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Police generating disorder.


The murder of George Floyd was an extreme example.

A more subdued version occurs every day. Anytime police try to build domestic violence case instead of enforcing theft law.

It's propoganda to an extreme and starts on the name. Domestic violence. The reality can be actual abuse and violence. More frequently it's a loud argument or sometimes the neigbormistakes the TV for a loud argument. I read this years ago and it seemed fitting here:

What most don't understand and what's further cloaked in arcitype and trope is the fedral government systemicly targets men for arrest by offering grant money to the states for violence against women arrests and programs. I say trope and archatype because even minus gender no one wants to see a little person getting beat by a sump and most don't want to see the precived always weaker woman getting beat by a man. The reality is the Olympics show that in top of the game athletes its aound 30 percent difference in max strength. In normal people today you might see a anorexic professional video game player married to Rosie O'Donald. But the system is set in such a way where the police and court system of the state will claim acting to protect the weaker party but what's probably going on behind it is in prosecuting the male or what's left of the pancakes that was the professional gamer the state like we can collect federal grants from the violence against women office.

I've noticed there's a term you really don't see used in Media probably for good reason. Out of sight out of mind. Conflict of interest. I think it becomes propaganda when these images of the weaker party getting beat or the poor woman getting beat are used to obscure the fact that what's pushed for when legislation changes is usually overriding the protections that the Constitution and law was once set to provide. 

At the same time we know now with medical science what you eat determines what you die of how long you live quality of life in between. That varies with genetics. As in there's no optimum diet for everyone. What is true for everyone is preparing any diet usually depends on the ability to own or rent a property with a kitchen and fill that with personal property to enable cooking. These lies brush aside the fact that if you've been removed from all of that well okay you can work for it again but at what point repeatedly working for the same things just to have maybe hearsay separate you from them again aren't we starting to define slavery and live shortened over what because the reality is lawyers and statistics before the invasion of the bad science indicated that most of the time what goes down charged as domestic violence at almost nothing to do or nothing at all to do with violence.

The first legal systems of the West after kings and queens

we can tie in physics here for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I'm trying to grab hold of this murder in progress and stop it the research I've done uncovered that this was once known by law. Or in other words they knew that to create order with a justice system and the police you had to act to provide an alternative to vigilante justice and mob violence when someone is wronged. Order is created by A system that provides an alternative to that protecting the rights of the individual to Security in things they owned and their body.things like the Salem witch trials underlined in blood what happens when that justice system doesn't go by hard evidence. a lot of work was done on the American criminal system to ensure that evidence isn't hearsay and subjective. Civil system still has the antiquated propensity of evidence without hard standards as to what evidence is. I find it no surprise that we see States like Minnesota passing laws that make a civil charge into a criminal charge do not pass go do not collect trial with criminal standards.

Worse yet police seem to have been placed above the law when the relation between police and civilian is police are supposed to be civilians and civilians are supposed to be police. In practice there needs to be some leniency for them to do that job. This really isn't a mystery two corporations or two people who study psychology and sociology it's just we haven't try to or there's been a desire not to update the systems with what today corporations would call controls.what the Constitution called checks and balances. If anything they've been eroded to the point we saw after George Floyd's murder. The specific example of here is at one point Minneapolis Police were going block to block or through parking lots and slashing random or entire blocks tires. Damaging civilian property just because it was there.

There's a modern turn of phrase called : acting out of pocket. 

Minneapolis Police in slashing tires during the protest/riots were acting out of pocket. Except no one seems very concerned with anything but obliterating the pocket in which the set of actions and behaviors of police should be confined.

