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Police in Minnesota (and how to kill them in my death)

Help a mom and dad burgle, beat, prosecutionaly purger and  poison their son to death.

Do so for their mistakes. Do so in an empty infested torture cell.

This flew at my head while typing this. It's a fungus gnat not a fruit fly. That backdrop or what it's sitting on is a mattress cover for the only place I have to sit and or lay.

this is the story of how Maple Grove Police participate in human trafficking and felony-level theft.

8 months after I moved in with zero notice the lock was changed ever since Maple Grove pd have allowed them to keep ,contaminate  threaten and destroy all of my personal property and at the time my two animals.

There were three major to felony-level thefts after the initial lock change. Police will not allow a record created. The last of them occurred after the ofp. I have not made physical contact with either parent who claims I am an abuser neither can say the same truthfully toward me. Legislation based on how one feels is dangerous feelings are easy to mislead not always based or justified influenced by the mood the person is in and we know people lie.

This was Bonnie at my 2017 apartment. She was on her way to boop my leg remind me that you should take a break every so often due to eye strain.

I can hardly actually a lot of the times can't stop myself from screaming at the horror not just of losing all of them. But the perverse acts of Marlene and Paul Maple Grove Police and the fourth district court of Hennepin county. in which criminal law was repeatedly violated then civil I used to cover it up.Paul and Marlene violate criminal law to keep me from having any ability to do anything except suffer their toxic mold problem created at their house something they paid to have a professional deal with November 2018.
the most important concept after losing a loved one to ensure survival and continuance of the survivor is a sense of purpose Marlene has stated she understands that but she acts to keep me from having anything.both will probably site the amount given or the amount they're giving what I asked one keeps in mind is they know the problems they create they know the value of what they took they know the value of what they threatened and even after filing a restraining order they stock and Virgo matches to keep me from any purpose but to keep me constantly re prioritizing in an environment where I can't even keep a goddamn pad of paper

This was also at my previous apartment. I am motivated and intelligent to the point where I taught myself how to do UV lithography. What you looking at is a hastily constructed from plans in my head vacuum pull down UV exposure box that I built from plexiglass chemically welded with paint stripper and then source to sheet of low iron glass to allow a material transparent WV to actually pass the light to do the exposure. And it's not entirely transparent to UV but I don't want to go into it. The point was I am very capable if any of my rights or Minnesota criminal laws are respected to protect my person let alone rights I'm also highly motivated. It's f****** monsters are trying to destroy me for their mistakes with their house. So far they've had nothing but police assistance.

This was my desk at the current torture sell apartment it's actually a folding table from Walmart when I say 9 months of labor on their moldy car transferred it up to the apartment I'm not joking it's also something that predicted well saying please transfer the title this is not safe for me it's not a good use of my time this is something they denied while holding on to 43 Grand of my personal property

Avoid this state like the plague 

Any time you extract labor or useful to your life info then police help you place another in a position they starve while you continue to steal you have implemented slavery

Peredo Paul and malicious Marlene just add an extra cruelty of making me helpless to defend pets before I die alone and abused for 3 years

The mn dream name your kid son of God 

Kill him for your perversion

July of 2018 Marlene tried to outright kill me by attempting to push me over the railing to their basement this was 7 months after the mold had been confirmed by a professional with them still having not dealt with it

Clyde while at their house and it hurts me like crazy because I can't find the picture of Bonnie.And all I have to sit or lay on is the place he died. they have her remains despite the fact they were addressed to me at their address and sent by a United States postal service.they not only have them they opened the package and my dad at Asia only sends me pictures of it to brag about how he can f****** nasty f****** piece of s*** Paul.
Maple Grove Police support child molester and enslaving and murdering their child child molester and enslaving and murdering their child
Maple Grove Police support residents in animal abuse

This is Marlene Wuethrichs perverse way of saying I know what I took from you by what I stoled but I don't think you would have liked it anyway so it doesn't matter. She sent this to me after I asked her to stop answering the phone or talking to me if she can't be honest about what she's doing while or after she does it.

after 9 months of forced labor on their car I began blowing out stuff like this

This was my friend cosmos. Around 2001 we got him as a kitten. A stray kitten. I didn't know what light pollution was yet but I was fascinated by him and the night sky. So I decided to name him after it. This picture was taken the night before he died in 2017.

