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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Police enforced posion and starvation

 When police refuse to allow reports to confessions of fellony level theft

But assist in theft of 6300usd of services and 42k of personal property

Then fellony amounts not allowed on a report several times after but want to paint u as unhinged to violent while starving.

Either pig should be on the menu or they should face trial for treason 

The more disturbing part is beyond the thoughts of joe average. Not by capacity to think but by distraction.

Where is the external oversight of the police that would catch and punish these actions?

When's the last time Corp news raised that question?

I can bearly make it up the stairs and the assulting labor forcing jackass that claims to own me asks why I would need my bike back if i can hardly make it up the stairs.

I sleep on this

Blowing out this

Looking like 

However as long as they look like this

I support police having a right to fire arms 

Bonnie's remains are held and threatened despite being addressed to me USPS parcel

Clyde is dead In my freezer in an otherwise empty kitchen

Paul the retired VP of seiu local 284 and former son molesting public school bus driver assures me I should be able to cool he stocked the kitchen with bibs

Infantalize the son you posion instead of caring for your home.


I didn't just cook on my own I cooked very well. I can't do that without kitchen stuff. the repeated felony-level thefts raise the question why work for anything when someone who is starving you and poisoning you can continuously steal what you earn

Malnutrition and starvation have disastrous effects I'm not only the immune system and the body's ability to fight infection but also the mind cognitive cognitive ability emotional inhibition and regulation. This is police caused endangerment to murder

they censor the contents of reports to only paint the image and picture or narrative that they want on them they outright refuse reports from me

I was 30 when this started actually 29 when it started in the last apartment after cosmos cat died. Cosmos lived at Paul and Marlene's house in visiting him I transferred their mold problem to my apartment

I still lack of criminal recordbefore that there was lack of any report even indicating it might be violent. towards the end of 2019 I managed to record confessions police reports have been falsified as weapons against me and the Maple Grove Police wanted nothing to do with that. Come 2020 they're standing there asking the former molester Paul if he thinks they should search me because I might have a weapon f****** pigs. It would be easy to wish this hell on your children as well except I believe we should not hold people accountable for things that are not their choice and being born to a corrupt murderous abuse enabling thieving f****** pig is not their choice

Maple Grove Police ensured that the first three months of forced labor on paul and Marlenes car was without even the full face respirator I already own ed

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