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Priorities ( could I expect anything else ?)

Re evaluation of needs vs wants or even needs is not a trivial or free task.

it's something that you may forget if you reach any level of comfort and or stability.

You might how ever recall being famished after studying for or taking a large exam. It takes calories and nutrients for your brain to process anything or for you to think.

It's probably aided by a place to sit and or something to write on or something to set a laptop on.

If you've reached the level where you I have obligations but some stability from moment to moment and ability to zoom out or zone out in a routine. You might not realize it but if no criminal theft laws are enforced you position is as safe as no one chooses to Target you.

Unless you are arguing that someone accessing your bank accounts , signing your name and stealing or disabling your car couldn't cause you to lose your lively hood and roof.

Even then in theory you have time to sell your possessions to recoup some cash before come what may

I not only did not have that but threats to myself and animals after 0 notice lock out and several smaller thefts but two fellony level thefts since.

the same people doing it make all kinds of promises about what I have to do to get my stuff back. Now you tell me that if you're looking at minimum wage because these people have stolen even your ability to prove you've done any work worth more than that as well as tools that would earn orchard be utilised to earn well above that how long at minimum wage renting does it take to recoup $43,000 I think it's about a 10 year sentence.

At the same time what you eat has been proven as important as if you can eatthough the degree which it may affect any individual or which any individual May realize its effect may vary drastically.

It's known that with ADHD or ADD diet can modulate it as well some cases eliminating the need for other treatments. But outside of that there's also this somewhat new but really not anymore medical concept of neuroplasticity. it's known that what you eat influences your brain's ability to learn it really shouldn't be rocket science. I'm not saying anything about what happens after death but while you're alive your body is a machine it's a machine that's pretty damn good at repairing itself and adapting but without the chemicals like the fuel in the lubricants it doesn't work so well or it fails that shouldn't be a hard concept to grasp. The problem is human bodies are redundant to the point where usually you take damage and it might be 30 years before that kills you. When it comes to thought processes and cognition it's hard to know you're getting dumber once you got dumber to put it bluntly. But in business terms the marginal units of intelligence lost is incredibly hard to detect but it might be the difference between dying in the gutter and achieving middle class

But Minnesota in defining criminal theft also defined theft of personal property. It's from what I can see explicitly included in the definition. So if someone has bought kitchenware this shouldn't be a problem or something you need to consider to this extent if the police were willing to enforce criminal theft law. Or in other words the basis of capitalism of if you earned it you can have it would protect this without the necessity to go into any of this.

There's also the fact that money given without a contract should never entitle you to everything someone earns especially if you take actions to make the contract uncompletable if it was a verbal one. Oh well I made this deal and I'm going to tell the police I gave you some money regardless of if that's true I'm going to have them help me take everything from you regardless of that deal and or if I sabotaged it.

Other Justice lessons learned in blood are people lie. yeah Minnesota seems totally content in ignoring its own laws on property as far as a citizen not a corporation is concerned or just any kind of business. someone claiming to feel threatened can actually be killing you but if they make it to family court first which also includes cases for boyfriends girlfriends roommates family Court might be a misnomer there. All family court seems concerned about and willing to strip extreme amounts of Rights from a person for is does someone claim to feel threatened. it also makes no attempt to ban the person making the claim from saved going near the person they claim they feel threatened of which I don't know maybe I don't see it but I don't think that makes any sense. This seems like bad 2 lethal law. And we already know the enforcement branch will sometimes be lethal without even a trial.

But the sad reality is Maple Grove Police are enforcing just that.

From what I can see the concept of law over a free people was mainly aimed at reducing the need for vigilante vengeance dusk creating order by allowing a court system to issue the punishments rather than say survivors family wiping out the next of kin or an entire other family. If a somewhat agreeable sentence or punishment is doled out you reduce that from happening let alone the desire for it to happen.

