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Friday, January 1, 2021

Stagnant to backwards sliding law

 As I've been trying to familiarize myself with legal concepts I've noticed something. More and more States have PR campaigns where the state protects you but the law does no such thing and the states is quick to strip you of rights to even own a weapon in Minnesota even on hearsay. Meanwhile the state or its agents AKA The Police have no actual legal obligation to protect you and 911 usually doesn't respond quick enough to stop someone intent on harming you. Fortunately most people aren't out to get you so this doesn't actually happen that often. Perhaps a better way to say it would be most people won't experience the need for 911 to show up before someone has murdered them. there's a lot of people who make money off of scaring you into thinking that someone is highly likely to do a home invasion where they want you dead. They then blurred the line with your professional burglars.

Who very well might bust into  your home while you're still there.

Usually the last thing they want is to find you there. Most of the time if this happens it was probably on your day off. In other words professionals are known to case a Target. They don't want you they want your property they want the value that reselling it brings

But I've noticed that less and less are police pointing this out. I think what's happened is on some levels they've adapted the same tactics. As in anything we can to drive the demand for more people employed and funding for more promotions. Police playing fear to drive the demand for more police. Possibly at least creating the crimes

Meanwhile States seem to be circumventing the need for criminal standards of Justice by making civil court or extensions thereof able to create Express passes to prison. You have hearsay as a standard you might not even need to be present for this to be levelled against you and all the sudden you're facing criminal charges for violating the civil order and no one to criminal standards ever evaluated if that order was just. 

For as muchs ** as California gets they're the only ones that I've seen innovate anything  anything in the legal system pro citizen. What I uncovered was in some cases the criminal court will launch a civil case on behalf of the person harmed.

Of course this could just be on paper and not actually happening. It's pretty depressing either way

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