Except for some very trivial should have been that way already if things are as they say changes. And a misguided social movement divided by race. Possibly a marionette social movement.ever heard of the shell game Street hustle New York you hide a pea under a shell shuffle around there's no pea.

  laws in the name of equality pointed at certain demographics create discrimination. You have a law against discrimination and cover your demographics. As in okay let's allow some breaking up of it age sex Creed gender rotary wing fixed-wing, sexual orientation, disclaimer statement age might be used if under the age of majorityin a certain areas as that person isn't blah blah blah blah. Once that's in place what would be revolutionary would be to see Minnesota explicitly publicize and stand behind that they're going to even apply this to the police. I find it kind of disturbing installed the human rights act too because if the table below is the be-all and end-all of human rights in Minnesota oh shit do we have a problem.

Within this shell game you point out the third shell engaging the hustle. You're sure that pea of equality is under it. Instead the police are under it they rob you and leave you on the street or allow someone else to do it and you read this chart going oh well when I freeze to death that civil court case I won't make his certainly fucking helpful.

And moammar gadhafi knew that and stated in the green book housing is essential to any prosperity or any chance of maintaining or moving up in the world. I'm sure that this citation will when praise and the right kind of attention. I'm also sure that my New year's resolution about giving up sarcasm as a coping mechanism is well fucked.

But there's another thing there is worth covering here if we buy things they have a resale value. it is unreasonable to assume that someone will maintain 100% employment throughout their entire life unless we're looking at the South before slavery was outlawed. And we're willing to bend the term employment. Andy Stern was fomd of the term wage slavery . Many others have been as well it's not that much of a jump. What I think is less connected is when your tangible assets in personal property can be separated from you by police at any point like is someone coming from what I've seen of Minnesota you put that person between a rock and a hard place potentially dangerous place without the ability to exchange those assets for cash or heaven forbid they use them to earn what have you just done?

Now clearly assets in the form of personall property require a roof to keep them under most of the time. But in most areas of the law in most places that's covered. Housing law the only place in Minnesota if you're supposed to be able to immediately put someone on the street if you so desire is after a teenager turns 18. If and only if they have not left the home.

That exception is a little better if so Maple Grove Police don't seem to care. Except it really isn't better it's a fucking shitty policy back by the kettle enforcing. 

The shittiest part if you haven't reached the realization they'll do it anyway think about it for a moment first what makes an 18 year old any more likely to survive zero notice surprise you have high school tomorrow cuz you haven't graduated yet but o none of that stuff don't worry about it here's the street it's negative 30 have fun? No no no you don't understand your parents said they don't want you here.
"If you accept anything from your parents they're always going to have some control"

I wish I knew how long officer Hanson has been employed by Maple Grove. What thing is someone I'm no longer close with was choked to The ground by their father. she was then given that because they're lying. That would have been around 2008. Moral scum is is moral scum does the thing is if that wasn't Rory's personal brand of terror the likelihood that exact phrase comes up so many times over a decade..

Or to put it simply if that wasn't Rory then it indicates it's likely a phrase tought as part of either explicit but unpublished policy or possibly word-of-mouth only maybe it's published somewhere and I just haven't found it yet.

Here's the thing though, the type of parents that would execute this sort of control in blatantly or more obscure life risking too threatening manners regardless of how they brush criminal law theft assault...

The person hearing that phrase likely had it pretty bad. A person delivering that phrase has literally conditions them from childhood to believe that that uniform means they're there to help.

Ring ring... Your destiny is culling. Oui mais non? Apres tu putain. I insist, What A peculiar string of typos.

Jokes aside there are actual implications to this as to someone's potential to live a life of Freedom or incarceration. The more we figure out about trauma the more it points to often being causal in addiction. the way we treat addiction is absolutely ridiculous. As is the way we treat most things in psych world is your 15 minute med check up 

Patient:there's  a hole burning in my soul. But the meds are zmo ch ch ch ok ish" 

Dr "I see we need to add something for tourette's.. this appointments only supposed to go 15 minutes o here's a homework book what I want is for you to do do cock and ball torture and not worry about that hole in your soul.Don't worry about your interactions with people because of it we've got medicine for that and if you worry about that I might not see your spouse in here or your kids and that would make me sad can you worry about me like does it always have to be about you? 

for whatever reason there is actually a debate at the moment as to whether doctors should disclose their own personality disorders and or psychiatric diagnosis is to patients. 

