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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Police that crack the whip

 Several times Maple Grove Police noted they have been shown violent text messages

Stop sending your dad violent text messages

But when my mom slams the car door on my leg the officer informs me that's not a salt that's not battery what are you doing here John

I have to turn the car off in the driveway never even texted it but it was a warm day so I opened the mold cars door

I've been claiming for quite a while things like it puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the court or police again

The thing is I just realized the police are just as much saying it

and they're doing so to cover what they admitted there might be liable for if something I said was true.

is there not peace officers these are war officers armed and able to shoot you without likelihood of seeing a trial after they shoot you to death or beat you , have you taken me

But as for any legitimate trial this is police helping destroy evidence

as for any legitimate trial  police are helping destroy evidence.

Justice is beyond broken in MinnesotaJustice is beyond broken in Minnesota

On top of that it might as well be the following statement

Could you stop saying bad words or violent words to your motor I don't know I don't care I don't care they're stabbing you I don't care they're committing felonies to starve you I need you to stop with that language

People like this don't deserve respect.

The way they taught us this government works is:

We give them the power to be able to control other people that power is vested in the police and the local government also the federal government.

As an individual citizen we're not supposed to have that over other individual citizens.

There's also not supposed to be in amount you can claim to an officer to give someone to be able to get away with any crime

Sergeant Hansen rights off tons of things on they claim to give you something so they get to do that not his exact words I don't know if that's a loaded thing to pass on.

If someone can take everything you worked for and keep doing it then what they give you isn't very relevant because they are holding you trapped.

if they can exploit labor that has a market value in excess of anything that claimed or even equal to have paid you or given you then the arguments really mood because the service has been rendered for the payment but Sergeant Hansen plays judge of value of even life

under these conditions I do not see much of a chance of my continued survival ice even less of a chance of me being able to au turn from the conditions they decide with continued theft to even get away from them don't get me wrong it's not impossible I'm saying the odds of it happening within the damage done to my health and projected lifespan on if this continues I don't see good odds.

What's really fucked up is this position established there's really good odds of being able to take anyone involved out especially if you only care about one of them the odds of taking out a number of them decrease with how many you care about. This isn't the threat this is just stating how ridiculous this situation is you make it more likely someone is going to die or not be able to escape this before they die you make it is established a situation where it's way easier to kill you and in doing so assuming the police don't play executioner if you're found face down hands up you probably survive longer in prison then if you allow the slave situation to continue this world is flipped the fuck upside down I don't think I can change it I'm just pointing it out

the other thing I don't think anyone will change though they might get an increase in percent with media is 

If you endanger my life and continue to do so I don't see how we can be equal without me having the right to do the same to you

Or in other words we need to maybe be honest because a lot of people I see around me over the years even have justified horrific Fates for people because insert arbitrary reason here not even confirmed reason

that's the narcissistic infection sweeping us or the cluster B because borderlines do it too sociopaths do it as well probably the nastiest is the narcissist. I can't say that I've met a confirm sociopath I've known a lot of confirmed borderlines.

I have two narcissists that are betting my life for me they're confirmed.

But in theory or as far as I gather the safer thing possibly about the sociopath is they probably don't get as much kick out of the control factors as the narcissist I could be wrong I'd look into it if I wasn't in hell

but all of those conditions feature a damaged construct in your mind of what other people are let alone who it intertwines  with object permanence issues. I've seen borderlines post about how they find it so creepy someone might have an image of them in their head from a different version of them. Like someone they haven't seen in awhile.

This is like text or demonstration of that damage constructive what others are. It's a failure to relate that their memory is their property it's also entirely natural for them to have a memory and that memory probably hasn't been able to have been updated of you or their image of you if you haven't seen them in a while.

All of that should be someone no no need for explanation but really disturbing thing is I think that post had like 53 likes and all 20-somethings

The extension to why this is bad in general though these people do not see you as a person when we let them lead and they already are leading not the 20-somethings but this is been around a while and other posts I've discussed how it's quite easy for it to amplify every generation let alone pass on because there's a huge nurture component

not only that but most people have an incorrect understanding of how genetic conditions work for how genes that all work.

You can remedy that by searching epigenetics

Stress alone is enough to flip jeans on and off some of those can be heritable changes

it's to my knowledge not possible for a single Gene to control complex behavioral traits big influence likelihoods.

But when we have the media attacking any individuality and pushing discipline instead of parenting..

increasing work hours making those who might figure it out or might know how to parent better really unable to do so because of the stress level the old adage is always going to be true divided we fall United We stand but this makes that almost impossible

And none of this is entirely new either it's just a new play on the story of Babylon

Only there's an added Insanity to the system

I support Facebook in the right to censor anyting

What I take issue with cuz I haven't seen any transparency in it. Most news sites have close their comments section sighting hate speech

when information like what's going on around you is almost entirely forced to be top down or big dog feeds you hate speech might be the one who wants you to be able to feed yourself just as easily as if it's anything offencive

Further issue is silence

Save some corporation or the government wipes out of town of 50,000. you should have transparency in censorship on sites like Facebook becomes very much made or break.

because here's the thing what if corporate news doesn't cover it and that's what they base that censorship on?

If 50000 people were really executed in this scenario what happens when trying to share it over Facebook every post is removed siding it doesn't check out with the fact checkers?

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