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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Predatory policing keypoint

 I've seen it disgusting and racial context. I've seen it discussed in the context of civil asset forfeiture.

This would cover the racial context but for whatever reason I have a few theories we can't just say demographics or worry about actually creating equality we have to worry about each demographic specifically for whatever reason. Never play that three card Monte or the shell game before you bought a bridge in Brooklyn?ever seen a divided French people storm the castle and behead the king and queen when they're all worried about each other's rights against each other? Or when the epitome of child Left behind white man is jumping another white man because he won't say whatever white man black lives matter member has literally demanded he say after pretty much assaulting him? I already decided if that were to happen to me I'm going to repeat a line from Martin Luther King and see what happens judge a man not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character. Thanks for Maple Grove Police if I do get jumped well three or four years malnourished and now I'm not doing so hot. There was a time when I probably could have helped my own. Speaking of my own the weight bench in the basement that probably got thrown away with a lot of other value of my things that are still being destroyed even if they're being held.

funny thing how you can claim to be someone's landlord than 8 months later change the lock now that you have all of those things. And have your own environment better buy $6,300 of services they have performed professionally since 2004 and this is occurring in 2018.oh yeah and on top of that they not only identified the toxic mold problem from your house that made them sick but in your 8 months of gaslighting started taking the corrective actions and that's not even included in the $6,300 total.

it's not so much that I'm mad I'm pretty much already physically disfigured for life from this and it's not expected get better unless I should have some sanity here except they've two times salon felony amount several times less than that stocking and I realized my Aunt Mary has stopped someone but she hasn't known who has been doing this to her whole life that's probably my mom. or in other words unless at minimum wage in a place that they could pull the rent or the lease on at any moment basically every time I have to work minimum wage until I die because anytime my parents want to steal from me assault me anything like that there's no protection for me

They both have or will have my dad's retired last I checked my mom was not the wolf have retirement the house last I checked was paid off actually I never check Ed that was their words long ago.

What I'm trying to get to though he's even with them both retired they will have substantial amounts relative to me of disposable income.

and both directions towards me and what I assume is mostly them or maybe just my mom with her sister I have no reason to believe this will stop. Which makes it a day do you have to get further geologically away from it but that is very much a factor of money.

When it's been demonstrated no laws will be enforced against them even if you're earning it they're still not a very good shot of getting away if they can steal it faster than you can earn it. I don't accept this solution I've gone through painstakingly although not in the best of mood or conditions or cognition due to basically labor camp human trafficking and forced labor conditions extreme emotional loss loss of life of one of my both of my pets

Alone and told to hurry up on their moldy ass car

Actually Paul called the week after Clyde died and between promises with no intent why isn't the car going faster? Dad can you think of any reason I might be slow this week

Clyde was a rabbit by the way.

I can probably list off a hundred reasons but I'm not going to hop around your problems all night. The emphasis was not in my head I have to call recorded the wording is bad enough but...

What I wanted to put under here or under that title up above that I got lost from

Prejudice with police censoring or not allowing reports of criminal activity to repeated reoccurrence of felony-level theft is predatory policing

unless you can somehow tell me in good conscience that you believe that if no laws are obeyed you wouldn't have trouble under some circumstances trying to even file a criminal complaint.

Or maybe a civil rights complaint in line with Minnesota's discriminatory anti discriminatory or whatever reason labeled human rights law? I almost want to spell that Lal like a dirty version of LOL instead of law.

Maple Grove PD does claim to be leaders of the industry or at one time they were it's right in their mission statement. which should more be a public relations or propaganda statement when no one holds you to your mission statement.

But if they want to be the fuhrer of the industry I'll be the first to tell you derp fuhrer is an apt description

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