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Saturday, January 9, 2021


Bedroom dehumidifier burned out

When it's really cold it's not so much of an issue but I can tell it's humid as fuck in here at the moment.

The garage under doesn't help.

Minnesota is a police state where you can be forced to labor for negative pay in hazardous condition after being assaulted and while being poisoned.

Don't worry though if the trauma leaves you brain damaged you can die on the street or in a mental ward 

we wouldn't want Justice at the expense of a police officer's career path.

Even If it means destroying a heart beat of a citizen and allowing another who endangered sick newborns to be free from any accountability 

MN wants u to know some demographics can kill others but equality is others who allegedlyight have said something about being robbed psychologically tortured labor force human traffic murder attempted on if they've allegedly said something we need to make them abusers

Remember this is equality in Minnesota and discrimination is those places where police aren't above the law and or courts aren't imported marsupials

My sense of smell just came back. 

I wish it hadn't 

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