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Something I missed

 Somewhere between Paul claiming to own me in the human trafficking like conditions I missed the fact that apparently former President Trump had disabled federal employees collective bargaining rights.

 that makes a bit him more sense for why the unions didnt like him.

I've been pretty consistent in my beliefs that I have no idea. I haven't had the time to stay educated. What I didn't like those the time that I had the media I was bigger circus as anything any president has ever done go to are bad

When I try to dial in that channel usually on my smartphone news feeds or what not felt more like I was reading the script for a soap opera then see much relevant than anything relevant to me or to the average person

Maybe that's my mistake go because I don't assume the average person is going to drink bleach

Or sticker UV bulb up their ass

The main thing is left me wondering though is with all the focus on every gas and everything that could be interpreted as a gas well what was passed and why was there more focus on every possible yeah and then what was actually changes to law?

A Minnesota senator for state senate caught my attention even as a Republican which I can't say many really have in the past that's Scott Jensen. I heard him say something I don't think any I've ever heard any politicians say other than him I think the American people or the Minnesota citizens need this information to be able to make informed decisions.

Like with most things at the moment I can't follow that as close as I'd like.I am in a state of utter terror where there is no right move everything is perilous because none of my rights have been respected law has not been applied equally

although I did catch that Elon Musk wasn't too thrilled about how tests were working like he had every other test showing positive or negative I can't remember the exact details. I also can't remember off the top of my head Elon has an actual engineering degree or not I seen her a call that his dad does or maybe it was his mom but on the flip side of that we've got Bill Gates who is no doubt a competent businessman but every degree he has is honorary. 

I don't doubt Corona or covid-19 is real that's not a question in my mind. What I do doubt is the severity what I seriously question is why is Walmart allowed open?how can they possibly be sanitizing things I mean it says it in the parking lot but I know from having looked into things for other reasons like how to clean mold off of the things random reading from even before that on medical text medical ideas concepts best way to put it is let's use children's hospital as an example. As sad as this sounds as far as I know there's literally limits on if you can bring a rules on if you can bring a blanket or a stuffed animal to your sick kid. I seem to recall they would prefer you buy it at the gift shop and that's mainly because a lot of fabric things cannot be sanitized to the extent that they won't pose a threat to the phaeacians?

so another works at Walmart if they're spraying shelves down it's kind of all for nothing because this virus has a long life outside the body I believe it's two weeks if I recall correctly or if I read correctly the first time if the information was correct the first time. That's supposedly less on porous objects that time span is long that's why it's part of why it's a problem. so let's say it have that on porous fabric objects you still have a situation there where say you pick up a pillow at Walmart and don't pay for it you put it back at the register you know damn well that wasn't sanitized. Anything with cardboard arcade board packaging surely isn't getting sprayed down. But there are alternatives that could attempt to do some of this and probably with less man hours but they don't seem at all interested in them that strikes me as incredibly odd.

Almost as odd as at first they closed down one of the entrance exit doors that of the standard to on East or actually I guess it's probably three cuz lawn and garden center but usually don't consider that one as a customer or I don't anyway. But it was down to one entrance everywhere from the looks of it. Auton Walmart's part because I can get free security camera software that's capable of counting how many people are in a frame or how many people pass through a frame and keeping that tally but the only reason I could see that they were down to one door was to keep a tally of how many people in the square in the store at any given time. Which is still a pretty pathetic reason because I'm sure there's other solutions for this but and I'm not sure how the licensing works but off the top of my head Google docs Google sheets the all the Google products sheets happens to be the Excel equivalent but they all allow a real-time collaboration so what I'm getting at is employees already have a smartphone they have Android scanners PDA inventory updaters nowespecially if those are running Android and even if Google the licensing wouldn't work there are alternative but that that's a free or free isn't the word ready to go solution that would have allowed two doors to keep track by pressing a macro button or a predefined function button real-time keep a tally of in and out even without the smart camera without the DVR software for the cameras that could do that. I actually have well I can't even applaud them actually because at the same time it's just recently that second door open back up from what I can see. So what did they save $70 a day not paying that person minimum wage that would normally watch the second door?


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