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Paul the childmolester stalker abuser strikes again


Last year and the year before different parts of different seiu functions were texting me eith as John or as Paul. Aka this fits his mo.
Modus operandi just in  case Sergeant Hansen isn't familiar. One night he seemed to have trouble with allegedly absolutely anytime that it's against me but you have a gaval up his ass seems to have given him this trouble. Some assumptions but I don't see it on his belt anyway.

Even during the time at hotels he would randomly stop by and talk to the front desk people who I'm sure founded inconspicuous even if he asked them mention he was there. Because if you assume a normal father son relationship there's nothing devious about that. But when the reality is he claims to own you he's been poisoning you he's physically assaulted you what he's doing is predatory because it's I mean I need to make you feel like I'm always around and watching you

Dad I hate you you sick f****** cowardice bastard

A few mental health professionals have it Dead on narcissists and sociopaths often abuse their childrem stalk  destroy sabotage and because they're an easy target.

They are an easy target because no one suspects that parents would. No one wants to believe that parents would.

Those conditions often generate individuals who feel the most from conflict 

Some of them learn that control over others allows them to generate this on demand.

Unless money isn't required at all in life then someone being for most intents and purposes above the law in regards to what they can do to other people offers them unlimited control

I've said in the past unless I can learn to literally s*** money out of my ass faster than they can take it...

I even posed the question to Sergeant Hansen of the Maple Grove Police Force: are you saying if slavery was illegal there wouldn't be a monetary cost of keeping that person alive and sheltered

And what seems like it could have been a rehearsed answer

 I'm not going to entertain that conversation

my bet would be at some point training taught them anything you don't want to answer or my possibly lead to liability or even loss of the seeming or perceived power in a conversation gets a generic response like that

what was a little less honorable was that was the same conversation I showed him a picture of The moldy car I was forced to labor on and he says I didn't see that put the phone away

Sergeant slave-driver spam in a can canned response can we promote slavery yes we can can can

Rumor has it the office of violence against women has answered that and many other things I'm this informative press release /s
(Blogger mobile strips YouTube. This is supposed to show the cell block tango bellow)

It's all fun and games until you are the murder victim of parents that claim to own you and repeatedly violate law to terifi and force dependents while endangering the entriety of your life and grip on sanity .

The game gets really psychotic when notficer Hanson takes lead.

I try to laugh about it between games of 1st world rullet. Where are you turn the car on and then press the garage door opener. You know on the off-chance that battery died.
(Oddly videos uploaded directly to blogger still show on mobile)

Trying to maintain sanity when the key won't open the apt door and let you into the empty torture cell with your friend dead in the freezer (Clyde rabbit) and little else.

This video was earlier tonight. I went back to the garage grabbed my bank card and eventually sprung the door open.

Funny how you can is constant threat from the people who claim to own you and the police excusing multiple repeated felony level crimes while participating in basically human trafficking and forced unpaid labor well these parties toggle between your the abuser or your unable to care for yourself

Yet you're still quick enough on your feet to solve problems like the key doesn't unlock the door or allow it to open once turned 

it's almost like if you can constantly steal something you might generate the illusion of that by cognitive overload of someone having to adapt to everything every moment and you change it even if they do.

Sense of smell was back for a bit last night after blowing this out. Munchausen by proxy has a new name in the current DSM. It's interesting that Paul and Marlenedon't care or will outright deny that I've been to a bunch of doctors and then plus the Maple Grove Police prevent any health instructions from any level of education or doctors being followed

but Paul and Marlene will explicitly say it's because I won't go to a doctor that I'm sick

When the reality is around January 2018 my primary doctor said the way someone your age gets better is get away from the mold

I've taken efforts on here to document just how bad for  any aspect of health literal years of malnutrition and in 2019 30 days of starvation including two 4day periods and 2 three day periods destroys cognitive function mood and weakens the immune system.

Under Minnesota law even a promise with no intent to fulfill can constitute criminal act.

I've got the recordings of several different plans given for what I need to do to get my things including my kitchen back

When the bar is always moved..

Well it won't be much longer I mean I've already asked to make sure that they don't get to touch me when I'm dead

I've already asked or tried to make it clear I'm more concerned with Clyde's remains being respectfully dealt with the my own other than letting those two vultures touch me

My previous apartment before their house and their decisions on finishing it in 2001 caught up to me in 2017 in the form of mold spreading

more stuff I blew out earlier this year 9 months of forced labor on a car they refused to give me the title to will holding onto $43,000 in personal property I worked for more than enough to have sold and bought even the current car that I don't have title to. That I had to break the window when I thought I locked the keys in because I couldn't have had anyone opened it.

It's now 26 degrees and I have shrink wrap over the window that's in Fahrenheit or below freezing

9 month spread it to the apartment air conditioning

They use the accusations that I'm an abuser in court as perjury just to try to force their will. Well there will is toxic to even the odds of being alive. I got counseling when I needed it in 2007. At that point Paul and Marlene anytime I was in their home would berate me for why do you think we messed you up so much you need counseling

He's asking having taken away the work I did towards the agreement I had with the friend Paul Marlene take it away then say after the fact that all the work is done after essentially saying sorry you can't have what you paid for we decided our son can't come out and play we've decided he's a f****** rape toy 

then Paul the molester takes it up a notch and asked why didn't they send me an application if it was such a good deal

Gee Dad other than having a son do the police help you f****** murder how often have you gotten something for nothing you f****** nasty incest bitch.

Yet I make it so he's 5 minutes late or can't return a rental car because he wanted to strand me and I hear all about howI ruined his reputation with the random mechanics that are random f****** Ford garage you f****** nasty piece of f****** trash you f****** incest molested as a child piece of s***

In other words he terrorizes will terrorizing because what he does when he says something like that is demonstrating he knows what boundaries are or he knows how living up to your word translates to doors open or doors closed 

But he's told me two times he thinks he owns me in a third time says he thinks he bought me

so it's a bit like saying property doesn't have that


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