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To who ever is breaking car windows in mpls

 Why not target police cars ? Or their personal cars.

This is a call out to Target vigilante destruction of property that would have happened anyway at those not stopping it.

If you want to break somebody's car windows break the police car windows and the police is personal car windows especially in Maple Grove Minnesota or Minneapolis. Minneapolis was going block block slice tires so I mean hey that's just eye 4 eye?

Here's another possibility as the talks to replace the police disband the police defund the police continue if you think about it without preconception of morals and who would do what...

if the police want to create demand for police committing crimes as an option to do that.

Last I checked Minneapolis lawmakers and elected officials were paying for private security while this is going on. That should maybe tell you something

I support trying any officer found committing a crime for this reason for treason against the American people.

Also making an exception to allow capital punishment.

do that a few times and you might not have to worry about the fact that 50% of officers fired get their jobs back through arbitration.The message sent is probably received loud and clear especially if you do something like old school guillotine or hanging.

Other suggested targets if you have a fetish for breaking windows and are going to do so to someone anyway

Or law makers that support ofp? Esp in its current no questions asked police possibly human traffic you for a year-and-a-half before the party they do so on behalf files an ofp?

in my case they're still sitting on $43,000 in my best estimate of my things. About a month after it passed they came install another felony amount

They had stuck me in this empty apartment. forced labor for nine months through the death of my second pet while holding onto the ashes of the first

The point is they made sure this car that I don't own I have one key

So when it got locked out I had to break a window

Now I have draft shield plastic made for making the inside of houses or apartments warmer as a car window

I had called Maple Grove Police asking if they could possibly make contact to relay that I even need the door code to avoid breaking the window. Couldn't do it

Nothing should more highlight the fact that police will kill you have several ways including directly or leave You for Dead even in error then Minnesota during the winter after they relocate You by force they let you go stranded instead of making the effort to ask for an external door code when you've lost access to your only means of transportation

this is well after it was discussed and police even said it's my bike I did it back but two times that happened they then played this little game of what kind of busy though so like can they give it to you tomorrow?

If we were doing eye for eye its soon going to include a pancreas

But Maple Grove Police perhaps the most illustrative picture is you want to steal your kids bike Maple Grove Police are there to help.

With civil asset forfeiture they can probably take your lunch money as well

But if you notice in the picture above there's a truck next to me that's taken right now.

Without the window that piece of fucking shit clunker it's probably about a 90 decibels in my left ear. It's loud enough where I kind of figure exaust and a mufler is a plan for some point in the future.

As for Maple Grove Police department Sergeant Hansen:

Worth noting a lot of people especially in public forms either in person or largely today online will throws things into debates make everybody feel a little better. No one jumping from Windows on 911 was dead before they hit the ground most were probably conscious. Also we might not communicate this way or think about it this way but death is really a function of enough cell death or cells being deprived of ability to get the nutrients they need from the bloodstream. I mentioned the guillotine above with that in mind moment The neck is severed there's some amount of blood still on its way up and some coming down. For those gun without a covered head they likely have one hell of a view with the last moment of consciousness.

I've been skydiving. I did it once also something about that one time I researched it and found there's a program at least at the time called accelerated freefall. there was no prerequisite to do a tendon jump first. The first time I jumped was after a 5-hour ground class and no one was strapped to me or me to them. So if you think that's enough shock to render someone unconscious I'm here to tell you not a hundred percent of the time anyway.

It was made all the more terrifying by the fact that as the plane took off this girl getting ready to do what they call the hop and pop which is where you jump at a low altitude and pull immediately she yells over the noise of the plane, 
 this your first time?
I don't know if she saw it on my face or what but.. I responded yeah nodded my head

That's badass dude

I cant even recall  How I responded. Because her answer did kick-off a stream of associations in my head about how intense it was about to be. For reasons I won't go into here and unrelated i wish I would have waited for the next plane.
Back on track
Follow the money isn't usually a lie.

grants program the grant program is federal office of violence against women funding. Federal money to the state for discriminating in arrests and enforcement. Or in other words if police are telling you everything felony theft wise is civil... I start to question how much they try to egg on these situations

the picture above is there mold problem growing on the Walmart folding table that's serving as a makeshift desk in an otherwise empty apartment. Empty other than my friend and pet rabbit in the freezer.

Rorey says they give me enough. Rory is Sergeant Hansen. AKA Sergeant mmbop. They give me

so much forced labor poisonous shit toxic shit deadly shit 

that I really think you should share some of it rather than enforcing it

Although maybe it's cannibalism to have drek eat shit. But you sure don't 
have a problem enforcing it on others.

