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Friday, January 29, 2021

Try to remember

 If you're supposed to be guilty by association these days which is not a good standard then that needs to apply back to the enforcers and to the state.

I find it unlikely it will hold itself to that especially given the distracted climate where the news is a soap opera from either side

Try to remember some of the police officers you encountered on their own when I do this to you

Try to remember even if you're just interacting on a traffic stop you might be talking to someone who has helped apparent choke their daughter to the ground who has molested their son or daughter and found support in this officer helping them get away with it if we're guilty by association so should baby

there is no sound basis to say that this group of people that are hired not even elected should have free range or almost free range a bit there are some limits but within the politics of whatever department and or the union around it

Even if this group has helped to law they have policy that well let's listen to them talk about it



Yep you heard it

There's no sound logical basis for claiming two groups are two individuals are equal if one can do almost anything to you order you to do almost anything in your only recourse is to take it up in court i.takes resources to get to court.

George Floyd's only option was to take up being choked to death in court how probable are practical I mean yeah I shouldn't have to ask this it's not really about race though even if they suffer it worse what we're doing is flipping things we create this they have it worse so we have to worry about them and hey while you're not looking we're going to make it only about abuse or the abuse of power not the deeper issue up we can keep you from ever dealing with it even if it's not a physical abuse they can just continuously separate you from everything you earn or let someone else do it stand between you and recovering it Elvis travel is free running away is free and that other person won't follow you I don't want to be talking about this I want to be doing anything but two people one claiming to own me when a 25-year vice president of SEIU local 284 make sure I don't even have a comfortable place to lay down I have an infested hellhole for their decisions there crimes against me

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