Make sure he can't even mourn for them. Or get one of their bodies from his freezer before his own death

Relocate him over 60 miles make sure he doesn't even have a kitchen despite 10 years of building up everything needed to cook teaching himself how to cook

but give him your mold problem and steal even his f****** vacuum

 while he has his rabbit in the freezer and nothing in his kitchen nothing in his apartment

In maple Maple Grove minnesota 911 or non-emergency will be glad to help. This extension of the local government is happy to re-appropriate $43,000 in assets and 6300 in labor then remove you from public property outside of where everything you worked for is stored and being destroyed.

Allow it and at the time my still live pet rabbits Bonnie and Clyde to be threatened to force labor on a moldy car.This is a story of how Maple Grove Police and Minnesota police enable animal abuse. This is a story of how they create slavery.

The concept of slavery is also frequently associated with people who do not have the rights to own property. Historically law has differentiated personal property and real property. in the modern age that differentiation might not exist in practice even if it still does in law. It doesn't in Minnesota Lotto theft of property explicitly includes personal property. Yet in enforcement you won't see it they're too anxious to have these civil orders passed. Why I said any points to the same as what they talked about in la ratings is the benefits of owning property that benefit translated to personal property can be what you can earn as a handyman or with whatever your knowledge makes you capable of all of that requires certain tools that is mostly what I bought over the years.

The state of Minnesota makes its citizens into slaves.

Maple Grove Police are leaders of the industry(their mission statement makes this claim)

All heil derp fuhrer s!

A few of them don't deserve that label. I won't make it clear who because someone else might need them around.

I think the world would be a much safer place if Sergeant Hansen played Russian roulette with his semi-automatic pistol and a full clip.make a challenge out of it see if you can empty the clip before your corpse hits the ground. There are other fun character building challenges like find the tallest precipice in Whitewater State Park and take the longest hike off of the most horizontally limited.

Preferably after removing the pin on a hand grenade you hold for the drop.

Hennepin county has programs set to get fedral money from office of violence against women grants. Laws like ofp are a part of that. My parents went to a judge/court an HR and a half away from the apt they forced the lease under threat while police helped and still help hold all assets. They destroyed the engine in the car I had before doing so.

6 days into being stranded a year-and-a-half into human trafficking like conditions I get served. 4 days notice for trial an hour and a half away.much of the evidence I would have needed held at my parents house where for you at that point about a year-and-a-half of police barring me from access 8 months after I move back in.

I am not likely to survive very long. I fear for our future as a species if we continue 2  let control freaks to dominate. The problem is they have a propensity to justify it by believing themselves alpha and believing everyone else non survival of the not fittest. The real nasty part is on the micro-scale neurotypicals tend to turn the other cheek

recently Paul sent me messages saying I need to have maintenance done on his car I went down to said car in my garage... To find tape over the check engine light or the air warning light on the dash. The passenger side rear tire was 10 lbs low.

Minnesota in enables psychotic abusers. Being able to just get away from it is a function of money. having all of your tools all of your portfolio even the computer that your resume is on stolen after the ofp is by the people who filed we feel threatened axwell doing things that threaten my minimum wage it will take years to be able to save enough money to escape this assuming they don't continue stealing but everything has shown they will do everything they can to take everything they can from me.police refuse to allow that even the confession recorded on a police report.

Here's my bed

I likely have a fungal scalp and sinus infection. Paul and Marlene have committed theft to make sure I have nothing I can't cook because they have all of my kitchen they've lied several times about what I have to do to get that back they come and steal felony amounts even after filing the ofp s 

I had modified this floor dryer to accept  a 14 by 14 HVAC filter. I was in the process of modifying it to take a larger filter when my compound miter saw was stolen from my garage April 2020 along with my desktop computer and my MIG welder putting the value of what stolen well over $1,000 but police won't allow a confession on a report let alone investigate or help recover the stolen felony amount of property

Maple Grove Police department Sergeant Hansen was shown in this pic January 2020. His response was I didn't see that put the phone away. He was applying personal judgment telling me how sweet it was that I have a car even though I don't have title to it so I showed him what I have been forced to labor on for nine months under the threat of what he was still in still is helping hold from me which was well over the value of that car.

