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 Like Sergeant Hansen never stopped cowboys and Indians. Until he's re-appropriating and the lowing destroyed nearly a year of his salary for someone else

Notficer Hanson is tomorrow a phrase used with someone he probably is familiar with a doo doo head. The doodoo wishes to make it known that that's not who the sergeants is familiar with that would be offensive.

Kind of hard not to beat a dead horse at this point in the game. I have no idea how long I can stay here this lease was over. I was given notice to vacate then covid hit. Paul and Marlene filed the of peas instead of working with me to return and decontaminate my stuff. Clyde is still in the freezer. They came in April and stole my computer in my MIG welder my compound miter saw. The theft before they of peas were filed ended up knocking out power drill my isolation transformer a vacuum which had the power drill battery on it I have like one friend left and took his 30 lb propane tank I forget what it added up to but further back on the blog I did the math and that was a felony amount as well. But all Rory will allow on a report is that two parents kicked out a son who would never left which is entirely not the truth.

I call him by a respectful title if he had done anything to earn it. But notficar asshole... Notice how no officers have been spoken down to. I'm clearly speaking to only the notficers.

March 2020 explicitly reminded him of the mold problem he's like well I didn't see it. 

That's odd..for snow plowing you guys handled a lot of cattle blinds is the only thing I can come up with.

My previous apartment

An apartment before that

A Fargo apartment
Note no one picked out or helped move this stuff in or set it up. Other than the occasional friend with the move. I'm putting this year because the nastiness is fight this battle of incompetence leveraged as a weapon to the extent I'm really not sure why they don't moonlight as projectors at the IMAX theater. Crystal clear 8K probably 3D. Of course as I found out real life is way more horrifying then psychological thrillers or horror movies and that might hurt ticket sales when beyond device emitting the film at the back of the theater draws more of a stream then what's on the screen. I guess not if they protect knees but... 

The point I'm trying to get to I know how to organize and set up working environments for personal life business anything in between I don't have the strength hardly left to do that anymore I don't know if I'm going to be out of here and I don't have my things I don't have the money to clean them even if I can get some of them this is insane.

Not only do I not have my things repeated theft by the people that are holding them just to create terror just to create inability to do anything other than what they say..

that's kind of how I ended up here to that plus lies to the police along the same lines.

I don't think human trafficking and forced labor is a stretch especially when well staying at pawling Marlene's house Marlene had said she is my landlord $6,300 and services were rendered. Services I've done professionally since 2004.Minnesota is a state that recognizes oral leases and service for rent apparently nothing is recognized when the police just want to kill you or would rather see you die then own up to their fuck ups. That's still implying a bit let's be specific create vastly elevated risk of death. Well creating helplessness absolute terror ignoring protection of life as it comes to enforcing criminal law letting felony amounts of property be destroyed but hey they've got all kinds of things to do like Nazi or some something was written on the Maple Grove Senior high bathroom I saw that in the news. In 2019 when the bulk of this was going down they arrested a woman in arbor lakes for stealing a bottle of wine from a restaurant. I'm not sure how much it was worth I doubt it was over a hundred I'd say more likely $20 for all I know it could have been three Buck Chuck and they paid a $10 cork fee. For all we know it was their bottle of wine for all we know Rory isn't even an officer.

Oh yeah he's notficer Sargent.
And the mission statement says something about continue behaving is industry leaders...

notficer Sargent of the derp fuhers

Actually that's not fair I might even say I like some of the other officers so that probably shouldn't be plural

 I'm pretty loud on here has a way to blow off steam. None of the other officers has given me any reason not to speak with him respectfully well two of them kind of did but compared to Sergeant Hansen... 

like a whole other level of fucking rude

What are you doing here John?

At almost a scream.

They don't owe you anything.

Not wearing a robe or your non bias goggles I hate to see the beer goggles. I've seen it in his eyes already he's got a temper behind them.

Like I've only seen one other person flash the look  he did while playing privateer negative pay labor enforcer friendly

That would be my father. Call my frequently Wonder if he's better qualifies for aspd or NPD if I dig through the recordings he admits she has no conscience at one point but by the time he said that it was pretty damn clear through illustration

Other sorts of your pants other than image keeping for purpose probably aren't too concerned with what other people think of them Paul is Marlene is. Which is vastly different than being concerned with how their actions influence that. They're concerned if other people find out

Fine details matter sometimes cuz that's a biggie in practice

I should really post or go through and find all the calls were they ask what drug I'm on.It's as a deflection from actually talking about hey I need my kitchen stuff.  very at minimal.
But what's more enlightening if I were to find all the calls is how many times the laundry list has changed. To the point where it becomes pretty clear they're just throwing stuff out there.