I've also found in legal text how slavery is also associated with classes of people not allowed to own property real or otherwise. When property rights or even time. To resell an asset to make to liquidate an asset back to cash when that's not enforced for average citizen Jill or Joe you're basically spending for property that has no value the moment someone takes it it's it's utter chaos it's utter loss its downward mobility only

it's right back to kings queens and Lords of the land but now we're going to call them CEOs because in that legal system property was generally all that of the king or queen you just got to use it maybe.

And worse yet I've witnessed Maple Grove Police and St cloud Police will refuse to make a report. No I'm a layman but seems to me that especially if we use the database is created by reports to analyze crime or analyze how often something occurs that might be prime or to enable anything like justice where some things might get investigated then report should not be refusal. That doesn't imply there should have to be an investigation for every report because that would probably never be cost effective.

but instead what this is done is create a situation where my mom literally tried to kill me by pushing me over a railing she assaulted me or rather battered because if I understand correctly assault is the intent to make contact battery is if the contact curs. Assault might also be the threat to make contact but that's not the point. The point is twocounts of her making contact one was in her own words in attempt to take me out of the world. Police won't allow either of them on record. These laws for the violence against women laws and the lobbyists how much of that is based on police reports? Cuz I found that there's definitely funding for trying to help only women from the federal government to the state. so what happens when your enforcement Branch starts f****** with the dataset to justify it? no I can't watch my language cuz they're taking my life. And what's more perverse than incest ouroboros?

Apparently Minnesota law.

Which I think makes an interesting metaphor for a gov that enables parents to pray on their offspring as well as any gov funded by taxation of the citizens earning. With weak terifs the distribution of wealth and the huge tax loopholes for parties or corporations with large amounts of money relocation is trivial. Therefore you can't text the entities with the money you have to text those who have been paid. When you also make it arbitrarily easy for them to take each other out in court I think you start to have the picture above

But hey if we played societies archetypes maybe people won't notice we missed the importance of determining guilt. Let's just talk about victims victims victims and forget that when we don't try to determine what actually happened we're as likely to blame victims as we are to punish the behavior which created the victim. But hey let's further skier that by taking 1/2 of society and teaching 100% that they are the victim but only 50% apply or qualify for victim. Steak a little page from Orwell and do things like redefine sexism redefine racism to only mean one way meanwhile only showing images of men hitting women. I voted for Obama twice but one thing though iPhone appalling was going to scsu there was in a required video for everybody an online interactive thing. Webinar if you will. It was like 2 hours and the only man who was the victim of any date or intimate partner violence or domestic violence was the one dude is boyfriend. The only man shown as a victim was victimized by another man this is insanity.most people don't want to hurt other people there's a variety of things that changes that most of them are actually related to brain damage. You can Google gray matter deficits in the prefrontal cortex narcissistic personality disorder. Their ability to connect what harm isas well as inhibiting harmful behaviors towards others appears to end up does their concept of others with any of the cluster b or rather their mental construct of what another person is let alone who. Which is important because the American psychological association has found children just emotionally neglected and verbally abused even without physical abuse they become three to four times more likely to be borderline which has a lot of all of the cluster bees are known to be incredibly interconnected and traits are interchangeable or one diagnosis has traits of another's probably safe to assume the gray matter abnormalities or deficits occur there too. As does something called splitting black and white All or nothing logic so you end up playing societies tropes and archetypes in some of the worst ways where you have enforcers that believe they're doing something very just by taking big old man from you know maybe Max 30% weaker woman still totally able to swing a frying pan hard enough to crack your skull. The danger is most of the people involved don't have to be brain damaged but if they are in any way it's that much easier to lose track of I'm basically putting a star of David on someone.

Back to personal and law intersection or forced lack; it's against mn theft law to make a promise with no intent to fulfill. Can the state be sued for false advertising? Another component of Paul and Marlene's police assisted terror was while holding and still destroying every thing mine there were various promises and or agreents about getting it back for doing x y or z. This serves to not only break the law but also muddies any decision on priority with limited resources. Why replace your kitchen to potentially starve with kitchen if police were to not enforce trafficing or if the party having stolen a fellony amount either return it or hold promise that after you labor for it a second time you will have it back? 

