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 Paul and Marlene forced the apt lease under threat .

It was my lease signed under duress

They weren't on it. I realize now that despite having email conversations with management of the property. and start putting my email address on the lease the entire time all of the resident emails have been going to Paul and Marlene

But throughout the first probably four or five months here there was occasional answering the phone telling me things like we're not holding me anything from you you can come get it or how to do stuff to get my stuff back or that I'm going to have to pay again for my own things back the point was keep everything moving so investing the funds that didn't allow the job they demanded completed and eating it's the point was created terror

The point was destroy All function it still is

There's something that points to collaboration between the landlord and paul and Mar

did more suggested that proves it but at one point Paul is playing the I don't know what a text is even though I text you even though I've had text conversations for 14 or more years with you

this is well after saying I need control because I want control and I own you and I bought you

But Paul starts demanding I email him something because he doesn't know what a text is that on the computer is that on the computer that please stop

Literally yell email it

so I convert my text into an email even though I have told him it on the phone and of course the email address that have for maybe two decades does a mail server invalid return are invalid address not on this server return. Then all the sudden and this is maybe five months in then I'm getting a note under my door about how my email address is bouncing this is after I've had conversations with them with my actual email address the landlord now all the sudden has their email address as my email address

Also Sherry one of the landlords or management staff would repeatedly asked me to communicate something to my parents who weren't on lease.

Thing is they met with her before I met her. I sort of remember on take your child to work day that someone in the robbinsdale area district building across from the bus garage we visit a lady in there who is my dad's friend the last time I did that with him was maybe the start of junior high so it's a very old memory that I don't trust but I have an inkling that was Sherry. Again I don't know that if I had the funds to do a background check I sure would I don't even have a desk to do anything on organization wise I don't want to hurt anybody I am being murdered terrorized while I'm murdered

Do the corona they put in just recently a mail center. A place to get packages. It was apparently emailed to everyone or on the login portal that I don't have access to

I've had two people in my apartment actually three but one came as a pair the one that came as a pair was him and his brother someone that when I was working for working to set up a shop before all this started the applied to a help wanted or replied. So we were going to do our own thing and then the mold hit. I have text messages of him indicating my parents contacted him in an attempt to sabotage and several times before sabotaging or telling them I'm sick in the head.

him and his brother came over once I had two sets of keys to this apartment at one point I thought I saw him pocket something I've never been able to find my second set of keys only one other person has been over one other time. It's possible they're lost under the closed but Paul and Marlene likely have a set of keys by stealing it through him

Maple Grove Police Maple Grove Police enforce the sickest ship I could not have ever imagined

But trying not to lose track when Mikey twisted off in the door lock outside that put me with zero keys to the building or the building where the mail room is. When they built the mailroom they gave out key fobs which of course I didn't get

Paul knowing the apartment is an utter mess from 9 months of forced labor and emptiness in conditions that it could not be done and that the washing machine broke at the end of that right at the start of covet rather than even give back the power tools and tools I would need to fix it he threatens to contact management to have them enter my shit hole that they forced and I just realized recently they had sent an email saying that all maintenance was suspended

Predatory Paul likely knew that while he was making that threatened to terrorize

I do not deserve this I do not deserve this this is very unlikely to be a escapable because I am not doing this I have been ran out till there's little of me left what I need is the Law  respectedequally everything I have made my money wise not from them since has either went to their problem under threat of 43,000 of my stuff destroyed it's still being destroyed well Clyde is in the freezer they hold Bonnie's ashes

And the Maple Grove predatory department tries to cover its misconduct with possibly death for me


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