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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Tech and psychology and propaganda

 To me the most telling thing or indicator we have a problem is the pervasive seemingly from nowhere logic list belief that you should discredit someone for comparing something to the Nazis

My questioned anyone doing that is did propaganda go away?

Is private or corporate media any less likely to use applied psychology that borders on propaganda then the government would be?

Is it possible that in the years since world war II all aspects of psychology have been refined and bettered?

Some people might not have thought out why this isn't okay I challenge anyone who has used that or uses it frequently to make a logical argument as to why that comparison to the Nazis is invalid and or makes the person look foolish can you do it without emotional argument?

It seems to me to be the equivalent of somebody online said it was bad to do that so how what a fool you are

And then it relies on her psychology to Bosch the person over the head instead of having any form of discourse or debate

The thing about arguing along the lines of emotion and things like something is distasteful  you're entitled to your opinions but those opinions could quite possibly be that peasants being alive puts a bad taste in your mouth.

That sort of argument is subjective. To me people robbing other people puts a bad taste in my mouth but you might get off on the robbing people. Maybe not robbing them puts a bad taste in your mouth .

 or put another waybad taste is rather subjective

That's actually the problem with most emotional arguments the second problem tends to be that emotions are misled easily

Somebody I've known since high school hit a dangerous nail on the head with a Facebook post only if she lauded it labeling at the new age in mediashe was impressed with how the coverage on stories evolve so quickly and was so consistent. That's part of 4G and 5G

Used to be you needed a satellite truck

It's also part of how many people have phones on them with the same network connections

The problem is there's been massive actions to try to make the web one way like television.

If you accept private corporations either on their own or acting with government or government on its own any combination thereof might implement propaganda and applied psychology techniques towards interest other than those of its people..

Velocity becomes how quick you can terrorize and spread propaganda. We are hearing a lot about how we need to censor the average Joe or Jill

What I think is absent from that is any determinant criteria for truthfulness

well at the same time we seem to have the assumption powers-that-be want to do this that's the most dangerous thing I can see

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