Maple Grove Police department's response to forced labor is we didn't see it
October or November of 2019I had driven down to meet with that police department and literally told them that Paul we trick claims to own me says he officer became too and the second one told me she was there just so I'm sure I'm not getting the word of just one cop

Then I was told it's not illegal to say you own someone.
During that conversation I also asked him are you saying that if slavery was legal it wouldn't cost to keep that slave alive and his response was he didn't want to entertain that conversation. I didn't know officers came in a can. I thought it was just like tuna. Or maybe it's just the precaned responses
should be noted before I drove down there Paul knowing I was 3 days hungry in an empty torture cell that they had picked this was after the nine months of labor that contaminated it Paul had asked me to repeat the word slave when I said dad you're making me feel like a slave

but officer Hanson assured me that my dad said he didn't say that while I'm sitting there three days hungry

ask yourself with attitudes like that how likely are Maple Grove or Minnesota police at picking up on when someone is being human trafficked?

Maple Grove Minnesota Maple Grove Police will help you retain slaves

I'm considering scraping some of this off my air conditioner and sending it in envelopes to elected officials maybe with an SD card containing the recording of officer Hanson telling me he didn't see it put the phone away. During the anthrax scare post 9/11 people were going to jail for sending none anything white powder in the mail.

During the nine months of forced labor on that car which included Clyde's death every time I got in it I ended up looking like you see here.
at one point I had driven down to Maple Grove and police were asking why I don't just get my nose cauterized they were aware of how bad that car was.

The apt they picked had mold growing up back wall of the garage and that wall one floor up is same as bathroom wall. Which had mold growing up it as well. Also paint peeling from the bathroom ceiling on moving in and happening again despite the fan being run 24/7.
among the property that police helped them hold onto was a full face respirator by 3M.

Some counters

the police try to play this as if I'm a child who never left the house despite the fact that the same year I turned 18 with money I earned I spent 45 days alone backpacking in Europe before leaving for North Dakota for 8 years.

At one point I informed them the meeting that I described where I literally told the police that Paul claims to own me and I was told it's not illegal to say you own someone. They also said if that's true we might be liable. what's perhaps the most disturbing to me is we have a police force with so much power and so little accountability that they might help someone kill you to avoid damaging their individual career paths. There is no equality when one humans life is worth not even the next promotion to the officer that can take it without trial.

At St cloud State University more recently I learned that if you've done a service professionally and someone allows it to be performed for them they are obligated to pay market rate.

Paul wuethrich by my estimate was vice president of SEIU local 284 for around 25 years. he's the last person in the world that should be claiming to own another human if the union has anything that they claim to be.

perhaps more important to my claim is they often State a number of dollars they've given me over 15 years. If every time hey can you help me with the computer was billed at market rate they would probably owe me money.

age 16 in 2004 I was making $75 for the first hour 25 an hour after doing it support and also working various regular more normal for my age jobs. My senior year of high school than normal for my age job was telemarketing mortgage refinance is at $11 an hour plus commission I was working for for small businesses regularly doing it support two dozen homes and had more non regular clients on top of that. All it took poor Maple Grove Police to get behind the continuing destruction of everything I've learned since ordering that. Was my parents lying and telling them I had never worked. Police acting on hearsay in ways that leave me currently 3 degrees without a jacket. Police endangering life off of hearsay is not a path to Justice or a path 2 order. Law over a free people was originally with the intent of providing a means other than vigilante vengeance to establish justice when wrongs are done.

Minnesota Seems to be Pioneering Injustice

The civil courts based on the feelings claimed by one citizen will strip the rights of another. It's usually covered how income decides if one has the right to legal counsel and what quality council that is. What seems absent from the discussion is when civil torts are doing this one citizen could practically chain another in their basement to prevent them from attending that trial and still have them labeled the abuser and stripped of Rights

Worse yet they use language like victims and claim that it's been de gendered.

but at the federal level there is money for arressting men not women. Office of violence against women federal grants to States for implementing certain programs and creating certain arrest s

I've tried contacting local officials none could even be bothered to respond

when the system is set like this it really doesn't matter how much money you have if the police will help someone else take it from you or lock you in their basement Shane you down wherever and a kangaroo court will then strip you of your rights in absence of your presents

worse yet as I found before and after especially after police will deny allowing a report created if it's against the person who filed the civil claim.

this act should call into question the reliability of any statistics based on police reports.

