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Friday, January 8, 2021

The cool thing about spontainously disasembling cars

 with a flyback is the transistor is on the low side. the more i think about it the more i think it just works off a logic level n fet.


probably the coolest thing about turning a car into a fire ball is unlike the auto turret theres no need to construct a frame with axises of motion. 

in fact trying to compute the induced motion of x fragments would probably be a hell of a challenge :D.

 Trying to do it with any accuracy probably requires xrays first. Have no fear a neon transformer and vacuum tube can do that. Even out side an officers window. fun thing about when laws create injustice and try to reframe harm and violence to cave men fisticufs. a readily available vacuum tube can be rigged to give someone termination of alive in a way non pleasant manor. 

hotel after right before the last day.

I dont want to hurt anyone. I want a chance to recover and live my life. the people doing this literally claim to own me. short of that If im going to die a horible death...well..

apt before vs current apt

shortly after arriving at current torture cell. infact while he was still alive it was home for a brief moment. 
air conditioning grill of current apt. this started during the 9mo forced labor on mold car. 

current apt/flat/torture cell

 closer to how i look now. I was starved 30 days in 2019 while having to deal with the car paul contaimnated then made wet on purpose to turn his mold into a bio weapon. this is police assisted robbery poisoning assault and theft of services. police assisted conspiracy to use legal system to harm. clyde is in the freezer, other wise the kitchen is basicly empty devoid of my cookwear i have the bed he died on and 3 shity folding tables. he lost the ability to walk shortly after the last day at the hotel.

police came with my dad to the hotel to make me surrender the rental car key then arived at the 8043lanewood residence and prevented me from even having clydes cage. I think they were told in the beging i had never left home. I lived in fargo for like 8 years then in st cloud. when i moved back in it was because my parents house had contaimnated my apt (unknown at the time) when cosmos cat got sick. when i moved back in (jan 2018) marlene said she was my landlord. They demanded to accepted 6.3k in services over 8mo before maple grove police helped take everything and evict with a lock change.

under trim in mold car the white and black spread to my scalp clothes and apt.

Metal tanks probably come apart where there are flaws in the metal at a microscopic level and everything around it does about the same. A healthy dose of mythbusters as a teen says you could probably leave the car intact and render the occupancy mitigated if you can get a big enough pressure wave. Buster took 6 or 8 g at the heart... i cant recall for sure. Also, RIP Grant.

Ford is either using a plastic i discussed elsewhere or zinc nickle plated steel. Id have to look into it a bit more but if a metal tank has any potential at high voltage to spark from edy currents the device can be made half complexity and part list. 

  • two 18650 cells
  • esp32
  • 2x n channel mosfet
  • 2x flyback transformer
  • 2x lengths of 2 pieces of hv wire
  • either gun powder or something similar
  • metal plate
  • jb weld putty 
id do it in a time delay two activation pulse sequence dependent on material its attached to. this avoids simply making the street wet. 

the 18650 cells are named for their dimensions. 18mm x 65mm. ever try to look for something black with no lights and 40mm x 65 on the bottom of a car? The esp 32 has a 0.027a sleep mode. Last i checked the largest capacity 18650 cells offered 3.5ah of capacity

as this is an aplication where you never expect to reuse the 18650 cells any saftey cut to prevent dendrite formation could be removed. the esp32 only needs 3.3v. there would be a choice to make. Series and drop 7v down or parallel. ill have to think that over a bit. 

funny thing is when paul stole my compound miter saw, mig welder and desktop computer (a crime the police wont allow reported) from the garage of this apt in april 2020. he left the abrasive cut off saw. 
A piece of metal would be required to deflect any energy in the proper direction pre boom 

Right before that and filing for the ofps he was up here to take my ID and a felony amount from a car. I have been to court so few times in 32 years that one hand has fingers left over counting them. Not sure if family court requires an ID at the entrance but if so I not only was with out a car but that would have prevented appearance doubly so. 

I think at some level the powers that be are aware of how sick this system is set. The research was long ago indicating that treating people like this produces elevated mass violence. if any given law maker knows that or not its hard to say. its the ultimate in cowardice though. to be clear: not the violence, this system. second is taking it out on strangers. what makes it so is the abstraction and gaslight layers.

if any maple grove police want to volunteer to randomly test the device above it ill consider it debt paid.  Maybe the mayor that cant be bothered to answer emails? (even pre covid)



we have a pop so out of tune with the basic human condition that police contribute to torture conditions against law and while insisting on lies to protect their promotion paths. 

while our people starve and wed rather "feed starving russian jews" on infomercials than confront the issues. 

we take people with some level of function to functional people and allow the system in error or malice to beat them down till they are dead or slaves to the system. this isnt survival of the fitest its survival of the fucktist. It makes Hitlers youth look like girl scouts even if the brownie sawed off your leg to sell to the neighbor for a fund raiser.  

funniest bit is i have everything on the list above except the hv wire. wonder how expensive it is to check something like 100 cars a day for n days.

if anyone less struck by someone claiming to own you having police assistance in assulting and poisoning you wanted to implement this... 

the esp32 is available as a single chip now 


not sure if the antenna balm is integrated but thats not a huge biggie either way. a pcb to do everything required as a single function could be absolutely tiny at a dollar a chip it doesnt break the bank either. 

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