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Political Prisoners in Minnesota

 In some states it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because there are 100 ways to put you away or leave you for dead if not dead.

One such way to discredit to inprision or even enslave a person is a medical system granted powers of gov and goc policy on commitment to medical facilities.

By enslave I refer to the seeming to be ongoing issues of drug trials between the University of Minnesota pyscholgy department and or the u of m Fairview partnership in Minneapolis.

In my opinion freedom taken and diagnosis with out objective criteria is bad enough but when you add  financial gain to the institution holding said citizen it really starts to describe slavery.

While I'm sure this won't happen I'd still like to see blood toxicology reports on people held for the claim of delusional to psychotic episodes. 

It's beyond the concern of most citizens that I understand that doesn't make it right we know there's things that aren't even drugs that could cause this.

Many if not most times you hear things like Freedom isn't free it's to the extreme of suggesting revolt. What we need to work on is the in between where action has to be taken when we see institutions encroaching this is one of many cases I think merits it.

I have no delusions when I state I won't be around long enough to be such a prisoner. Or maybe I already am.

Dr. Boris of the u of m Fairview clinic didn't need to see the hired mold pros email to determine when I claimed a moldy house had made me sick I was suffering delusions of mold.

My makeshift desk

My apt/flat before this started 

My parents living room. The TV is being driven buy a media center PC I constructed in 2012. 4 channel hd cable card tv tunner , HDMI CEC adapter Blu-ray drive,state drive, fanless discrete gpu. I also sourced the tube preamp for the record player .my dad had bought a surround reciver and wanted his turn table to work. I've been earning for IT support for small biz and home since 2004. My dad was 25 years the VP of seiu local 284 and in 2018 starts telling me he has bought me and owns me. Verbatim. I would argue that the money they gave me would be about equal at market rate to the professional services I have provided for them over the years. the police seem perfectly okay with allowing poisoning assault multiple felony level thefts to make sure I don't even have a vacuum cleaner to deal with their mold problem used as a bioweapon

My current apt.


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