And really even if you only care about women you should probably see this as literally prostituting the victims of abuse as a vehicle to strip rights from a free people

There are solutions 

Let's start with non violent first. The people doing this are incrementalists and masters of image control. Spin control. Take a page from their book if you can. The genius that I can't say I knew what he was doing can't say he didn't but managed to do this very effectively at a time when it was still in its infancy was Martin Luther King. Dr. King knowingly or otherwise stumbled upon the concept of a sit-in protest. anyone who grew up in the US knows that the compulsory education covered the revolutionary and civil war in detail. The current cancel culture probably borderline personality disorder lead groups get this very wrong. They created the situation in Minneapolis that resembled to revolutionary war armies marching against each other. consider that image versus police attacking a group of people that are literally sitting on the ground

Problem is Media now has almost unlimited power over what's shown and what's not. It's very possible that they will blackout coverage of such an event. The social media networks have implemented the next step in control. I'm non-transparent fact-checking censorship. That with big media getting rid of their comment section s. It's easy to keep mouth-to-mouth person-to-person words of suction events from spreading.

I don't want to be dying for someone else's mistakes Well being told I'm human property in a slave. If none of the laws are usable to protect me or to stop them from stealing I have almost no chance of escaping this. It's worth noting that malnutrition is known to cause psychological issues known to contribute to the collapse or dysfunction of immune system known to contribute to how long you live and what you die of.

I don't want to hurt anyone I'd like it if they would stop hurting me. That seems unlikely to happen. So in an effort to leave a legacy.
Actually one more warning or preface: what certainly appears is happening is government is supposed to look the fool. you saw it after the housing collapse if you're old enough to remember it in 2008 is h. We bailed out the banks even though the real property was given back to the banks in the form of foreclosures. We've since raised generations that some of them their parents might have ended up renting the same house because those houses ended up sold two companies the banks created to rent them out. We've normalize people never own anything at the same time we've normalized that property isn't supposed to matter all that matters is the first person to make it to court and claim they feel threatened. Even if that person happens to be doing things that actually threatened life.Government in its current form is parasitic. But the only thing I can foresee that is worse is not having it at all. It's currently a tool to extract who holds power dominated by control of money. But there is a purpose for its existence and that is no one tells the people with the money that they even have to give it to you after you do the work for them without that things to be a lot worse
you survive 2 weeks without food 3 days without fluids or in the Minnesota winter your survival time might be measured in minutes outside. It sometimes gets cold enough here where a car engine on idle will not keep the cab above freezing

What perhaps is most dangerous that I've seen so far is no one that has talked about large-scale overthrowing or changing things has appeared to have any plan for what to implement instead. If you're reading this after my death or well something like that goes down try to remember that because posthaste is not the time to decide that and the model where corporations rule is probably worse than what we have or had.

The more violente solutions:

3D printed guns.

Print the body buy the slide and barrel

If you live by a university they may have metal printing 3d printers.

long before 3D printers there existed something called a zip gun. two lengths of metal pipe one smaller diameter than the other size it to the appropriate shotgun shell diameter.

 tannerite. An explosive mixture not an explosive untill mixed and sold at sporting good stores. ammonium nitrate and aluminum

Amonium nitrate and Diesel. 

Muric acid and aluminium foil.if you have a tinfoil hat and want to make it useful for something...

2 rounds worth of black powder on a fuel tank. Metal deflector plate behind it. Jb weld puddy to attach

Add smoke detector guts to any RUD device to make it dirty. There's websites selling pendants full of tritium as well.

I've described how to create an electric arc on command on the page called resisting police power

Many TVs contain the components you could modify to do so

There's something called the common mode choke on many of them. It's two coils on a ferrite core. Usually the coils are in series with hot and neutral. But electrically isolated from each other. This filters noise off the electric line. But they represent something easy to make into transformer where the primary side only needs removing of some of the coil to make the ratio of turns much greater on the secondary or the other coil. Now all you need to do is attached it to a low voltage DC source and switch on and off after the coil before ground. On the output side you'll have a much higher voltage. What you've made is a transformer. Transformers work on a ratio of primary to secondary turn s. The input voltage doesn't matter but to keep the math simplesay you have 5 turns of wore on the primary side 10 on the secondary. 5 volts in equals 10 volts out. If you put 20 on the secondary the grain is much greater. I just don't like doing math in my head.

The thing about electrical Arcs is

They are hotter and brighter than the surface of the sun. There's not much that can be set off that won't with an electric Arc.

simple fly back circuit allows it to be generative from even a double A battery.

The cool thing about these components is there might be up to 200 windings already on both sides so it's a matter of unwrapping some of the wire from one really doesn't get much simpler than that.

The diagram on the left is kind of cool because it doesn't even use a transistor to show it if uses the old and still valid symbol for a switch. Which is exactly what a transistor is but many people don't have the concepts that made that intuitive at first.

