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Systemic Sexism in MN


Financial incentives through federal government funds

Worse yet nothing legally obligates police to take a report let alone act on or ivestigate one. 

Obviously doing an investigation on every report would not be cost-effective. 

But Nothing about a report mandates and investigation. 

 Downsides? Perspective dependent. Non-gendered citizen:

victims of a serial killer might go never closed or linked/unsolved

Adding gender:

  more related side effect would be statistics on violence against men might end up severely under documented. Or you might end up justifying the one-sided plight seen above

From the state perspective or individual department I can foresee the issue that if you have that data set one can more easily conclude if you discriminate against any demographic in investigation and or acting or actually enforcing 

This presents a major conflict of interest what state funding is in any part based on programs that only target the freedom of men and police are free as they will to take or not take a report that might justify that or dispute its efficacy.

Though I doubt it will it should at very least call into question the legitimacy of any research paper that uses police reports as a data source.

Computer science has a saying garbage in garbage out. As in the following good cold with garbage data produces garbage out, garbage code with good data produces garbage out, garbage data garbage code produces garbage out, only good code and good data does not produce garbage out as a result or conclusion. I would hate to be the fool that argues that data science or computer science isn't relevant.

im very unsure of how legally relevant or cross connectable it would be I'm pretty sure I recall there was a suit against the state for not publishing the breathalyzer source code. The reasoning there stands to be alone what I just described even if the sensor reading one's blood alcohol content from their breath is extremely accurate the code that interprets that signal sent from it plays a huge role in the outcome. When we make laws based on potentially faulty data sets that's not much different. Although that assumes that was the reason for the law it could be much darker than that and entirely about financial incentive. I doubt I'll live long enough to see anything either way

In selective enforcement Maple Grove Police have already managed to slip into robes and impose a potentially life time sentence based on hearsay. MN 4th district was just insult on injury

I've personally experienced refusal to allow items on a report along the lines described above.

Why is ofp particularly bad law

MN will likely claim it's been de gendered. Which may be true except one would probably have to look at how often it's enforced in male on male, f on m, m on f , f on f. The federal funding is probably only there f on m and I'd bet that's where you see the arrests/enforcement.

That said it strips rights based on hearsay regardless of gender.

It also creates a path to criminal conviction with civil standards of evidence

Furthermore in researching the basis for law over a free society I've come across two interrelated notions : vengeance should not drive the sentence or the trial, why produces order by offering an alternative to vengeance for justice.

In other words governments seemingly scratching their heads over why people are shooting up masses strangers... Can probably paint a causal picture without even involving psychology

When the power of government has incentive to be applied in equally and or with discrimination to demographic it's probably worse than not acting at all.


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