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Threats to Justice and Freedom

 Courts with out standards of evidence and courts with burden on the accused.

The two combined make it so you are vulnerable without every moment of your life recorded. And even with that you can tie up someone's time forcing them to defend accusations with the lower standard than the defense

Laws to protect or empower some demographics over others especially against science

What I mean by this is the same things harm all of us. nothing has conclusively shown women are any less likely to be violent than men.

Nothing beyond sympathy empathy conscience proper construct of self and others plus societal Norm actually protects children or offspring from their parents yet even with awareness of the concept of victim-blaming so many people are quick to tell you a parent just wouldn't do that so it didn't happen.

Police with no oversight and the ability to order one not record interactions 

Like Maple Grove sergeant notficer Hanson when shown a picture of The moldy car I was forced to labor on. I didn't see that put the phone away. I wonder how many other people you've harmed?

The trouble with trusting trust.

Fedral reports indicate police culture stigmatizes mental illness. Which by definition should matter . Their lack of required psych eval possibly makes it a pot and kettle situation.

See what I did there?😂

No external audits and reviews of police activity

Gov Power Vested in Corp Health Care 

the Doctor who has all the power to decide if you are free to go or being detained has no obligation to review even expert testimony in support of your claims

You have little to no ability to appeal what is entered on your electronically shared healthcare record 

Police have access to it in most cases and states 

Media Normalization of pathological thought 

There's currently a Minnesota lawmaker who one day I was speaking with and brought up some confirmed to be happening issues that threatened all of freedom. 

He responded this is depressing can we talk about something else

Most of the families and individuals you see on TV are almost textbook narcissist borderlines or sociopaths
The glbt community introduced us to a concept called normalization. That's exactly what this does.

The best outcome I've seen is apathetic burn out. Which is hardly good.

If you want evidence that this happens search psychological term splitting. Ask yourself how different is this from polarization and dramatization that you are literally blasted with everyday?

One way media control of naritave 

It's easiest to picture this as broadcast TV

Except maybe uve noticed almost all big media corporations have done away with comments sections on the web

Under the guise of protecting you from scary words labeled hate speech, they've also protected you from any words not their own.
No one at all holds them to having to report anyting. If you look at corporate structures often they're owned by huge chemical companies weapons companies healthcare companies corporations that might not have interest in some stories being reported at all

Media Gating Who Has Any Name Recognition 

This basically simplifies to Media controlling the elections.

Gov or Corp Paid Shills

Research around 2008 confirmed that if you sell like 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 on an idea you influence the behavior of nearly the entire pop.

China has been noted to use citizens paid to post gov messages online in palces citizens talk.

Any entity with power over another but zero accountability or near zero. It's even worse when trust levels are high by other authorities.

It's also in line with cluster B personality disorders. With my parents I've noted you force decisions but want zero accountability for the outcomes of things you forced. anytime one side takes the control in the other side takes the blame things are set up for Injustice. It can get worse than that though it can be murder and if a tree falls in the forest because it was murdered the tree still knows

I'm being tortured assaulted poisoned and probably will ultimately be murdered if not left disabled and disfigured.

people carrying it out have themselves told me I can't abused you you're a 32 year old man. And the other is I'm doing it to you because you're a man.

she also happens to be a nurse practitioner or what you could call a health expert and admits the conditions they force are dangerous to life.

I didn't ask for this I worked my ass off to not be here


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