I had a really bad case of the flu back in like 2012 bad enough where I came down from Fargo or it was winter break I forget... It was a fever of triple digits and I went to Maple Grove hospital. I would have been okay believe me Iv of room-temperature fluid. Room temperature sailing felt fucking amazing in comparison to the triple-digit fever I was running. Then they asked do you want something to feel better I said sure cuz I felt like absolute hell. Little did I know that equaled Dilaudid. All of a sudden I didn't have the flu anymore 😂

Which didn't last too terribly long but we went back to my parents house (was with my dad) and all of a sudden I have a new headache I forgot that till just now... my mom comes down screaming that I'm addicted to painkillers.

it's got to be about her even when you've got a triple-digit fever it's got to be about her.

Yeah they give me money. But if you actually pay attention to what's going on here they have disabled every source that I have they have stolen labor day of stolen what I learned with labor I've done in the past.

Unless we recognize this is not okay we have created a system where if you can make someone sick they're your slave.

The other logical condrum  here is nowhere in business nowhere else in the Free world does telling a police officer a story usually equate to free reign to starve someone via felony-level theft assault them multiple times stock them relocate them forced labor under threat

But Maple Grove PD Sergeant Hanson's there to remind me they don't owe me anything they give me enough when I try to put my side in he doesn't want it

I doubt he'd appreciate if I came to his house and told him it's mine sorry bro I gave you a dollar oh no I'm telling you I gave you all this money dude it's not yours anymore I don't owe you anything get off my property

Funny thing is there is a way to do that it's called ship an auto targeting pistol sentry turret battery operated to the front door. 

 In theory if you timed it right so it arrived well the person was working then trying to regain entry to their house is at least going to be problematic.

Pre-recorded message something along the lines of the above

No bro I don't owe you anything this is my house I gave you enough cuz I said so. 

Obviously that would only work until someone either depleted the ammunition available with false targets waited out the battery (I find this least likely. liability) perhaps tried to ascertain what rounds and approached with a suitable shield but I would bet the bomb squad is called instead.

Man I wonder if anybody's written module open computer vision to do detection or identification of the bomb squad robot. Absolute hilarity would be something like one explosive charge on the front just for that robot.

Something like an AR would be hell. there's not a lot in suburbia you can stand behind that guarantees... In gaming there's something called a wall hack. I haven't seen it done out of the box ready to go like the general century gaming software for a paintball gun turret it would be but...

If you could calibrate it a Wi-Fi camera placed across the street or whatever the train allows ahead of time you could really confuse people. Damn he scored a headshot through three walls the wait this isn't my good Christian game server murder simulator. This is real life how do you wall hack real life? 

Turns out the answer ahead of time and discreetly.

Make sure to use blanks. Except not for the bomb squad robot insult to injury is key

Oh well that's enough thought exerciseother than to say if you missed it the last time I described it how you haven't turn on when it's delivered to the porch is a GPS module inside connected to the microcontroller basically you haven't wake up every certain. Of moments minutes hours check where it's at. This conserves battery

you might not need the GPS either Google Street view is captured using cars that drive around with cameras all the way around you might have seen them even. They're also sampling the strength of every Wi-Fi access point they drive by. There's an API for accessing that but that then adds the requirement that you have cellular data

which would lead to things like security cameras checked at the place you bought the SIM card 

The ATF kills every dog on your block

You were putting up a resistance while you sat face down on the ground hands over your head so you just didn't make it

I'm second that I'm not going to tell you what type of ammo to use or not use probably don't do this but there's no real clear conclusion there.
I just intended as when you stop this far out of ethics endanger someone's life from a position of power there's people way smarter than me but this isn't all of what I could come up with. I think we have we too great an imbalance of power right now outside of my problems.

Back on track

Paul and Marlene had a massive mold problem at that house. I identified that as well  . I suspected it was moles after a process of elimination and deduction. Then eventually mold pro was hired.

 the 6300 was all IT services over 8 months. I did however start on the mold pros recommendations during those eight months because Paul and Marlene decided gaslighting was the more effective method of dealing with it meanwhile I was bleeding from the corners of the one point Paul came downstairs and was critiquing how I vacuumed his mold off his walls and floor.or let's put this another way he was critiquing how I vacuumed well I'm bleeding from the corners of the eyes for mistakes they made with their house when I was a minor. Mistakes that spread to my apartment and triggered the move back.

 would have liked my bike one of the last two summers. It's not just my bike but I have had three animals I love dearly as much as I loved any human die in rapid succession one is in my freezer...

so hey let's steal his computer make sure he's got a moldy folding table the bed that Clyde died on

And throwing healthy keeping helpings of Hansen's brand of...  be less cruel if it was arsenic

 A Fargo apartment

I love you Clyde.

Should probably be noted I doubt anyone would get there in time if for whatever reason the power turns off here

Not sure how I feel about the source. I know how my dad was none to fond of that name. 

Regardless equality I haven't had time to check into the politics. But the little bit I read of the article here seem too good so I'll save it here for later


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