In that diagram where the squiggly lines are you're attached the two sides of the coil that you reduced the number of turns above the switch

Everything to the right of it is the high-voltage side. The circle on the left hand side could even be a double A battery.

The more complex diagram that starts on the right where the first one ends what was labeled s in the first one is now the device with three lines two of them are connected where the switch was. No tell there's another line out the top. That corresponds to what's called the gate of the mosfet. Simply put it's the line that controls if the switch is on or off. It does so based on the presence of voltage or the absence of voltage on that pin. The original transistor style known as a bipolar junction transistor could be used here to except the gate pin( which is called the base) on that type is current controlled. It's harder to interface that to a microcontroller

Edit: I used to have a bench where I could test simple or complex circuits. I had envisioned using a common mode toroid choke and only having to break one pin to shorten number of turns on one side. The most simple idea of a transformer is a square or rectangular construction with turns on opposite sides. As I can only look at theory despite having the component I'm seeing it might get a little weirder than that when you make it a circle aura Tor ride instead. I recall that I had an isolation transformer that was at alright and usually the wrapping is one coil totally over the other. This wouldn't be a deal breaker if required it just takes slightly longer. Instead of pull one pin off one side unwrap and trim some off it becomes unwrap both sides and rewrap.

This makes me question if it works with out a total rewind. The e field is a reference to electromotive force aka voltage but the magic of transformers is in the b field. Still in this application we need that magic to influence the e .
In all likely hood this does work anyway. A dmm with high counts per second or an old analog scope would be wonderful to determine . So would a breadbord and a mosfet but despite building 3 desks owning two more I have a moldy folding table scope growing mold and am losing my head in more ways than one .

Remember the modern world is predicated on electricity and oil.

Supermarkets have 2 days of food without it.

Other in your backyard risks to national security depends highly on external electrical power. And have small fuel reserves for when they don't have it. possibly not enough to write out the sustained gloss but I'll cover that in a second.

Usually when you see high voltage( really tall) power lines

 take out an entire city if you can succeed at knocking one down

Blowing up a gas station serves to terrorize the local population as well as knockout fuel supply

Less explosive attacks consist of pairs of drones flying 0 ga wire at the lines.

Model rockets might work here too. There's something called an automatic recloser. I'm not sure if they're on the largest of lines but many lines have what's call the plc controlling basically a big circuit breaker. You're going to need more than one short to accomplish this and they must be spaced probably about 20 seconds off.

The idea is right is that thing tries to reconnect the line you make sure it's getting signal to disconnect the line again that's probably set to happen maybe three x before it stops trying

Also the diff between a solid rocket or any rocket and a pipe bomb is mostly the first has a weak spot allowing the blast to escape a predetrmined direction 

Any reference in my writings to Danish Kings is referring to Bluetooth

with the Advent of Bluetooth low energy devices and Bluetooth beacons...coupled with a few dollar Chinese microcontroller that can pretend to be either it's possible to build advice that causes a rud event

4 less than $10 isn't much bigger than a pack of gum and can last weeks between application and activation.

The nuclear option

If a state such as Minnesota  can be cut off exchange lines for power in and out of the state and hit fuel stations you can present a serious threat for tens of thousands of years. do not do this lightly

It will likely trigger more than the national guard acting on us soil.

Which would probably destablize  the nation.

Especially because both of these general electric products draw  water  from said River which in turn Waters the breadbasket of the nation.

and now apparently I'm stepping on Bill gates's toes.That's okay it's set up so I'm pretty much dead already. I might find it more honorable if Minneapolis Police were to offer me and knee than the way it's being executed. Cowards are as cowards do. and I mean that in the non-affiliated definition.

for those unaware Bill Gates is now the owner of most of the farmland in the US.when you name your company Micro soft and messing with the African fertility isn't enough for you. Is probably not much of a BBC fan.if you think that means British broadcasting company I implore you to check Urban dictionary. But I mean hey if you f****** and you do release radio nucleotides in the water you're really just helping with the ultimate goal. So maybe I'm not stepping on his toes. Except I don't want to see that happen.

As in almost all of the food production wiped out for 100 plus generations of humans

On loss of external power those plants shut down but still require power for cooling for something like a month to come. That's why I think if you managed to sever the states connections to others you would trigger military deployment on us soil.

Although if the government is wholly owned by corporates that want this you might not see that action. In which case defer to

Mississippi is the water supplier for the breadbasket of the United States.

