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Terror employed by children's hospitals and clinics st. Paul

 No I don't care that I'm poisoning you it's your fault you're suffering because you won't get yet another test and actually I've decided you never got one so you're getting your first one.

to be clear and for purposes of making this appear on a search engine. The Marlene and question is Marlene Dorothy wuethrich cnnp children's St Paul. Part time murderer part time nurse practitioner. She endangers her own but will care for yours right ? Real question is one that I found hard to get a clear answer to what practices are in place with the electronic healthcare record systems to detect  let alone prevent read or write access 2 records that the employee isn't authorized to access? 

Never mind that the toxicity exist regardless of the test symptoms abated when the environment was exited illegal Acts to transfer the poison. Or that Marlene as a nurse practitioner understands that antibiotics are type of mold and was the one that determined I was allergic to amoxicillin which is part of the penicillin family. Penicillin and amoxicillin are so similar to aspergillus that under a microscope you can't determine which is which

It's unlikely they knew that when they stalled my compound miter saw my computer and my MIG welder I was halfway through modifying an air filter. Actually started Life as a floor dryer but that type of fan is ideal for pulling or pushing air through a filter. The scientific concept is static pressure. But in doing so they did in fact disable my ability to even have an air filter and about a month before had stolen what I needed to have a working vacuum without spending another $100 I don't have. I should not have had any of this and I still have it it is a threat to my life I do not have what I worked for I do not have what I learned since they're illegal lock change eviction I do not have three years of my life and I have to have been taken in a way that continue to rest how long I live the only way that fixes that is this stops and compensation.

Instead Minnesota courts have decided that if they do their first well sabotaging the car to make sure I can't make the f****** Court then I'm the abuser they can keep stealing terrorized stalking sabotaging and if twice she Marlene has twice assaulted me Paul once

Shame on you f****** in justices that's probably not your normal title.

In Minnesota incest appears to be the best slavery Is second.

it's worth pointing out that as a child I couldn't visit Marlene in the neonatal NICU. The patients are considered immunocompromised

the reality is somewhere in between because they haven't had time to develop an immune system yet. It's just as dangerous.

Aspergillus is known to really like cotton to the point that hospitals are worried even about people who come to visit their patients what that might do to the hospital

it appears the police and Maple Grove and the Hennepin county 4th district are entirely concerned about the image that they're keeping people safe and none of the realities

like they're helping a couple who endangered children for years on end kill their son while they literally claimed you own him

look the abuser who while being forced under various threats to labor and a hazardous environment decides to get innovative and convert a floor dryer into a HEPA filter vs the two-on-one that claim to be scared of him file an imminent domestic abuse claim and then for two weeks and seven times in the two weeks after end up in this parking lot a 45-minute by freeway drive this is f****** insanity this is lethal f****** insanity

If you're the type that thinks incest and everything between assults, stalking, triangulating, sabotaging and poisoning your children would be a good fit for your future 

Consider Hennepin county Minnesota or ideally Maple Grove Minnesota where Maple Grove PD will kindly lend a hand.

Law against nature to maintain power structures and cronyism on aplemty. What's not to like? Oh I almost forgot work for negative earnings. 

But expect your bonus to be accept death to murder in filth and isolation with a pstd therapy animal in the freezer. 

People of any moral fiber should avoid this state like the plague it is 


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