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I doubt  my opinion makes much difference but I don't think as it stands there is an ethical or even constitutional way to implement ofp law. Especially without someone monitoring if the police are denying access to even reports. They're not convicted of a crime it's a civil thing yet they're losing protections every other citizen has seems like we've created a different set or class of citizens with this and you can rob them you can have them thrown in jail on your whim all you have to do is make it to court first. And there's likely federal government money interesting only the men that have these applied to them

So it's not just likely to happen like out of the the officers mind or mindset of I have to protect the little woman even if it's 400 lb female sumo wrestler versus a little person with anorexia nervosa
 Employed  as a professional gamer.

I have a feeling the 40-lb professional gamer would go to jail on violation of mutual that person happened to be male and the sumo was female. Actually sure if you can be a female sumo wrestler but you get the point

I haven't uncovered exactly how the funds are distributed from federal to State and for what acts but the thing is Lefty comes up next to it quite a bit I would bet it's decently difficult to find if I had my desktop or even a proper place to sit and use my laptop I probably would have it already

But from what I can see we have police that are State framed for some coherent message because I've noted that other people in this state in other cities have been told the same thing about everything that should be up to felony-level criminal Acts especially with theft the police will tell them everything civil but that is also associated with the possibility that a situation might create an ofp

Some of what Maple Grove Police have done not only has and continues to endanger my life but has had this hinge of a feeling that if I didn't know any better they were trying to egg me on. Maybe I shouldn't know any better. Because that would definitely fit with the case building there. The problem ethically speaking when you're doing it to someone who for all you know is the victim you create a very like that's very very close to evil

They have had no interest in evidence that Paul and Marlene created false police reports As weapons or greatly exaggerated them as weapons. Conspiring to use the legal system to harm someone is supposed to be a crime as well

the thing is is the police today and the courts by extension have a lot of power it's not hard for them to hurt people if none of this is enforced that's exactly what they do they're supposed to be separate but it's like they figured out the most detrimental to the citizens way to employ the concept of separation of powers

I haven't had time to fully read this as I can't find my debit card at the moment which is the only form of payment I have I'm going insane because not only was I basically left for dead and that resulted in Clyde's death but felony-level theft since 2 times more than that 9 felony level threats that if I didn't do the work they wanted done even my other rabbit sashes were at risk

identified right away that was not safe for me I identified what would be needed to even have a shot that it wasn't a good thing to try to do it was not something I was qualified to do but you won't ask them to transfer the title they want to do it they're sitting on 43 grandeur wore every anything I've gotten back there make sure I don't have the budget clean it of their mold it's insane that use it like a bio-weapon. They got their house professionally remediated 11 months after it was confirmed three months after changing the lock 8 months after I move back in I have not had unfettered access since

I basically left with what was on my back for 2 weeks maximum at a hotel August 2018 I had my laptop because I had work to do.

Important conceptually though it's not much different than you leave your apartment or your house and then all the sudden you on nothing with no notice in the police assist in it then the police refuse to even while reports when the person who either your landlord or so whoever you are renting with they start stealing what you make since

This has some of what I was doing before and would have managed to do after which isn't much I had to contractual obligations I had obligations to people that were my social network my support network. I can't fault them they put money into things that I put the work in to Maple Grove Police helped Paul and Marlene take them away and or steal them even after giving some of it back or steal tools I would need to finish the work. Of those projects I would go into it with anyone in private videos of most of them are here but there's more to it than that there was more than that as well just if there's any value to retain from them I don't really want to describe what they are for anybody to take. It's not that any of them are brilliant either not usually where money is made actually but they all had demand for them some of them were paid for some of them were my idea I shouldn't have to describe any of this this is absolute insanity this is police in forced human trafficking slavery and I have recordings of Paul literally saying he owns me or he thinks he owns me but he says it has I own you then that was two times in the third time while playing his game of I'm going to pretend like I didn't understand the tents because I said he said not says so then the third time he says I didn't say I own you but I think I bought you

Dad I hate you you took everything I work for including my friends you made it so no one can depend on me and you violate the f****** lot to do it I detected the problem in your house it made me sick it was from your decisions when I was a minor you take everything from me for your decisions on your house you nasty f****** s*** head got f*** Google transcribe censoring god dammit. I had just turn that off and then I dropped my last phone I'm now on a prepaid phone with the postpaid SIM card stuck in so go back and do all the settings again..

some of them transfer some don't but I don't even have a place to write stuff down and keep it but I do have a place to keep it now but it's just ridiculous of the staffs it's included things like my garage door opener at one point so like oh he's kind of the garage but we make sure you can't get into it or has to go in unlock the door to the apartment unlock the door to the garage open the garage door put the key back in the ignition of the car start the car pull it in and then the neighbors remote started opening my garage because the door at the apartment they force the lease on is was so old it didn't even have optical sensors..