Is swindle a crime in MN? I won't claim to be a lawyer and am severely limited by size of phone screen/laptop with out battery/how I can even research or plan anything but I did come across the concept of a swindle and this would see to fit. 

Instead of return they stole fellony amounts 2x with one occuring after they simultaneously filed ofps. That occurred about a year and a half into human trafficking like conditions. At the time they filed they knew I had 20 days to be out of the apartment before the lease on a year before. Because the forced labor on their moldy vehicle upset the landlord. They filed in a court an HR and a half from the town they chose for me to do this work and live. What I read about ofp is correct they could have filed in this town or county I also did so knowing I have been stranded for 6 days because the car had broken down. They did so still as they do to this day sitting on and or destroying all of my property 

But in the theme of prioritizing the security industry knows that someone looking to attack only has to be right once. This applies very well 2 when police won't enforce criminal law but are hell-bent on enforcing a civil order. Basically the person under attack is port in this position of assume because it's been demonstrated the other party can get away with anything in the police will help. If the police were powerless or incapable of inflicting harm they want to be very effective at their mission. When they do so outside of Law though and on hearsay or another parties feelings is real problem

try as you might expect really well felony-level thefts are happening you can't even have the financial resources to guard against common ways that someone could harm you let alone the demonstrated Ways police will let them. Time becomes a constraint to.

Also the ability to organize anyting is often dependent on tools. when I started doing it support for small business at 16 my first client was an accounting office in Plymouth.I think you can imagine where I'm going with this and how computer my  aid in responsibilities in adult life.even if you're just working minimum wage full-time or more. But that wasn't the only way it can hurt someone anyone or me. I had invested in software suites to do data recovery drive mirroring diagnostics content creation like the biggest single chunk of money I can list is $2,000 software suite that is a few versions old now but every bit as functional as the new one. That is already felony-level theft and theft of a tool that I used to earn. as well as the tool that would be very useful in managing finances. I have a moldy folding table despite the fact that I owned probably five desks and I built three of them.

They stalled my Ryobi vacuum and attached to it was the battery for power drill. Then they came installed a compound miter saw my desktop and my MIG welder.the previous theft was also of a felony amount but the one I just described was April 2020 the ofps is were filed March 2020.

The value of the desktop without any software you probably couldn't replace it the same compute power 4 less than 700 today. The compound miter saw is easily $200 minimum to replace the MIG welder goes for 400 to 600 depending on the year I watch the prices for 8 years wanting one.I got it for significantly less strain of clearance when a new model was coming out but even the version I got is now back to that price in a refurbished condition. But also be predicated a lot of this on the claim of they've given me a certain amount over the years except if stolen everything they've given me and everything I've ever earned

I'm not sure that any of my school was any value either because it further this belief that law might actually provide some protections

is real damage done when you modify someone's diet by theft and starvation. The study of epigenetics has shown us that even prolonged extreme stress can cause activations of jeans that are related to severe mental illness and some of those changes may be heritiable.

the Minnesota hunger experiment was one of the first to demonstrate that malnourished to starve States also play havoc on the mind cognition emotional inhibition. Which further makes Minnesota's why we're claiming to feel threatened disables the rights of another and as I found out the police will refuse to allow criminal reports afterwards it makes that insane. Science has shown us these things are bad and it's not even new science it's not contested science.

but the ever present threat is also of something like commitment yet its not hard argue and and fact I just did several ways and which not enforcing the criminal law makes you far more likely to qualify if the judge doesn't recognize this. Which even threat of it adds to cognitive load and I don't just feel threatened I've made a point of demonstrating ways this actually risks my life.