Those reactors are similar to fulashima ge mark 1 and 2 irrc. If you look up the history of regulation a lot of corruption was involved in getting those designs approved. They know they aren't very safe. 


Nuclear power can be wonderful those designs arnt. Designs like the liquid thorium reactor could even deal with the radioactive waste we just let pile up. They're designed in a way where if you stop circulating the reactor Mass it cools down and solidifies instead of melting down and or releasing hydrogen that eventually detonate spreading radioactive matter everywhere

If you're not aware it's not a nuclear explosion like Fukushima or Chernobyl they were both elements released exploding American reactors use a metal over the fuel assemblies that in certain conditions produces hydrogen gas that's what detonated at Fukushima

The Navy tends the preference pressurized water reactors which have a lot of the inherent flaws that the civilian world boiling water reactors have but have a separate loop for cooling and power generation where the steam on the power generation side is first created by a heat exchanger.

One of the what was considered a safety issue with the first commercial plants and even second and third even some designs currently proposed was the fact that there's only one loop

Make no mistake if you were to actually create meltdown conditions in a plant on the Mississippi it would be pretty much unforgivable. that's also the reason why I think all it would take to trigger military deployment on us soil is stepping at closer to that without actually causing it. Strategic planners are paid for something right?

It's also worth noting that the Monticello plant might have been upgraded to be able to feed itself the power required for cooling. If the red wing plant didn't get the same upgrade the above would still likely prove true. I Believe Wikipedia indicated it and only because one of the linesman died while installing it.

Do I sound mad? Cuz that's exactly what I'm going for mutually assured destruction.

In other news today Canada announces plans for wood constructed skyscraper.

 you like roast human meat right?some say it's an example of planning for the future your living space can also become a funeral pile. Along with 50 other floors of people.

I can't wait for the argument about jet fuel and Wood beams.Fonzie didn't jump the shark that f***** used its laser beam eyes

Once again this is a story of how Minnesota police enable slavery

Minnesota police enable torcher

Minnesota civil and family courts kill people and grant them positions of power over the people they are killing

Howard appears that they work in conjunction with the police because after 1 party plans to feel threatened with no regards for you if they are actually threatening another the police will refuse to allow reports that might indicate that's what's going on.

How many soda police avoid a tricky legal situation of either malicious or ill-conceived law buy just disabling the ability to make any record that someone is being murdered.

This is the story of how Maple Grove is the epicenter for perversion.

This is the story of how a society was misled until the considered the image of hate worse than the act. It started teaching racism is only one race on another while selling children down the river.

Perhaps the evidence that Congress knows what it's doing is found in their own statements. The word amen has nothing to do with man. It does however mean truth. Perhaps it's ironic the end of the recent prayer with a woman.Which isn't a slight on women . I haven't seen anywhere in scientific documentation or medical documentation that shows women are any less capable of thought than men are or that men are any less violent than women or any less capable or more of either gender of lying.what

 I'm saying is most of Congress is highly educated they know damn sure what that word means and they chose not to use it.

A final personal plea

one thing's for sure the general tactic is we define reality based on how we define words or if we say it didn't happen it doesn't matter if it's happening it didn't happen. 

The funny thing in my specific case is my mom is a medical professional she is a nurse practitioner. If you go back a few months on this blog there's a recorded call where she admits the conditions they enforce are dangerous to life. I'm getting through the recordings to find Paul telling me he owns me that happened twice. A third time he claims to have bought me. January 2020 when I have said dad you make me feel like a slave trying to healthily express my emotions over events that threaten my life she got his crotchety rage voice on which is often narcissists and sociopaths and then he asked huh what was that can you repeat that just the last word

Maple Grove Police in the town of Minnesota support human ownership of other humans. Maple Grove Police support felony-level theft that endangers the life of other citizens. don't take my word for it Marlene is a nurse practitioner.

I've also made efforts on this site to reference journal articles and or good sources of medical information that support my claims.

no one deserves to die for their parents mistakes be robbed for it and terrorized for it.

no one deserves to die with the last person who touched them being one of their parents trying to kill them.

Just like the teacher who buries at the end of a paragraph at the end of a page instruction not to answer any of the questions I feel it necessary to put here that the title was clearly sensational

No sensational ization intended for suggestions to notfficer Hanson though

but that probably doesn't matter anymore because we're moving towards nothing done or said actually matters that's how someone claims to feel you're already dead even if you don't know it. You're already guilty of something you might not ever do. Feelings are not an adequate justification for stripping rights or actually endangering lives


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