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Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968)

 This case makes the officers asking my dad if he thinks I would maybe have a weapon make a lot more sense. 

the upsetting part to me is this is a good 6 months after I attempted to inform them I have paul and marlene recorded admitting to falsafying police reports as weapon. 

the system is categorically broken if i understand this ruling correctly. moment they make it a detainment even unlawful orders have to be obeyed and challenged in court. 

if they order you away from all personal property for basic adult life and nothing else happens except they keep ording you away, thats bad enough. 

where its really broken is logic... but applied and when its terror is when they refuse to so much as "hey can you cut it out" and a 3rd party is then repeatedly stealing felony amounts and police wont so much as take a report but will order you away from even what may be a rent current place of living. 

ie its entirely possible to run out statues of limitations if not assist another party in starving someone to death to avoid even the possibility of liability because court isnt free even if you try to represent yourself. it still requires having enough stability to get there repeatedly on time and the time to do that. the resources to look presentable and cognitive function to present coherent stories, arguments, facts either to a lawyer or judge directly. 

theres a ton of evidence in the med/sci world that trauma and interruption of diet can prevent this. its not hard to see transport and free time is a factor of income and or savings and liquidate able assets either. 

mn has other processes like civil commitment and or 0 criteria on concern on execution 3-5 days detainment as well.

this system is either by intent or incompetence is set to hurt people. 

If in my case I didnt manage to get the ball rolling from vitual human trafficking conditions whos to say im not all the sudden arrested for claimed ofp violation hours before or even as I approached the court house? is there procedure public or otherwise for what happens then? 

with out attention to these details by law makers let alone the public, the system becomes capable of burying someone in time constraints and penalties that even those with huge amounts of disposable income would find taxing to navigate. even if this happened by dumb luck not malice. it would appear to be wide open for the later though. 

this round about penalizes having any ability to reason as well. its not exactly low anxiety. 

This ruling could work with a sane concept of justice. but not with out external audits or complaints departments able to limit the ability to repeatedly issue orders to leave public property while the other party steals felony amounts and or threatens the stolen and police assisted in holding property. esp when pets are involved. 

I didnt see them as property. in the context of if my statement or recognition of that could protect them, yes i would say that every time. I dont need to change the worlds or any portion of the pops views if theres a system of acomplishing the same as far as protecting who and what i care about esp if it/they have/has a heart beat. sadly this is now a case of had. 

funny how law can recognize the value of pets for therapy yet police can allow them seized and threatened while trying to paint cases you are unable to care for your self and or violent despite no previous indication of that. no consideration of the fact that through out the duration the invovled other parties 3x laid hands or made physical contact on me and now both pets are dead even the remains threatened... and words have been my responce yet ive been officially labled the abuser. 

you people (behind enforcing and creating/mom and dad) are disgusting abhorent examples of what id rather be dead than be. 

worse is the fact that id die after 3 years forced labor extreme emotion abuse some physical abuse, my mom taking "fuck you" as an excuse to what me to be her ear about her sex life while they took keys to trap me and make keeping any commitment impossible. the last woman to touch me was my mom trying to push me over the railing to their house. their massively moldy house where I realized by deduction what had made me sick... was right and professional confirmed it. 11 mo until it was delt with. false reports get me a detainment while the pro is doing the paid remediation work by a doc who wouldnt let me show him the email on my phone from the 11 month previously hired pro. I get out and sicko paul sends me a pic

I went from Hotel room where I worked silently all day to police enforced abduction. yeah im a bit concerned. note how im not bleeding from the corners of the eyes? this was 3 mo into illegal lock out. it all but completely stoped the first week at the/a hotel. which when a short stay cation turned into a police enforced lock out also became about 14 rooms, 3 cities, 5 hotels and a mental ward in 6 months. Bonnie (rabbit died a few weeks after the emergency medical hold)

I dont think i can express the true extent of how I believe officer hanson to be of less moral fiber  than a fraction of either of my pets turds. I think if he aspired to physically be worm food the world would be safer. id still say we should be concerned with the dirt and worms should his remains not be blasted at the sun. damn near abusive to be in his presence and at the moment he could shoot you and would be unlikely to face trial. in mpls get reported for excessive force 18 times and even at 19 you are called officer. Sargent hanson in maple grove refuses reports indicating others are beating you and helps destroy a year worth of an officers pay in assets while despite not using force on anyone officer abuse tries to label you violent. 

rorey... considered standing at the back of an imax theater as a side gig? that projection is almost 8k. note. you wont find an example where I haven't capitalized Bonny and Clyde. im not actually sure if hanson is spelled like that or predatoryshitfaceabusesfrombehindabadge. though spelling was never my strong suit. 

id put money on the bet that of maple grove police: sargent mmmbop, most likely to return victims to Jeffrey Dahmer

