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Blowing up squad cars. Can we make words more serious than slavery?

Ask my friend Tanner if that's all right and Tanner is that right?

No Tanner here.

 Hell it's been 4 years since I've even been out in the sunlight

funny thing about when police help someone repeatedly steal felony amounts while threatening it 40 Grand your animals everything they can funny what that does to your ability to control your time turn ability to organize any sort of plan

Violence is incredibly easy in comparison to police assisting someone who terrorizes you by every definition of the word physical assault felony levels forgery s*** like letting the air out of the back passenger tire and then taping over the f****** dash light

Yep that's truck Paul's modus operandi all over it

The five years that I quoted above is the 2013 or 14 event. About six months and they made it a year before I have any of my things back except I made sure I got my kitchen when I left their house that time. They literally exploded a concussion and how hard I worked they did everything they could to keep me from remembering I can hate you sick nasty assholes

Melanie. god dammit Google. Felony. Transcribe keyboard. i speelz guud. My thumb's also need Jenny Craig.

 The wonderful thing about when police help beat you to a pulp (figuratively speaking) is how much easier it becomes to correct your spelling and grammar. The wonderful thing about the written word is you could totally hear my sarcasm there right? On and off note, I just realized synesthesia is kind of a human function. You might be doing it right now that little voice in your head but you're reading this in. 

Kind of important because I would bet conditions like schizophrenia are either toxins or just inefficiency at processing whatever they need to inhibit pattern recognition plus ample keeping f*** foles of abuse. But maybe it can happen without that well hell everybody but the doctor might as well be because there's not really anyone checking on his diagnosis or hers I digress. But political prisoner we wanted to diagnose that with the medical world would we? Lifetime profits supply and people in the medical world that are into the sick ship but Marlene is always having easy right off

It's even easier if the person isn't strong in the mind. I don't want to say week cuz I have a feeling some of the people that get stuck in those mental wards.. 

Well.. I have a feeling a lot of the police should be in prison. Back on track...

When you're at 3 years of malnutrition actually more like 5 because of how hard I was working before and how little time I had to prepare meals cognition should be impaired. This isn't a tough concept.

Unless you're the u of m Riverside in partnership with Fairview and employee mallard ducks. I'm going to have to assume that's what MD on the badge meant. There's enough drama in my life right now without the reality that that's how corrupt the system is. I'm sure someone could misconstrue this and circle jerk a claim that I seeing myself as some sort of superior but really I'm not.

If wanting objective criteria and extra testimony recognized before a diagnosis is trying to play the expert then we've already lost all her rights.

Funny thing how literally years of human trafficking and forced labor. none of that contributes to image. In the form of physical appearance hygiene.

 Funny how Justice  thafor newa breif moment maybe saw truth similar to the scientific method the realization that appearances lie.  But then came budgets. And Sigmund Freud's nephew to further the work of all the propagandists before him.

But if we don't want to make it his story we could thank Anna Freud

 And while we're in that neck of the woods maybe we could look at the accomplishments of a pollock in France but nah work too busy playing gender to circumvent probable cause search and seizure any rights remaining under the literal not even Scarlet letter but Boogeyman I'll give you a hint it's got a penis and if you can attach to it there's money in them there arrests and forced re-education in a manner that might as well be clockwork Orange. But unlike clockwork Orange I'd wager most of the men that end up stuck in this or stuck in a cell for it haven't done anything that she didn't do to him probably some nothing at all

Justice was a tree in the forest...

FBI statistics and some lawyers will tell you how it is. 99% of domestic violence is allowed argument. Sometimes it might be the TV and the neighbors misunderstood and called it in

We are getting rid of protections for Boogeyman we are arresting half the population because their gender is targeted systemically.

Meanwhile in a nod to Orwell the education children and young adults in college recruiting never fills in what system is or means. But We made sexism one-sided and we'll tell them it's systemic.

Give it 10 years he'll probably even more like 5
This generation won't care that doors get kicked down without warrants.

Or realize things like anything other than black and white

The FBI stats show that cases requiring hospitalization still pretty much split down the middle gender-wise

Here's one thing they missed and Minnesota appears willfully ignorant of

Police filter reports

My mom slammed a car door on me while I was sitting for asking her to back off while she kept approaching well talking will trying to tell me I was crazy

Or rather I don't want to sound crazy as what she was saying so it was a veiled threat.

There was no reason to shut or touch the car door but when I asked her to back off she decides she's going to slam it shut with my leg the would-be victim

more intense than that she outright tried to push me over the railing to their basement

When I slowly walked us away from the potentially lethal situation she called out you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out of it Paul call the police

Neither of those is indicated as statistics of women being violence against men yet what was attempted murder is indicated as me having gotten aggressive and decided to shove her. The total falsification. When the shelving started she had around to get in front of me to block me from opening a closet door she pushed me back with my body I came back forward but then I realized hey I don't want to fight with my mom this is f***** up. Except she didn't stop pushing even when I backed up

The nature of that hallway that then put my back against the railing for the basement and she kept pushing



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