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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Some questions:

 slavery is gone because we outlawed it right?

well we outlawed drugs too.

how did that go? 

much money is spent on enforcing making those illegal?

 how about slavery?

What's disturbing is federal documents on human trafficking indicate that State Police agencies might be hesitant to bust it because other crimes that can bust those being trafficked for might be more lucrative

The land of the free has created police forced slavery

And it's worse than that really.

 which doesn't mean that everybody tries to hurt you.

 but what we have is science that  that has identified beyond a doubt  that you what  eat determines what diseases you die of much you get done in life your quality of life

We have police that will literally take away the kitchen you work for

We have state governments executing families whether you see it that way or not

Be sure to wear your seatbelt for your safety though. Because if you don't you might die and will be a sure of that because we'll take money you could have spent on food to make sure you die quicker.

or depending on your state civil asset forfeiture laws police can just wholesale rob you blind if you have cash on you

We have a pending economic Holocaust

And those with badges are in a position to f*** you out of the game before it starts

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