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Psychological Conditioning

 Police keep demonstrating willfulness to aid and enbed felony-level theft.

Recently rather than allow confessions on a report they suggested I might need a 3 to 5 day detainment in a mental ward.

Forced detainment is always trauma. There's likely already a nod to this in Minnesota law. Emergency medical holds are supposed to include very explicitly defined reasons why the hold occured.

A healthy brain seeks to minimize pain and trauma.

It's the reason why if a small child otherwise healthy in a moment of inattention from parents manages to touch a hot burner on a stove well otherwise healthy you won't see it happen again.

Failure to explicitly note why the detainment was issued men's trauma unavoidable it also begins to associate police with trauma. 

Trauma is linked with mental illness such as pstd both are linked with addiction how many times to substances police might not only be interested in but might have financial incentive for compensating and arresting

If not direct financial incentive things like promotion path funding available for pay increases..

But back from the legal perspective of a citizen it's sometimes illegal not to call the police. as in one who witnesses a felony in fails to report it may face charges. yet for whatever reason we're okay with allowing the police to refuse reports and associate themselves with trauma condition this is us and not to call

how many ways is Minnesota okay with allowing police to ruin lives and create death destruction conditions like slavery in human trafficking

how many ways is Minnesota okay with police manufacturing the crimes they arrest people for?

You might say but who am I? Or why am I listening to someone without a degree? Have you watched Bill Gates recently? His degrees are honorary. If I recall correctly you literally lived in his parents basement until around 30.

But we need to stop judging things like that. Especially when the ability to retain anything you work for is being eroded.


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