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Monday, January 18, 2021

People just shouldn't

 Argue along those lines especially from positions of power or as large groups in a society. Performative Justice was a step after evidence Justice standards of evidence understanding people lie we're going nowhere being driven backwards with brain damage

I think it goes right back to the damage konstrukt of others that cluster B individuals tend to have. People just shouldn't well yes sure but that doesn't change reality or what drove them ther

Now we're arguing things like if a woman feels threatened we can steal everything destroy it from a man allow her to assault him better him repeatedly steal felony amounts or he'll poke a hole in the condom before it goes down we have enabled people to enslave other people the legal system covers it up with just childish labels on top of it and an absolute rot of any of its core tenants. Which is no good because when someone invades your space you've got the option of shoot them and go to jail or go to court. well when courts is biased against you said Holocaust that's the magic word you lose she said she feels threatened nothing else matters doesn't matter if nothing was actually f****** done we don't even want to know

there's still enough lawmakers with high enough levels of education or I can imagine they see this if not create it. maybe some of them are capable of seeing it and don't because you got to get a bigger picture but then again what are they doing is lawmakers if they're not zooming out like that the job is apparently just to pass contradicting bait-and-switch law from the position of the citizen and accept money for other lies in the form of campaign donations in lobby? This seems like a good good good God I want out of here

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