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Friday, January 29, 2021

The cowardly predatory state and its agents

 Esoteric criteria for how laws are enforced

Bait and switch in both laws on the books and enforcement based on who is claiming to have been wrong Ed

Ignoring science medical science well-founded based medical science and creating situations likely to create mental instability to illness likely to harm shorten the lifespan or kill a citizen and how laws are enforced

You should have known better even though it wasn't written

They keep enforcing it but remain silent

You will be judged heavily on if you speak words angry against the enforcers even though their actions don't merit the respect they demand.

you will be judged heavily for words or alleged words against someone killing you.

They might not be judged at all.

you have to both the state and the federal above it claimed that where land of equal people.

One way to tell a predator a narcissistic sociopath is how often their words don't line up with their actions.

One cannot do this black and white based on a 0 or a 1 or 2 sample set

To err is human

Out of a hundred it seems the states  words and actions line up one or two times

For example a doctor literally refusing to be allowed to present evidence that something is not a delusion. Evidence from a relevant expert and stated as such in the form of an email communication diagnosis something delusional on a hold against law forced by police against law

the science says if you didn't have a person with a mental condition and separate them from any ability to even prepare a healthy meal well the studies Minnesota did indicate even for a neurotypical person that is an incredible risk both mentally and physically but those studies indicated in case of mental illness it might not ever be ethical to Medicaid without addressing dietary deficiencies.

yet especially the Maple Grove Police will make sure you starve well tens of thousands of dollars or more of your property is being destroyed including your kitchen stuff

Well doing so they will remind you that you might need another mental evaluation or ask you if you're not taking any prescribed medications

Officers like this don't deserve that title they are killers they are predators

States like this shouldn't be.

But they Bank on things like you keep something like 50% of the population okay with it or in just good enough condition but they won't speak out because either they're too busy to realize or too scared to lose what they have

I think it can be argued Bill Cosby's actions are more ethical that's only against one person at a time

Is that offencive?

how about cardi B?

He wasn't even homeless it was an interpretive theater act describing state of Minnesotas ethics through play. /S

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