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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Us issues



And if they don't kill you directly.

End your family line leave you in poverty to die

Heaven forbid a third parties trying to f*** you up and they f******


If they're doing the forensics it's quite possible they feel a lot more the FBI doesn't seem to give a s*** no one watches them. No one oversees the state police except themselves there's not even consistent policy within a state let alone State looking down on them or federal on the state

But if you do back if you post you can find stuff lake Minnesota planning on how it's going to stop more violence against women

well if psychology's right and or my read on it's right you don't stop violence against women you teach parents how to care for the children and you end that

The danger here is anytime you would just lie apply force be excessive or state prison Injustice breeds contempt contempt breeds violence

or just bodies like mine I don't have a comfortable place I don't even have a clean place I've been terrorized for three years for maybe I don't even know anymore I don't even have a place to write it down besides here typing him this little f****** phone

The police are literally blocking access to the justice system

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