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Seperation of powers exploited by predatory state

 There's a trend I've experienced in Minnesota and digging around found other people have as well

Police not at all interested in criminal violations claiming everything civil even when it's felony-level violations and endangerment of life

Yet if the party doing it gets a civil order the police are all about enforcing that

Eventually came across the office of violence against women and the fact that they offer grants for certain arrests and programs in States to put men in jail

Or another words Minnesota's ofp law now claims to be de gendered 

But if I'm right looking at arrest records and gender statistics for how often one of those is granted would probably be revealing

It's funny I found a dissertation paper done by a student at the u of m on how civil asset forfeiture is predatory state government. I haven't finished undergrad and I can do better than that with a complex link whether or not this specific instance is true possibility is still there for it nothing prevents it from happening or being used that way

As far as I can see the basis for law over a free people it's supposed to be deterring acts that harm the society. Allowing parents to pray on their young is the biggest waist both for society and as far as Earth's resources go that there could be.

There's all this talk of too many people are destroying the planet yep we're allowing parents to destroy their adult children women to destroy men and even if not fully destroyed the survivors end up living these disposable lifestyles where because property rights weren't respected you're eating off plastic and throwing it away.

That's the tip of titanics reaper 

if you look for who benefits what I can see is demand for police demand for courts demand for mental health care and lawyers.

Intended or otherwise I don't see this correcting the US export problem vs import or maintaining a technological advantage that some would argue with lost already. A self cannibalizing group of the mentally ill driving the nation into the ground

Unless you think we can export imprisoning people if we can well good luck everybody else. It starts with convincing you of today's Boogeyman.

 all emotional arguments cloaked as logic. if something speaking mainly to your sense of right but not explaining why it's wrong for your own sake and for the sake of your nation I urge you to reject it.

Otherwise before you know it the cittizen geting child support from two others that lose their freedom for not paying will be talking to her girl friend about how the first two were starter husband's and men are so nasty for objectifying women. She might put the phone down make the boyfriend bleed then intrupt the daughter beating step brother so they can both teach boys Not  to hit.

Divide and conquer while teaching every demographic to distrust and fuck over another and doing so with emotional arguments is how it works

Pretty soon your equivalent of Congress will be debating whether preference and he and she should be used in government during a government ordered shutdown of most businesses while people are starving

Get off the house floor how dare you be so hurtful to the homosexual population by using something like the word preference to say people would prefer not to starve?

That there is hate speech I don't care about your context.

They are doing it and have been a long time to any mention of Nazism or tactics once used.

The reality is nothing happened to change people's desire to conquer other people. Billions has been dumped into researching things like psychology which on their own are just tools but may easily be applied.

when you start trying to redefine words and limit their scope or force their scope like you is out of scope is still hate speech you start literally controlling the ideas that people may Express to each other.

Until you end up with the hypocrisy like someone who literally tried to push you over a railing well saying I brought you into this world I can take you out of it and then slammed the car door on your leg and another who shoved you around but you've laid not a hand on either..

Those two parties in a civil court after making sure you can't attend get you labeled the abuser for life well you live with a pet that you loved for 10 years in the freezer and they hold on to the remains of the other threatened it to force labor

It puts the lotion on its skin until the court rapes it again. In the meantime here's some police to help.

Ambiguarity for a cause.
meanwhile most people don't have the vocabulary or medical vocabulary / lexicon that I do. You end up looking  for why people become abusers or have certain mental disorders even Cancers and the corporate sources that are intended for public consumption

Tell you things like it's probably genetic

Which is great cuz it's come see us for life maybe take this medicine we might get a bonus for prescribing but don't worry about it it's going to happen or not if it is just keep coming to us just keep paying us. Don't worry with your kids either it's genetic or it's not
We want to see them too

because the reality is that's like a hundred year old definition of how genetics works

I forget exactly how old epigenetics is as a study. I want to know about it at all except I met a girl in North Dakota who was studying it at UND.

the modern picture that anybody in those filled should have and a lot do some might not either way is even things like excessive stress can flip genes on and off

Study from 1944 just of the effects of hunger. A study done in Minnesota and 10th to help us figure out how to help survivors of concentration camps and the war in Europe come back from malnutrition determined that as far as cognition and emotional control any of that is out the window the moment you start screwing with someone's diet to the point they're malnourished

yet we see courts moving more and more towards zero respect for the personal property required to say cook good meals. The help programs like Minnesota snap and food stamps really only buy ingredients which for someone totally homeless is pretty much a sick joke

Where do you store that let alone cook it and with what do you do that?

