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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Rory Hanson Maple Grove PD

* J. Clarkson Voice* some say he Makes Benito Mussolinil Seem The Pinnacle of Justice

Sergeant Hanson Maple Grove PD target practice

other say maple grove pds Hanson is the best shot that the Mn firing
squad has had in years. If only it had a firing squad.

It's Maple Grove pds untaimed trafficing Sargent
The mmmbop!

Maple Groves Rory is
 constantly trying to better himself total dedication to the craft others call it what the fuck are you doing? Rory recently announced;
After the Little engine That could is in his pile of literary conquest( and two Harry Potter lightning bolts awarded) he hopes to learn
 head shoulders knees and toes 
With this continuing education
he might one day work on the Minneapolis PD
When not taking selfies that start court battles 

This maple Grove pd Sargent is rumored to enjoy shourt trips to the evidence locker or Dare show and tell case before extended magic carpet rides.

At least untill his short walk wears off and he realizes he's tied to a rope being dragged behind a duck boat in the dells

Maple Grove Minnesota police sergeant Rory Hanson

Sargent Rory Hanson doesn't seem to phased by these adventures though.

He will report to duty on time a week later just in time to human traffic force labor destroy futures 

All around define the reason police forces should have a psych eval
I'm no doctor but cluster B he be

Well ... Allegedly.

a real Downer to an otherwise pretty level-headed force with some upstanding members

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