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Thursday, January 14, 2021

They said he didn't shed a tear while helping clean up James town


Obviously tongue in cheek

.if it were the case though that would be the demonstration of the shallow affect if I understand correctly

Which have seen Paul demonstrate nearly shedding a tear at how well I packed dishes during one apartment move. or could have been a crocodile tear but assuming that it wasn't how appropriate the emotion when you then starve your dog offspring for your mistakes with your house and your malice?


Even before I saw evidence or journal articles and research papers to block posts before I externally confirmed at all other people theorize that you essencein essence burn out when stuck between sociopaths narcissists are borderlines

I was self-aware enough to know that it started down that path

My parents would be going off on anything and everything they could and if they didn't have anything they'd make it up a lot of times I've tried to escape to a friend's after that and I'd be sitting there just numb overly conscious and numb as f***

I don't need a lifetime of medication I need laws respected equality under law so I have any ability to retain anything i earn 

Making someone self aware slave to a lifetime of appointments and medications well who are we let guarding the chicken coop or running the psych department?

worse yet depending on what you focus on when you're educating people intended on being in these positions

It's entirely possible to make them do harm without the realization

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