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The risk beyond social colapse

 You have been primed to prevent rebuilding. If you have kids they have it 10x worse. 

That how incrementalists work. That and social wedges. Divide into fractions put fractions at war and destroy communications isn't all. It's corrupt thought processes as well. Destroy reason

The tendency for the media to deliver half messages to prime your concience with normalized NPD and things like slippery slope is a falicy.  It can be a  fallacy. Just like appeal to authority. But neither is always a fallacy

The point behind appeal to authority being one is deeply important. Pointing at a nametag with a label like PhD on it does not actually build a logical justification for why something is. It's also an easy way to attempt to fool the public if you either print the name badge or pay the person who actually has the accreditation but pay them to be your mouthpiece. I won't discuss the willingness of others to be codpieces.

If you want somebody I assume would has earned accreditation and expertise in that field contact Maple Grove Police department and ask for sergeant hansen.

It's disgusting but it's also brilliant (the potential plot, I'm not judging  Roreys preformance or anyone's , live and let live)

. If someone goes full blow cluster b (any of the labels) splitting becomes that self imposed alpha beta probably works in favor of the architect or craft persons desire as well . 

Forced diachoromy means you believe you are to alapha and u follow the rules of da man so they won't touch you.

There's a big if involved with what I'm about to say. The point is black and white is retarded. Go ahead I'm not typing this on a PC lecture me about it demonstrate parts of my point.

If the Georgia guidestones are the reference number. you better be 6.66 of humanity or u won't make the cut. 

Which is utter nastyness and destruction. Because there are people smart enough to figure out another half-truth or short-term truth. That one is taking out people that are smarter than you.. locally in for a short time might benefit you but as it comes to survival of the species or betterment of life for all fuck you.

Here's another hint it's coming though or might be the one of multiple plans that people like that likely have.

Look at how many of the ultra elite are pushing for things like burie and forget nuclear reactors. That's how you insure a survival compound remains powered

What I find incredibly heartbreaking regardless of Truth or truth value of the conspiracy there's been rumors circulating about nanobots in the vaccine.

Sometimes the same people telling you that will say they don't understand they see that it looks like something's about to happen but why would the rich want this most of them are so old they won't live to enjoy it.

Nano bots arnt evil nanobots are a tool like anything else

One particular use case for them is correcting errors in DNA.

If you have enough money you probably can now live forever

Which compounds a more in the light issue on the minds of many. .. juxtapose the concept with term limits or the old stepping on the young


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