But if I could even make that court trial or hearing there's also the logical issue of I want to have access to the evidence I would have needed because for a year-and-a-half Maple Grove Police would order me away from even public property outside of the house where it was stored and still is largely being destroyed. Even the stuff I have bad I don't have the funds and at this point I have been let in so many directions without even proper nutrition even though I know how to cook and had bought kitchen stuff with money I work for I don't have it. There is no sanity there is no priority anymore it's demonstrated they can take anything in the police will even refused a report but because of Minnesota's ofp law you basically have to hold on to every bit of evidence for anything because anybody could file at any time forever against you this is insanity.

There's also the fact that 8 months of bleeding move 60 miles. Bleeding turns out to be caused by the location I moved to. When cosmos cat got sick I transferred it to my apartment. no one's been interested in the fact that I can show I lived up to every bit of the agreement that was made with my dad and with other parties and then they took it away which also screwed over social connections that might have helped me out of this slave like situation. But then eight months there they changed the lock keeping everything despite the fact that they accepted $6,300 of services or outright demanded their moment notice that I perform services are performed professionally since 2004.
But that's not the only bit of it after moving again 60 miles to a town I no longer had any connections in and an empty apartment they were holding my mail opening my mail signing my name on things from my mail even when I anticipated they were going to come and requested ahead of time that they be forwarded which should have demonstrated I was on top of it but on top of that they make the argument I can't care for myself while they are doing things that violate state and federal law to make it impossible or to make it an exponential amount of time to counter their violations and stay on top of what I need but then they coming steal to set me back.

Male figure this in 20 18 end of 2017 I had a baby tooth that never had an adult tooth under it but had stayed wedge slowly dissolving for probably 15 years since it died. I was told January 2018 I need a dental implant not to wait more than 6 months. That costs $5,000

Not having it not being able to eat anything I would normally eat cook anything I would normally cook jump on my bike because Maple Grove Police help parents steal their adult offsprings bicycle which I don't know might be useful as a coping mechanism for extreme stress might be great for general health might be great for vitamin d production probably not applicable though cuz there's also not things like focus on something further away than the screen if you don't want to lose your close-up eyesight I hate everyone who is predicated this nastiness.

4 months into the lease I signed under duress and under threat at the current department it was pretty clear that I was going to be given the notice to vacate when lease was up. They had tried to evict the garage for having to clean the mold car there. I believe my parents told Maple Grove Police I had never left the house I also believe there's evidence for a few things redacted at the moment.the truly terrifying part is when realizing they literally said they might be liable if what I said was true and it got a hundred times worse after. Not only do the police condition you from childhood to believe they're there to protect you but then you find out that possibly to avoid liability they might help someone harm you disable you assault you batter you kill you for what the career path? How can the state claim to have any value of human life let alone be a leader in human rights protection?

it puts the lotion on its skin and it gets the court again. Because cowboy billor his hypothetical wife or both at the same time playing with the person down the well made them feel threatened. You think the person down the well has a good chance at appearing in court?
And if the court doesn't recognize that sudden cuts to income let alone forced to re-buy everything camp impact life then how come on the petition form you can request monetary payments from the alleged abuser? there's double standards all over this and they're the type that might be lethal but all the language in the grant documents and the federal documents starts with women and then blends in victim but if you go back to the header and footer it's all published by the office of violence against women or the state is talking about that's where the grant comes from.

if there was over site to the police that would frown upon this at very least take action more preferably it wouldn't be such an issue. I found I'm not alone in at least telling you everything is civil except from what I can glean from sources online police generally are supposed to be concerned with civil which sounds great at first but then the moment they hear about ofp which is technically a civil act or suit well because of covid-19 Stearns county refuse to serve it after it passed in court. about a month later I'm empty apartment should have had to leave but the Minnesota eviction ban hit and again hungry because I don't even have a kitchen I drive down to Maple Grove where my property was still being sat on and or more have been stolen since and what I overheard through an open window two officers from Maple Grove talking to each other 

