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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Third World Maple Grove Minnesota

 When Police dont care they got it wrong as far as reversing course if the party using them as weapons doesnt quit its other means of terror like felony level theft and threatening remains of pets. 

forced hazordous labor while sitting on ppe 

ensure infested conditions and starvation by not following your mission statement. Mgpd in a nutshell and city console plus the mayor gives -1 of a fuck. 

if it takes money and transport to attend a court case and defend yourself (civil) what do you think it takes to file a criminal complaint or civil/family court case?

meanwhile starvation and malnutrition can be causal in psychosis like symptoms immune disfunction/infection wining, diminished emotional inhibition, no normal or person with psych condition benefits yet psych ward and commitment are the silencers (aparently)

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