ur friends and employers to sabotage you. Triangulation is the psych term. They will kick you when you are vulnerable. to get ahead from what I understand most people have had to run themselves close to out a narcissistic parent or narcissist in general understands that this is when a person is weakest and most vulnerable the smarter ones will only hit with full force at this moment.

Other than  part of them you are the attention they generate  from you not the living breathing person.

Even in killing you they get that feed .

What an advanced nation we are.

Advanced retardation nation.

We let people convince us acts happened or otherwise and harm is defined by demographics. The potential insight that comes from relationships being a factor in harm even that is corrupted. positions of power or the ability for either party to walk away without harm is what causes a relationship to be a factor in harm.

I want to believe tomorrow I wake up and this will all just be a dream.  

Yesterday I went to bed after blowing this out

Today I woke up mid scream. Clyde's name. Hungry and endangered on the bed Clyde died on. Infested shit hole Not for decisions or agreements i made or for my lack of commitment or follow through. Not for lack of ability.

Crimes have been committed to put me here felony level crimes and to terrorize me while I'm here I am three years malnourished still poisoned by mold I alerted them to they paid to get rid of for them they took everything I own and then took more nothing

The only thing more criminal; the police that participation in human ownership and abuse

I'ma be dead soon in this infested shit hole but I pray for you

More so I pray for your kids. No one asks to be born and if you lose yourself the law will help you destroy them

Pale ouidick. So yellow he probably has jaundice. 

 that's the French spelling of yes Consent otherwise guess what you're getting. Oui oui zizi


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