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The Tuth About Dirty Bombs

 How often are houses up for sale gone through with a geiger counter?

I wonder if police and or the basic level Federal investigators are smart enough to know that the label from is smoke detector found near some sort of incendiary would be Bad news bears. 

if you look at some what recent history there's a curious case of a guy nicknamed the radioactive boy scout

From memory he was eventually pulled over with a self-assembled nuclear reactor in the trunk of his car

He volunteered this info to the police and a series of what the actual f*** do we do about this unfolded



Testing one two there we go

Sometimes Menards has ionizing smoke detectors for $4 a unit the peloton site is with metal casing probably about the size of well let's go with quarter-inch I would guess top of my head I haven't looked in a long time I'm not sure I ever actually read it but whatever

You might not even see like that would be the laziest possible way to do it if someone wanted a dirty bomb now if they stripped it out of there is what I'm getting at there might be no evidence it was involved

In such cases say it happens on a property that property sold what is the justice system done to the people who bought that and then ingested and die

We are creating systems that exist just to hurt people

Police don't tend to arrive quick enough to stop domestic violence 

Yet we make this gender discriminatory system that now toots itself as being anyone can apply I still haven't found the numbers for how often they're granted and subsequent arrest I would guess the females aren't arrested much.

So you might say maybe that's their actions are there they aren't violating. Yeah show me where science has ever suggested that level of dimorphism exists ?

What I've personally experienced though is my mom tried to kill me pushing me over a railing or rather attempted to push me over the railing repeatedly then when I did the adult thing with my back into far her stepping having stepped forward I couldn't go right or left when I slowly walked us away from the risk stopped and let go duct around the corner in case she wanted to hit

Within moments of starting the walk away from the death risk pretty much instantly you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out of it

If that doesn't sand tent or at least suggest it Amaya legends story I'll show you a sociopathic or narcissistic Court official officer got to hit this this is so sick

I'll have to come back to this or rather I'll try to

I'm more likely to end up dead. the odds of effort put into escape the situation given the total immunity to lie that Marlene and Paul seem demonstrated law to have and use

What isn't hard to do is to put in the effort to successfully do small to great bodily harm. it's no mystery why people shoot people and then shoot themselves. 

Before there was a justice system vigilante justice and vengeance crimes. They act like it's some mystery why people are doing this

To be honest someone stop this right now I would take everything I've written down. I don't need to inform anybody of anything what I need is to be able to eat right to be able to manage my time and my property to be able to deal with my dead friends Bonnie and Clyde rabbit to live up to the promises I worked my ass off to fulfill four other friends and associates only to have stuff they paid for taken away by Maple Grove Police helping Pauland Marlene

But just to show this isn't really intended as a threat but serious thought experiment in the beginning with how easy it is in cheap to make a dirty bomb

If for whatever reason from paranoid to you live in Columbine and in an alternate reality where the propane bombs went off..

Black electrical tape over a smartphone camera lens is a makeshift geiger counter

There's a problem here where alpha emitters probably won't get through it. Data X-ray and gamma though that's going straight through striking the imaging sensor and how that works is normally the photon hits the pixel and an electric charge is generated. Color is a pain in the ass without artifacts like the Barrett Bayer heroin filter I bear filter or a 3 sensor system and a prism but we don't need to go into that

Once you block the light from that sensor with a piece of electrical tape all but alpha can strike it and produce what will probably look like a snow storm on the black screen. I might go with China video and if your phone has a high speed like 60 frames a second that might be worth a try to if for whatever reason you suspect where you live and want to test it. The one caveat here is alpha emitters I'm not the expert here I used to know one but I don't think alpha emitters are going through that electrical tape. On the plus side they don't make it through your skin either but if they're in dust eating them or inhaling them is Major no bueno

Small limit but allows you to test for the most dangerous. And extremely cheap test.

If you watch news footage of Chernobyl or Fukushima you might see what I'm talking about when they send robotic cameras into the reactors

On the off-chance we end up society collapsing it's also worth considering Fukushima. What The walking Dead didn't show Fukushima did. That reactor is a us design. there will be variations based on what type it is but the two most common and pretty safe for all of them assume if you look at a map of reactors in the US if society falls apart you probably want to stay a hundred and fifty miles away from any of them


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