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Predatory State Goverment. Killer Police

What Im about to be described is possible  due to inequality under law pushed as progress towards equality;.its covered and perpetuated with the same tactics npd, aspd and bpd abusers use but that could be just a coincidence. 

first i would ask you picture the north of the US. in the south you probably could survive year round/face an increased risk of death. in the north and especially Minnesota, at negative thirty degrees f its possible to die of exposure in as little as 10 min. Its even easier to end up as a quadriplegic in that time frame. 

But you have a home or apt right? There is rules on things like notice to vacate and stuff right? even if you lost you job you could hawk/pawn .... Is there any case you can envision walking out the door for a weekend get away or a week biz trip even 2 hrs and all of the sudden you are homeless with out ability to recoup the value of any of your assets let alone have and or utilize and enjoy your property? 

The house or apt is still there all your stuff is in it, not poisoned, being destroyed or otherwise doesnt matter so much but you cant touch it or shelter in it let alone sell it to afford shelter. 

Turns out with nothing in the form of external oversight or audits and when tasked with handling their own complaints... Police might be this mesterious risk to life limb and property with out even re alocating it to the department or state. 

Worse yet unless you reach at least local elitism with in the state of MN. Its unlikely you can protect yourself.

The Threat
police acting on hearsay and potentially with departmental or local government monetary gain possible act to separate you indefinitely from all of your assets with 0 notice. While they are being destroyed. 

rather than reapr

Asset (
a useful and desirable thing or quality:
Organizational ability is an asset.
a single item of ownership having exchange value:
Our summer home is an asset we're not willing to sell.
(in intelligence) a person followed or spied upon to obtain information: as a participant in an operation, an asset may be consenting, forced, as by blackmail, or unaware of being used:
It was a catalog of virtually every CIA asset within the Soviet Union.
Compare confidential informant.
items of ownership convertible into cash; total resources of a person or business, as cash, notes

 there are college and other fraternities and sorities that may offer a buffer and all of the above have things non members arnt privy to so I really cant say anything specificly but in theory any protection offered by that is still somewhat questionable. What orginization doesnt have politics or drama circles? 


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