So can we take him in 
no Stearns didn't serve it 
oh thanks that's really helpful

for like a year and a half I've been ordered off of public property outside the house on no legal basis. I kind of expected that 10 to 15 minutes after pulling up with no other action Maple Grove Police would be there. During that year and a half off and I was invited and the same thing would happen. Maple Grove did not care even when I went to them and said I have evidence you are getting false applied police reports as weapons. That's when they said well as other things you told us our true we might be liable. also in that conversation was it's not illegal to say you own someone. Well when you're letting them open my mail sign my name on things from my mail hold my mail when one of those things is endorsing a check with my name another is controlling my healthcare and not only are they sitting on 43 Grand by estimate of my personal property I had no chance to sell even to have money to choose anything but they've stolen felony amounts to times since what the hell is owning someone at that point what because you as an officer won't bring me back to them if I escaped because that's a pretty s*** definition slavery. Also if I understand correctly some of the first police forces in the US that was one of their main goals it's kind of interesting that we task police with that when a teenager is out past curfew.

and on the concept of being able to prioritize if you apply psychology to it there's this concept called conditioning and conditioned response. when adaptive behaviors are conditioned with pain and terror and real risk to life, the state can say whatever it wants about the other party's responsibility via family family relation but it really doesn't matter if they're given the power to violate law to condition harm as a response to adaptive behavior or necessary adult behavior what you've done is set a person up to die in the street or in a mental ward probably 30 years earlier if not more than they should have.

now I have a writing space that's a folding table that collapses if I put weight on it and is growing their toxic mold. Or let me be more concise with how the CDC would identify mold capable of producing toxins or the u of m says if you have it don't even get it tested get rid of it. That's also a function of money. and or you save money by putting the effort in yourself except when you repeatedly starve a person how much extra at output can you expect from them. I don't want to identify with the storm the capital group but the camp Auschwitz thing starts to really hit close to home. especially when you come across the fact that Minnesota did a starvation experiment with conscientious objectors 2 world war II. The study was done to determine how to recover from rationed or concentration camp starvation States and what the effects of that might be. the psychological effects were severe to the extent that some of the volunteers amputated their limbs.

But in general increasing amounts of work with less nutrition and less time to recover because you can't keep anything of the value you worked for that's not far from a labor camp if at all far from because the ability to escape that situation is also dependent on things even if you can get you won't be able to hold on to them.or if you assume the other party you have no control of but the government has power to stop if you assume they don't stop their actions and the government won't exercise its vested power then ever being able to save the amount to escape or move further away is highly unlikely.

Even bigger issue is I see as I mentioned with the ouroboros if they're allowed to forbid reports and the data for why we need more strict laws is based on police reports they have totally controlled the data set.there's financial incentive to discriminate against half the population based on gender it's Federal money to the state.

Be sure if you fist your partner to indicate that a mob should fist them as well consent is not just consensual or explicit but also subjectively enthusiastic.

You might ask why my priorities are writing this blog. The way I see it the domain name costs $13 a year. The blog will remain up even if that's not paid. It's pre-payable for years in advance and it actually points at a free service called blogger which is what actually host the content or the page you are reading.
I cannot decide to make Paul and Marlene stop stealing felony amounts or assaulting me. Generally that's a place of law enforcement and or the courts. That's the power we grant to them or vest in them in a free society not something they inherently have.

As working at minimum wage without theft produces the reality of it's probably five years before I can relocate further away from them and comparatively they have unlimited disposable income I don't see it very likely that I can escape that situation especially in the reality where they continue to steal and terrorize.

So in essence there's two purposes for this. One it's the off-chance you can write your way out of a box. They say the country run by lawyers the word might be mightier than the sword. 2 dead men tell no tales. No hope of cupability really exist if I die in this isn't here. Liability is a similar concept. In other words if I die this will still be here for years to come and that might influence the outcome. The same would be true for if those parties moved to try to have me committed or really any reality where there isn't freedom. There's no hope of questions being raised if all that exists is silence. 

If you want a really old trope what has historically come of power without accountability? What are police in Minnesota at the moment? That might be hard to turn over so let's pretend this is Junior high football and maybe take a knee huddle up...




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