But hey government jumping the shark let's take it up a notch and make it here say accusations enough to make someone a criminal well ignoring property rights

but no not even that is enough now we're going to assert that your property literally has rights but has fewer rights than you do and we can steal it from you if we claim it might be guilty of a crime

I wish I was joking that's called civil asset forfeiture

A government that masquerades as skitzo when really it's hard core aspd and NPD

You're telling me this inanimate object has rights or is guilty of a crime? Seriously? But starving me by felony-level criminal Acts I have to watch everything I say well all the research even your government did or mine the state I live in indicates that could easily cause someone to say something like f*** you I won't put the lotion on my skin stop
No worries it gets the court again

(Silence of the lambs clip. If you don't see it click view web version at the bottom.For whatever reason on mobile view YouTube clips don't show)

In Minnesota that nice man holding the dog is probably the victim. All he has to do is petition family Court before the person down the well does. Do you think the person down the well has a ladder? Good cell phone service down Wells right? Regular postal service?

There's another oddity about ofp.

There's no statue of limits AKA file as long or anytime you want it's also free to file. Maybe a better way to say that is your right to seek Justice or two talk to the court about this claim never expires. It's been opened up so it applies for any blood relative, any roommate or claim to relation like anybody you've slept with or claim to

this criteria is so wide it's a perfect tool to block Justice with if you seek Justice against the state how hard would it be with that criteria to produce someone willing to make that claim on you further stressing your ability to execute the case organize or attend?

Furthermore where's the explicit and defined ahead of time logic or rules for now that person that got an ofp against you either has another case in the same court you're trying to fight the city for or maybe hey maybe they work for the court what happens to Justice then?

when I tried to reason things out I generally assume there's a lot of if not most people smarter than me. That's about the only time I care about it otherwise it's can you make a logical argument towards something I don't care what your education is I don't care about titles. I have to assume that at least some of the lawmakers could see problems with leaving this undefined. Or maybe that's the wrong word maybe they see solutions

Now you could say that's a rarity but that's also the sort of thing that my education taught  me to look at

If you're designing software you do what's called a use case evaluation

Look it up would be easy to apply to government services or any service it's an analysis of does the service provide what the user is looking for or what it claims to or done before it's written it's how do we ensure that the intended uses are usable or exist

A use case evaluation is a systematic approach to capturing the functional requirements of a system.

Seems to me that law and the Minnesota in particular government
want you to believe you're protected you have human rights all of these things but if it makes those claims without doing something like a use case evaluation

Of course no one's going to hold it to bait and switch because well slaughterhouse or even if that doesn't imply cuz we're the government we say so oh hey you just lost your second amendment rights cuz this person said you might have no just because you're no arrest without warrant to why would you think criminal theft matters the civil shit does!

and once you're arrested for violating or allegedly violating the civil order that was done with a different standard of evidence. The family court uses civil standards where to defend you have the burden of proof. Which is a weapon in and of itself because having to always defend baseless accusations well is time finite or do you have every hour in the day you want and more when you need them?

So you have hearsay it passes without your presence it probably passes in your presence because someone claimed they needed protection so your rights don't matter then they don't exist and then if it's claimed you violated you find yourself facing criminal charges that never attempt to re-evaluate if the claims were true you become a criminal based on did you violate the civil charge regardless if that was done as a weapon or validly that's never reevaluated. It's lower the bar to hearsay equals Criminal

If you look closely that was pretty much every major elected position in 2014 in Minnesota I'm pretty ashamed I helped any of these people


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