Clyde asleep at a pet friendly hotel. after Bonnie died paul threatened to put him in the clothes washing machine. note its not in rabbit psych to be calm in strange places with smells of predators. When I first got Clyde then Bonnie end of 2007 and 2008 one of the oddest things to me was id never see them sleep. pet friendly hotel from human perspective, oh good hes following rules. thats not the point. pray animal... pet friendly = smells of new predator every day. Neither of them needed the vet much. the few vets they saw over a decade plus, with out fail this or similar was a comment "I've never seen such relaxed and calm rabbits" 

after this photo was taken I went back to working on a clients new webserver, i heard a thunk. Clyde tried to roll over to sun the other side and ended up on the floor. A rabbit needs very little sleep even if its ideal for their life span to be able to get it. whats sure to end it is being asleep at the wrong time. 

i screamed 2x writing this I have full blown pstd again. what doesnt fix this is court orders to give sicko claiming to own me and sicko np mother exploiting medical knowlege and ethics to try to punish me for their mistake with their house the full extent of her promise by court ordering consoling. 

if the fellony level thefts, abuse battery, forced labor and conditions bordering on human trafficing and in her own recorded and posted back (in date) on this blog site....

police force unlawful life endangering control court orders more control is not an ok solution . me dead is also not ok. i might let that murder come to be with out attempting to take anyone involved out. i dont want to hurt anyone. I think if someone is trying to kill you and law refuses to act but to protect their ability to do so moral is no longer aligned with legal and killing is still wrong but be killed or apply force up to and possibly leading to..;. it could happen. 

people have taken out dozens of strangers for less. if we refuse to realize that connection its never goiing to stop. 

police murdering through starvation while taunting abuse victims...police traumatizing and a lot of evidence points to pstd being brain damage. the neuroplaticity needed for prosparity let alone overcoming it and healing is influenced by food i cant cook in an empty apt devoid of over a decade of my things aquired in various previous apts. healing let alone adaptation i not possible here. 

police help parents murder adult son after forcing labor and human trafficking. police helped same parents steal adult sons bike like fucked up never grown up but given badges instead of psych eval bullies. 

all in a days work for maple grove pd. 
hennepin county district has their back. 

ive been starved to the point that either sarcastically or just out of a desire for any form of justice... I truly think we could feed the poor if 911 was made into a pork rib delivery service. between Tupacs guide to evaluating cuts of pork and the Dohner-Party-Cookbook.pdf it shouldnt be hard to implement. 

2017 apt (above) 
(shit im blowing out after 9 mo forced labor on moldy car in 2019, ) 

yesterdays fungal sinus and scalp surprise. hannarobi say scalp for a scalp right? im worried trying to take the sinuses , ice pick labotimies have been a thing but if this were the justice system applied im not sure rorey could stand to lose any. 

i was frequently informed paul and marlene give me enough, maybe i insist its enough where you share some of it. 

note the squint. this and double eyed blinks are how cats say "i love you". This was the day before Cosmos died in 2017. I had barely seen him in the 4 years leading up. I was working on trying to get somewhere decent and or where i should be in life. 

by no means will maple grove pd allow that.  I think i found a way to take everything from an officer at least for a few hrs. could work...isnt 20 bucks but wouldnt break the bank either. 

funny thing about the court decision in the title and the lack of logical consideration on mn officials parts.

it makes wiping people out more achievable for cheaper and or more probable than seeing justice while someone wipes you out. 

im reasonably sure i can not just make a 10 to 20 dollar device that can be placed on a car to cause a RUD with a week of stand by not much bigger than a pack of gum... not just make, i might nto make it maybe... but what i would have no qualms doing is making step by step plans public

ive found legal texts indicating law once knew that by creating a system to provide punishment for wrongs order was created by minimizing vigilante justice. 

we seem to be headed at a system so good at pr it can spin off what causes the masses shot. i dont want to hurt anyone i want to be able to keep anything i worked for and not keep the non existant life expetancy this has created. pretty cool compromize if the system insists i get abusive chose and trauma till the end, enable really bad bar shots usually served by the IRA on 21st birthdays. the type that leave smoldering intestines like a burnt out haulk of a car. system wont let me be the change i want to see, maybe the answer is leave the chaos that forces the need. 

its not hard. actually the losses are the hardest thing ive ever dealt with. what isnt hard is gaining an animals respect and trust. you learn what you can about what we know about how their species interacts and communicates/their species social policies. you reward good behavior more than you punish bad and otherwise respect their basic desires while meeting their needs. pay attention to them in a way that respects them. Both Bonnie and Clyde would run to me if scared. this was even during the period i rented a house in fargo with a fenced back yard. aka no leash outside and they chose you when frightened. thats not something just feeding creates or that you can abuse into a creature. 

this was shortly before the mold transfered after Cosmos (cat) died. 

this was the pic i was sent by my dad the day I got out of the mental ward. aka "look what i can do to you" (above)

right before forced lease in town and apt they picked starts bellow happens. thats snow blowing through the vents.


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