So turns out when they stole the remote my effort to program a new universal one cycle the code which I couldn't get uncycled no matter how many times I tried to be in line with the neighbors so then the process also had to include unplug the goddamn garage door openerso I can go up to The empty apartment where my rabbit of 10 years is in the freezer won't more than 10 years but has been and after nine months of forced labor on their car I didn't get anything other than this is insane I had to pull kitchen I had all the necessities of adulthood all the things that aren't quite necessities but sure help a hell of a lot I also had. they took everything from my last apartment I moved back down to Maple Grove 8 months later they changed the lock it was a year-and-a-half of ordering me around based on thread I'm homeless with nothing before the ofp and they filed the ofp keys knowing that because of the nine months of their mold car here the landlord was going to give me notice already had I had 20 days at the time I was served for summons to appear in court 20 days to move out of what's now in an empty apartment furniture wise but clothes all over the floor 3 moulding folding tables mold growing on the air conditioner nothing in the kitchen cabinets Clyde in the freezer I don't even have Bonnie's remains despite the fact they were addressed to John we trick at 8043 lanewood Lane AKA Paul and Marlins address
or in other words the state doesn't seem interested in any federal law enforcement either. They've also allowed my mail to be opened a check taken from my name in dorst on the check it was deposited to make sure I didn't have money it went towards a bill that was mine but this was all done without my knowledge approval consent any of that while I was out of out being bounced between hotels and spending savings bonds because when you relocate 60 mi that's bad enough but the police don't seem to consider that for or the fact that the mold had me bleeding from the eyes which also stopped the moment I went to a hotel but not why I left like why don't you just have a job why don't you just have a job even as them being moved between what ended up being five hotels in 6 months about 14 rooms 3 cities because Minneapolis and a mental ward is also included despite no disturbances at the hotels or driving Paul and Marlene zito was the disturbance that led to the emergency medical hold or egos but they're both likely cluster be so they're about the same difference

and no I don't just assume this both have literally told me verbatim we are the same person talking to me independently they both play all of the same psychopathic or narcissistic games of gaslighting they've got their own little twists on how they do it they terrorize people I'm sure I'm not the first and won't be the last

I'm pretty sure my Aunt Mary Martinson almost all of her adult life I would bet my mom for whatever grudge whatever reason unbeknownst to me has been behind a large percentage of Mary's claims of things get stolen things get broken when she's not home things get disappeared

see it would make a lot of sense if Marlene was doing it because I wouldn't tell she's had a key to the whole time or the several keys required. At family I hear the stories at family family events in the past since I can remember but it wasn't a constant thing it was a it was kind of a periodic thing which also fits with the patterns of a narcissist abusing someone

I think they even stole her car from the parking lot of her work a few years ago

It was awfully odd that anyone would steal what she drivesI don't remember if she got it back or not or how that played out I do know that when they started gaslighting the fact that even mold had been found which was funny because my mom wasn't even with the mold guy she was in the master bedroom when he came I was by his side all but 10 minutes of the maybe hour and a half he was there so when she's standing there telling me what he said and didn't say that's kind of messed up. She did the same with my vet for my rabbits there's actually a video of that transaction further back on the site or on my personal YouTube video 6 but she wasn't present for that event that all she was in Maple Grove that was in St cloud as far as I know that you had never talk they might have sense but at that point they had never met my mom wasn't with for the appointment but she literally insisted on what I said to the doctor or to the vet if the doctor vet and what the vet said to me

Marlene knows what a boundary is that isn't just violating it that's trying to enforce your thought your will your malice over someone's mental process

But what I was trying to get to his all the sudden I've got my cousin at one point around the time I got forced into the least year demanding to know why I'm prank calling my Aunt Mary I don't think I even have her phone number but I sure as hell did not call her. I'm actually the only one who usually listens to her stories I have no malice against her.

as Katie made the accusation I wouldn't doubt that it was her husband or my cousin Mark or hell maybe even Katie just dropped her voice as low as she could. Despite only workingjobs that don't require a degree my Aunt Mary has quite a bit of money in the bank from what I hear. There would be great incentive personal game for Katie or Mark to do that. I tend to be the one that listens to her I don't before everything was stolen and then the people that did it and that admit to the subsequent that's before that like when I had a life plan I had a path I was working toward it the money wouldn't have even mattered but it's even more sick now they're literally trying to cut me out of everything while cutting me out of what I worked for and family inheritance but breaking criminal law to do it terrorizing people to do it this state is sick

It's also funny because shady I haven't seen her except for all 2014 like two days once the year before or around the same time in Virginia she had come to Minnesota at some point a week in 2010 she was in Sicily on the US Navy Base. Other than when I was dating a girl in Virginia flew out there and happened to be close by so I called my cousin up to see if her and her husband wanted to join me and my girlfriend for dinner but other than that it was family Christmas is mother's day Thanksgiving and one or two odd times that we hung out and not that's now over 32 years for me but in 20 had to be around 2004 she join the Navy so all of the family event stopped being any contact what I'm trying to describe is she we don't even talk on the phone once a year I might go to text because she's convinced my parents are angels I'm the devil but all it is is her parroting what my mom says to me there's no asking what's going on there's none of that so essentially a total stranger
yet in 2018 while I'm at my parents house she's in Virginia like the state not the city. She called a domestic dispute to Maple Grove Police and said I was responsible from Virginia not even hearing it first-hand it was my dad and I we both raised their voices standing 10 feet apart my mom was in the master bedroom other side of the house talking to my aunt Mary on the phone as my mom tells it which I don't put any Credence in but I don't have anything else to go on Mary got off the phone with her called my cousin Katie because my mom probably said he'll Jonathan's yelling which my dad was yelling back at me to so but it was the funny thing was it was a two second argument I went downstairs to end it he stayed upstairs all sudden like 20 minutes later Mary had called Katie Katie who is a total stranger by what I just described has the police from Maple Grove Minnesota at the door looking for just me

Should also be noted she's had court-ordered anger management two times for hitting people I have never in my life structure someone. With the caveat there being without boxing gloves on or without the agreement that hey let's wrestle or something like that I have not actually let anger get the better of me ever to that point with anyone.

Paul and Marlene both met the definition of assault and battery on me Paul once Marlene twice once was attempted murder but yet because of Minnesota ofp law I am now the abuser and Not only was everything of mine taken everything other people pay for it for me to work on that work I had done but not God it's f****** insane but then they keep stealing they keep stalking they keep terrorising I can't even print a f****** sheet of paper cuz I don't even have my printer and I'm supposed to fight court cases this is insane


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