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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Trouble unmentioned pandemic

 It seems like this is just something these days you yell at the person on the bottom of the food chain to extort them

That's exactly what narcissists are known to do the phenomenon is known as suck up kick down. You tell them about living up to their responsibilities and even if they do the kickdown part comes right after they do cuz they get a boot in the face and the one directly above gets the reward for the others work.

Meanwhile the one getting the promotion has a pretty brown nose

The other tendencies of a narcissist as far as work are concerned or even in a position of power over you is everything is justifiable and then just Jason can change at any moment especially if their reasoning called into question

As an employee of a narcissist or doing contracted work with them they often get in the way of you finishing towards the end or maybe they don't do that at all but it's not unheard of even if they don't you deliver something of value to them all of a sudden they don't want to pay because they don't like the color of your hat

Is only the illusion of given taken those relations which is just narcissism 101 applied to other activities or areas

It's been noted that survivors of narcissists in interpersonal relations describe them as prickly and walking on eggshells when they interact with that person

Mini narcissus figure out that in order to get what they want from a neurotypical attracted to uses either blow something tiny out of proportion or even invent a reason to be mad

which is exactly what I described above with I don't like the color of your hat I'm not paying you. Anything they did regardless of even if it's recorded might not exist if it works against them. My parents have tactics like fuck your recording and then they will repeat a new version or the old lies sometimes.

Even if what they are doing kills you they might not like the color of your hat

and whatever they're doing that kills you and makes it incredibly difficult if not impossible to get away from that isn't happening and if it's recorded fuck you're recording

Or my mom sometimes goes with show me play it for me which is a bit of a joke because it's search through two years of recording and there's actually a post on this site with the collar she asked that posted a video of her saying when I claimed directly under it and then they just won't acknowledge you

which is another common tactic do things I demand or I get off on controlling what you do and then Paul and Marlene's case they're not above committing felony level theft to control that which ultimately controls who your friends with as well because if you can't live up to your work to other people it's still you who failed to do so also when you fail to do so because someone has committed a felony level theft against you it's just as much a felony-level theft except the police won't enforce it and then ask why you're still dependent and then you start to debate things like well if we're supposedly equal and you have the right to help them kill me and by extension create false medical records that might kill me if you're killing me if we're equal where's I don't know maybe I should kill you all right but that didn't happen and you define it as help yet how about the test where we apply it to you give me your house give me all your things I told you I gave you something so get the fuck out of my house

I think of a way to enforce that for a few hundred dollars at least as long as a clip of ammunition last and a battery driving machine I want to do it anticipated I stay alive but the thing is that premature death date is already something you insure is penned

One last bit of what I witnessed with narcissist s one of the brightest I've ever seen was incredibly good at playing your best friend in what should be a business-to-business relationship it was weak around the edges and some areas that we're easy to overlook and some of it is probably as sincere as they can get because there is brain damage behind this and rarely has anything black and white except for the brain damage that makes people thinking mostly black-and-white terms there's some irony in there somewhere..

The way it would wear thin is a couple years that were bought specifically for the lowest dollar per beer and some conversation on the patio $4 and you want half off of a multiple hundred-dollar service. And the thing is they're really sick part about that is the better they are at relating the more you want to believe it's real. What is real is when they stay fed you don't

Another incredibly serious issue with them with any of the cluster b

A lot of things are comorbid or symptoms cross between the individual definitions

In a personal and business there's this problem they like to get off on or love control, your life you like you aren't a real person to them anything said to you can be modified at will and a lot of times there's a comorbid fear of you leaving them. But they might cast you out after stealing everything of yours and wearing you out to nothing because they don't like the color of your hat.or you looked at them wrong while you were asleep you shut your mouth while you're talking to me don't say those things with your eyes meanwhile they can be stabbing you saying the worst things in the tell you never happened while you die on the street.

I'm writing this note to show more who I was I wish I could include more examples that aren't talking about this but the computer that most of those lived on is gone now has been since the felony-level theft April 2020

Narcissist will select only the parts of a message they want to hear same with borderline and they will narrow in on it and vilify you for it and what's just as wrong with what you see in politics today and slowly what's happening to the police it's what's wrong with the world it's contagious. It's a bigger pandemic than Corona ever could be. It's brain damage hits stressed and abused until the point you burn out and abuse others

It can be a thing and be benign but I haven't seen that be the case very often. If you haven't noticed a lot of our society the only way to stay safe is to have someone who will vouch for you. If most of your relationships are with people of that condition whether you know so or otherwise they're always worried about how it reflects on them they aren't worried about what happens to you they're just as likely to not vouch for you because your friend said or they heard a rumor you might have worn a hat of a color they didn't like or that that sounds bad that I don't know I don't want to be involved that sounds bad

Slippery slope isn't a fallacy that can be it's not always same with appeal to authority it's just as much a fallacy at certain times. The point is can you explain it or not as an expert or authority. Look what we've done to the mental health care system there's no real need for directive criteria and there aren't any butt we also have the police asking you if there's any meds you're supposed to be on and it's incredibly hard to have a record changed even if they force you to the doctor to have it made we're already gone we just don't know it yet

The reason that's bad for all of us is even narcissist that is and yeah we know everything's bad for you but these are the people that a lot of times don't actually know what they're doing. Go back to the top where I noted the suck up kick down. Yet message and there's various forms of it is the alphas win the betas get crushed.

Which is splitting in a nutshell turtle power I couldn't resist that there.

Splitting is the black and white All or Nothing. The problem is you might have as the narcissist who did that in a contacts like that you might have contributed 10 to 30% but maybe more than that but if you didn't know the other half of it if that person dies or is just gone or in poverty and you need to do it again good luck right now it's easy there's seven .6 billion people point eight maybe

America's population is on the decline though I can't say I know it's coming nothing looks good though you try to shove a pill down my throat and I have Nothing Left to lose although I can see it would be extremely easy to look at part of any of my words and draw that conclusion it's already been done once

And that's the other real nasty part there's already only came across that once briefly on a smartphone and it was a nasty PDF that didn't fit well on the screen.

New violence against women legislation or maybe even old now the working on deleting free speech to the extent that you can have a hundred qualifiers on something

Is logic what a qualifier is

If and only if the red fox jumps I will shit my pants

Can anyone explain to me what conditions qualify me shiting my pants?

Does it happen if the red fox doesn't jump?

they had a word for it to they call it some type of language and I'm at a loss I really wish I could remember where I found that but basically if the moon crashed into the Earth and only if the moon crashed into the Earth and you were stabbing me then I might kill you

Is likely to become domestic abuse. And then you could watch the doctor failed to ask you why are you said that and assume because you're talkin about the moon crashing into the Earth you must be crazy rather than giving you the chance to say I said it because it was something I didn't think would happen and it was something I didn't want to do.

and that's how they get you it's more than just free speech they're trying to teach you what your own thoughts mean or what your own motives were after fact what's the protected class today might not be tomorrow but in the meantime The narcissist in all of us well GE if I was a woman would I really stand against is love supposed to protect me it'll be too late when it flips because the ability to unite is being destroyed with the contagiousness of this with the features of this

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