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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Terror overload and conditioning... Predatory States

 This is by no means unique to be in The offspring of a narcissistic or sociopathic parent. In fact The usual suspects have off and on and more recently been covering how this works in the context of men doing it to women whether the genders are stated or not. I haven't heard it used by those sources with cluster B labels applied but in several others it can be found.

It is also noted in some let's call it self disclosed forms where people talk about when they want to terrorize someone this is what they do

what it comes down to is change is not easy for anyone that is part of the human condition. We know a bit better than that now we know that the ability to change as far as the brain is concerned it's called neuroplasticity. Factors that influence that include diet. That's not a all-inclusive list age also plays a role but last I saw it's not as we once thought where things are finalized or mainly finalized by any certain age a lot of it has to do with diet exercise and willingness to try. Turns out an old dog new tricks is not an impossibility but that's not really what I wanted to discuss here.

The terror method is or every change you can as often as you can.

This creates a neurocognitive load at the very least. Certain variables are required to maintained for survival. This might vary by region as well. An example is certain times of the year in Minnesota survival time might be as little as 10 minutes if one finds themselves outside. This not only creates the load of having to reason out and reprioritize but it likely produces quite a bit of anxiety as I've been experiencing Non-Stop.

If one has ability to violate law either explicitly or due to selective enforcement they have an unprecedented position of power over the other.

But as police policy in any given department is usually / department and not necessarily transparent also as admission to policies that might violate the law of the Constitution ethics in general would probably percent the liability it's unlikely we see this changing. In the meantime not only is a terror it produces the state of slavery

I think the sickest  part is the shift towards addressing the rights of groups or demographics individually and making them different is likely to liberate women from this well before men or even either gender of child from their parents doing this. It's well over a hundred years old. What's it? Sigmund Freud describing what narcissistic parents would do to their children.

Why I find this so disgusting is despite women having the anatomy to bring a fetus to term; little to nothing else has shown any inherent features that make them any better or worse at parenting than men.

The system that generally favors women or paints them as the eternal victim ends up putting the mother before the child when the mother might be the abuser to the child.

In adulthood anyone who can repeatedly steal even felony amount s probably can impair your ability to escape them. But this seems pretty lost on Maple Grove Policebut this seems pretty lost on Maple Grove Police.

It's almost as odd as a father who spent by my estates  25 years as vice president of SEIU local 284 claiming to own his son.in doing so refusing to acknowledge the value of labor. Or if confronted with history that puts that on the spot he will reinvent it

So will she

Both read and whitnessed it demonstratedthe police are trained to look for when a story changes. Which of course dependent on length of time and things I'm unaware if they would educate to this level but likely play as great role like level of stress and trauma...of course that's not the be-all-and-end-all of determining truthfulness. The problem I'm experiencing is if they act in a way that might leave them liable and you have a party for lack of a better phrase  out to get you....

You end up with the old issue of a horse and a water supply.

Willful dehydration?

But then Federal level violence against women law and associated monitary awards called grants

You start to paint the picture of purposeful dehydration. Even without the liability factor

All this could be ethical except in the current context it can't. Police are allowed to use centrifuge but we do a bit beyond that at least in Minnesota. We condition children to believe that officer friendly is there to catch the bad person and protect life .

A good lawyer will tell you never talk to police they're only there for case building regardless of what they appear or state they are there for. In fact there's a video on YouTube of a guest lecture at Harvard telling a class so soon to be lawyers never let your clients speak to the police. He backs it up by pointing something out, the police can never testify in your favor. The Miranda is a bit more literal than people realize. Can and or will be used against you also is an explicit can't be used to help you

If officer friendly sees more value in maybe you committed a crime well someone doing a less valuable crime like possibly killing you well nothing you say can help you if it said to a police officer. I'm unaware if they can testify as a person as a character witness. I somewhat doubt it would happen even if it's allowed.

Which ultimately adds to the terror. Especially when Minnesota has warped the boundary between civil and criminal with law like ofp

Tell me how can one hope to afford a defense let alone be able to make it to court if the party accusing them is also able to violate all levels of law against them? I've said in the past and feels like unless I could both learn to defecate legal tender out my sphincter and do so quicker than someone could steal it, or the required prerequisites for maintaining life and transportation I'll be stuck. 

truth of the matter is if no laws are enforced for one party; no matter how much you have someone can access your bank account to get rid of it

None of this proves of coordination between the district courts creating this and the police telling you everything is civil until they want to enforce something civil but that's not awful peculiar juxtaposition of events and I've done some searching to find out I'm not alone in experiencing it

the odds that in the same state different police departments on different dates would default to the exact line well trained to push something DV related instead...

Again not proof but awfully suspicious

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