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Paul's legwcy

 Before moving from the last place he was up in St cloud on the extermination day. Later it really burned.. it wasn't great at first either but I'm dealing with apt employee and exterminator Paul has my rabbits I'm their carriers outside

Turned out a neighbor girl I had seen a few times but haven't got to talk to walks by the child molesting father and she happened to have rabbits. I never got to meet her Bonnie and Clyde are dead

She not as far less than they do but they are related are the whole thing is because I worked my ass off from the moment I came up here the first time I worked before that to this is f****** insane I can't wait till I have all of all of the property of an officer that they have ever earned and then just say sorry civil oh and you're pretty violent towards me 

wonder why 

I digress friends that are now gone not even in this town anymore might have remembered how many times I said I'd really need to get to a point where I can spend some time with my rabbits

Well turns out what I did work for the agreements for the repairs for third parties for the design custom design circuit boards but then Paul and Marlene took it away with all my property and police enforcement

That included  for

design projects already shown to work for two different clients. That was a third product required to make one of them saleable and I watched what one of my competitors did and how much she made I still could be making money off of it or using it but some f****** f***** police support murderers robbers and thieves

And every moment of the last 32 years of my life is being made worthless.

Being done so in a way where I'm going to be disfigured I already am. And that doesn't cover the f****** post-traumatic stress disorder the screaming all hours of the night now. Sergeant Hanson can make the world a better place if you swallowed the entire clip after pointing it at the back of his throat and challenged himself to empty it before he hits the floor. But he's not really the problem well actually yeah because outside of my own problems when the police are being this reckless with other people's property this is where bad things come from people don't like being robbed. What I do or don't do doesn't matter it will cause people to shoot people it does cause that. But hey we got more job demand for officer Hanson if it does and let's arrest the woman for the potentially three Buck Chuck.

There's a practical question though and Sergeant Hansen do UV lithography or make the tools to do so teaching self the concepts make working products program them? Cuz I can shoot a gun I can tie a knot or put handcuffs on someone in time I could learn the rules he doesn't follow

it's about a 10 year sentence trying to recover from what's been done to me and probably 30 off my life

Why wouldn't I hurt someone I'm still being hurt.

I kept working when I went to their place while Marlene was throwing stuff away Paul's telling me I'm going to have another place and a workshop I upgrade their computers upgraded the lighting in the kitchen with a RF remote dimmer that was hardwired in I did about $6,300 minimum of things I have done for pay professionally in the past over those eight months I Maple Grove Police award them the value of my life. I'm not sure if I'm officer f*** head is also aware what my dad went through with the aneurysm in 04

The fact that without my actions Paul likely would have perished in 2004. Because Rory the Roman soldier made of plastic has a brain about the same. He'll stand there telling me they owe me nothing what am I doing there I didn't see that put the phone away. He doesn't want evidence is a big f***** up bully with a gun. Actually more amusing way for him to go would be swallow his badge maybe you file the edges to points first then super glue the a****** and swallow some exlax I'm short of someone kicking him in the face through all of it no even with that just be too kind.

When police f****** and then try to use Force lies and terror to cover their f****** up

These police should go they aren't police there privateers

I digress

So I work my ass off there I work at the hotels on a different project than nine months their car just for nothing Bonnie's dead Clyde's dead there mold is still here they don't have their mold cuz they paid to get rid of it but they put all of my stuff in the third garage stall to make sure it gets destroyed and to make sure every time they give it back to me I get to deal with their previous decisions on where it went and how much were there s*** that collected and get to clean their Mall but because when I was in elementary school finishing their house off of my things. The mold I alerted them to in 2014 and Marlene started threatening to use the medical system against me

But worse than that while I was there well she's coming out in the attacking me and I'm trying to hold on trist civility

f*** you had her all the sudden wanting her son who they were basically abducting or trapping there every time I turned around the car keys were in their possession let's make the kid we made bleed from the eyes who actually diagnosed the problem with our house let's make him beg mom and dad to leave while he's bleeding from the eyes oh but now Mom wants him to be emotional support for her lack of sex life you f****** incest b****

So then I get invited out on my birthday and a week or two before Paul predo had told me how lonely he is because he doesn't have enough friends when he have been going to the bar sometimes twice a week with two different friends groups the SEIU Christmas party hot air ballooning to high school reunions, and I'm missing a few things that I knew at the time I have been doing their mold apartment work deal with my rabbits because it made them sick as well other than flying out to present that project which was over the weekend and back a few months before it hit other than that I had already gone like a year-and-a-half without seeing anyone Paul you nasty f****** incest molesting shit stain

Nope I can't let you go cuz the snow storm is so bad. I've described it elsewhere but North Dakota for like eight years every storm there was St cloud and even before that senior year of high school at the end of it drove to Alexandria in the worst blizzard I've ever driven in in the green 98 F-150. Doing 90 to 100 the whole way passing people in the ditch. 2005 or start of 6 just in case officer hansen has a hard-on.but hey he's also told me straight up that he doesn't need laws or I won't find what he did in law book

Pretty sure I know what she thinks he thinks or what he will say he did in that instance . But what he did in fact you was threatened Force. Is not okay. I believe it's already a crime not to comply? But to threaten Force on a lie after three times reiterating I'm goin In even the first time I have the power to decide but I decided before I met you you're going in tonight, then at one point well I already got the ambulance here so. So you like abducting people with a badge or you just like grabbing men's legs?

Cuz like I used to have my ears pierced and that was all it took to get weird looks in Wisconsin

 I mean the way you worked my pants..after I complied and you tell me to turn and face the vehicle.

 fuck man must be why you left. Maple Grove was more friendly to your new boot goofin?

God dammit I keep trying to talk about the pedophile but actually he's not a pedophile he's a pedophile he doesn't specialize coworkers sons.

I can find the recording where he admits to no conscience.

I don't think that would surprise anyone that knows him 


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