Rory and other members of the Maple Grove force and some of the st cloud Force censor reports or disalow them as well.personally I would never again believe any statistic or any report that claims to base its conclusions on police reports as a source of data.

We can do better it's not hard to do the system that helps prevent this. Or at least provides accurate data as to what people claimed when they call the police that doesn't mean you have to accept it or investigate it but if we don't have that recorded we can't have evidence-based policing they can tell you it's that but we don't have that.

Any argument they may or may not be teaching police about how the social contract makes it okay some people are poor and they lose...I found there's a Canadian firm that produces content for training police not sure if it's international or not but this was literally in one of their training manuals or the curriculum they use. It's the sort of bullshit Ralph argument that I could see being used just about anywhere when you need people to have power over other people and or justify the wrong they're about to do.

That really doesn't justify police making people poor. Or putting their lives at risk you can't have equality when one person can do that the other person can't even say much about it in return.

I'm pretty sure if they wanted to there's quite a few things on this blog they can pull me in for.

Funny thing is all I've done is talk both of the parties that claimed ofp is against me have thrown hands against me gotten labor from me even without the forced labor services I've performed professionally in the past. If they've given anything to me if they given anything to me a large portion of that was the education. But what if they actually given me when business lot features they're obligated to pay but the cops show up and offer them everything in exchange for that labor then allow them to continuously steal from me

 Rory you are a  degenerate piece of fucking shit.

And that's just describing positive attributes. I have a feeling if I get to see what I saw in your eyes a few times while you're playing officer friendly you won't even account for the fact that you've created three years of malnutrition and starvation for someone.

In case you're bad at context reading Sergeant Hansen repeatedly tells me personal judgments he makes from hearsay while refusing the other side of the story

Judgments are they gave you enough they give you enough they owe you nothing

The overriding problem we have in this country worst dependents on State is if you have to obey any unlawful order given by a police officer it's really easy to stop someone from taking it up in court.

that was George Floyd's only option when he was ordered on the ground with a knee on his throat how much sense does this system make in that contact. That's a little bit different situation he was already under arrest but say that was a temporary detainment..

And the point I'm trying to make is excessive force is the tip of the iceberg and race is just a distraction. Doesn't matter if we stop beating black people if they can put black people and everybody else on the street with nothing

As far as the female component or the domestic violence as its generalized there's three groups or demographics of the main population that have elevated cases four incidents of domestic violence

Police military and lesbian relations

Maybe that in a nutshell should dissolve the theory that it's men that are the problem?

Nothing against lesbian relations I support gay marriage no. I'm not trying to make a judgment there I'm trying to illustrate that they taught us long ago or at least my generation that association does not equal causation. 

Gender is not the causative issue with domestic violence.

I haven't seen a single politician running on anything like this as a platform.we aren't the society that directly votes for laws on the levels where they matter we elect other people. So in a sense media kind of has control of all of this we don't well some of these issues right now we're fucked we might already be pretty far down that path

Look what happens when the banks abused us what I mean is relevant to how real property or imaginary property influences wealth.

We gave them the taxpayer money we gave them the property back now they rent it to us. Do everything right or rather do nothing violent do nothing to anyone except act kind to them and someone looking to take advantage of you can use these laws to put you on the street with nothing. The middle class does not survive in that scenario. Hire a lawyer okay play that back into how much do you have to pay how much do you have to work how long do you live?

Then realize a $600 stimulus check your paycheck can't get you away from someone else if they want to harm you and use the system to do it

It can buy a gun or explosives

why do you think people are shooting at members of the public in large and at random?

I'm just for the psychologist without clinical ethics chomping at the bit.

This isn't me identifying with anyone this is me identifying the problem

the problem is in my personal experience supporting the police in their current incarnation is supporting people that destroy families do bunny rabbits destroy the middle class transfer wealth and do so for personal gain. Supporting the police is supporting people who might arrest the person getting their ass beat then make them poor in the gutter.

Some of the theory behind law over Free people was its purpose is to provide an alternative route for those wrong so visual auntie Justice isn't the only option.

when police and the court system work hand-in-hand to create the Injustice you cannot support police to create order.

Police aren't supposed to create the order in any incarnation of the system except for the fascist dictator systems

nor should we ever see one person acting as judge jury and executioner especially not from behind a uniform and a badge


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