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Sunday, January 3, 2021

This is not ok

 I need to be able to get everything off the floor and or be able move

I need to be able to do something for me but they steal to make sure I'm at a loss dealing with their issues 

I can't even vacuum this is the fucking 3rd time they stole a vacuum 

They some how got into my garage let 10lbs out of passenger side tire and put Velcro over warning light.

I have no faith in humanity anymore. People have shot up places over a lot less than this. I'm not violent I want what I worked for and not their freaky pychopathic shit assult theft stalking and mold as a bio weapon

It's funny one should ever have to explain fair work shouldn't equal negative pay to Paul. But instead he claims to own me. Maple Grove Police support incest molesting assaulting murderers St cloud nail covers for them

Worth noting one of my aunts every family occasion as long as I've been alive as I have stories that someone comes into her apartment breaks things steals things moves things and few years back her car got stolen I've seen Paul and Marlene do everything she's claimed. If this is just them that's f***** up enough but it isn't just them it's the police enabling it by not allowing even reports of felony level crimes. It's the police creating a slavery situation I have no doubt that many officers if I took from them what they're taking from me would try to put a bullet in me 

I don't think this is likely in organizational thing but if it is it's really pathetic. It's really pathetic if it's just Marlene and Paul. Either way show me s*** or get off the pot you goddamn abominations

Destruction is about as much more accomplishment as thinking you're going to take a s*** and braiding about it.

Simply left to time most if not all things will be destroyed

People that get off on destruction are about as valuable as oh I don't know I think I left it in the toilet

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