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Tax dollars and success

 I was reading about a team at a university studying the recent nine hundred and some megahertz signal we picked up from our closest neighbor as a star. Or at least we're trying to determine where it came from.

It was mentioning the leader was some grad student and I got to thinking you know I bet the odds that she's made enough money on her own to do the things I've done or even taught herself the things I have without having the education in it. I don't care about her gender there it just the leader happened to be female. It might matter because abuse has taken more seriously but that's the only relevant part in fact I've seen police in Maple Grove let parents get away with strangling their 18 year old daughter.

But I don't see very good odds you can get to that position regardless of you gender when someone can repeatedly steal felony amount from you claims to own you stalks you has physically assaulted you and is able to get you labeled the abuser. I'm now automatically disqualified from anything that requires a security clearance despite the fact I haven't laid a hand on either of my parents. The police helped them to steal 6300 and services and all the stuff I worked for my personal property about $43,000

I'm about to lose my ham radio license because I can't renew it

I bought an oscilloscope with part of my tax return in 2017 well living in St cloud

2018 my parents make sure it and everything I ever bought is covered in mold make me sick with it demanded that I work minimum wage and no better or they'll take him in the car away now that they put me in this place and force me to work for no pay for 9 months making me even sicker

Maple Grove Police support slavery felony-level theft murder and abuse

Maple Grove Minnesota if you like incest abuse and murder Maple Grove police are here to help just give the Maple Grove PD a call anytime

If you really need to kick it up a notch ask for sergeant Hansen no qualms about hearsay about 3 to 5 day abductions under the threat of comply or force will be used and illegal searches

After he robs you blind and won't allow reports of subsequent thefts he will tell you that he's not going to contact the people that claim to own you

maybe it's about time that if we allow police to skirt laws on probable cause for engagement search and detainment...

If we allow them to use mental health Care as a means of detatainment hiring include a psych eval?

The George Floyd event in Minneapolis produced a few federal government documents on one of which it indicates that police culture basically looks down on mental illness. I think we start to describe narcissist when there's no indication they've been cleared of mental illness through standard means. Especially when we give them power over others...

It's not a situation safe for a free people

Unless it's like hey this population is free and baby is there is like free I'll take it

The federal government would lead you to believe they scratch their heads as to why it's so hard to implement lasting changes in police forces

But we've known in terms of negative consequence that if none exist or is perceived to rarely apply then f***** up people will do bad things especially from a position of power

Police in Minnesota are rarely tried for outright killing someone before trial

Police aren't supposed to be judge jury and executioner. Separation of powers is a tenant of Justice. Have you ever tried to appeal a murder?

How about if you end up with a stroke because of police actions? Does it get easier to find a lawyer to try to seek Justice in the civil world?


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