This should not be happening in the field that came up with the concept of informed consent

ear old on the  street. There is a potemtial

Same  backwith moved adult offspring out on the street without investigating without concern for the other side of the story and enforce the theft of property or actual dollars or overlooked other violations that might allow the parents to take that either to a point of endangerment or just point of financial ruin the police create disorder

Worse yet it's a disincentivizing adaptive and proper behavior. Or at least runs the high risk of doing so.

What I'm talking about is if that team had been working before turning 18 and the police do to them what they did to me what did that team work for? You've got to work is not an answer that's what you tell a Slave if you cannot reap any rewards of work well clearly you can't refund the time. As a matter of fact some of the things you can buy help secure a longer time and a longer quality time of life but if police are willing to separate you from them what do you have?

From what I've seen totally one-sided bias prejudice with no basis that I can see. I'm not saying there's not a basis there I've covered a few potential areas I can see that one might make that mistake.

But it might not necessarily be a mistake either

What I fear the most is the more narcissists the more cluster bees in the police force whatever you do to try to implement any change policy wise or enforcement wise there's a few things that I cover repeatedly on here and it's splitting and damaged concept of self and or greatly impaired concept or mental construct of others. there's also some medical studies that indicate the brains of narcissists are literally different there probably for lack of a better term brain damaged. Less gray matter in the prefrontal cortex. Whoops there goes the 25 that was a dumb theory anyway. At age 26 single variable calculus pops into everybody's head right no calling teens young adults and giving them a supportive environment to try decision-making and be there to catch them that's how you build the prefrontal cortex if you baby them till 25 or you fail to support them you're going to end up with a traumatized some wolf still survive a lot of traumatized people and a lot of people that all of a sudden we're going to have to raise the number 230 because we weren't paying attention to causality or that factor c. Because A and B may appear related does not mean they are causally linked. I just went on a major tangent.

The problem with cluster B splitting and damaged to limited construct of who or what other people are.. listings on its own but it's usually found with compared to disabled sympathy empathy and conscience

this makes for a police officer that regardless of what law says is highly likely to think they are the law

Highly likely to think that the perpetrators deserve whatever they dish out

Unlikely to feel remorse or even be concerned with if they are wrong if someone is innocent or the fact that that's not their job in the justice system

I know it's cliche but we really run the risk of Hitler's youth as police in Minnesota if we do not implement psych eval. It won't be perfect but with nothing and with the way policies are I think the only thing keeping people safe is the number of police that are neurotypical.

it's well known that the extreme ideas tend to dominate and that's no different than the police force. There's some rationale for that that does make quite a bit of sense except there's a dual role issue going on here. Can't really have peace officers and police officers in one. Actually this should be able to coexist better than they do except I think what somebody that is some crimes have real scary labels like domestic violence when all that qualifies or that it takes to qualify is potentially the neighborhood the TV on too loud or someone was yelling at the cat. A guy in another state that I forget where was calling the cat a bitch which is not really accurate to species or a number of things but I mean maybe they were joking on top of it but ends up with several police at his door when a neighbor thought he was saying it's the wife

What most people don't understand is there's Federal money in certain arrests and senses or re-education programs whatever you want to call him and it's all about labeling the man the problem

But here's the thing what seems to have gone by the wayside due to lack of prioritization or explicit prioritization outside of the interest of protecting life is the fact that separating someone from housing home poses a threat to their life especially in States like Minnesota. This also is not 1900 anymore we know what you eat what you can cook has a huge impact being able to do something like jump on your bike...

but a 1944 Minnesota actually did the study that shows just how much malnutrition impacts cognitive state

I think it's time we rethink a few things


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