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Sunday, January 17, 2021

This is so fucked

 2 years now Clyde ...Bonnie alone

While Sergeant SS Hanson the f****** f***** ass piece of s***Paul the pedo and Marlene Moralless Malice 

Through crimes of fellony level not allowed reported force conditions where I can't even have Bonnie and Clyde's favorite toy. But everyday I wake up and look at the freezer that's holding Clyde

Hey Sergeant bitch ass little fucking ass wipe you put people through  concentration camps you nasty abhorent subhuman piece of dreck

You The moldy car roof? I didn't see the badge I thought you were just playing SS not one question a f****** psychopath with a gun on their hip especially not one for the f****** retarded as you

Have you been to the proctologist yet for your psych eval? 

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