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Universal rights( draft)

 To keep what you work for or if you given a. In which it may be sold that you may no longer store it in the living space or keep that living space

Civil courts with standards of evidence and reasonable notice.Police that cannot act to separate you from evidence before said summonce and without charge

  • You have a right to feel anything. Feelings are not always in line with reality, you feeling something does not give you a right to infringe anyone else's requirements for health and life. example orange can make me feel like someone is out to get me and that might be you. That doesn't make that very accurate belief.  If  I take your ability to eat because of my feelings.(or the court does)  now  now one party or multiple  actually endanger another's life. basedwhen  on my feelings it should be the pintical of lunacy. Yet we call it abuse so nothing else matters. T
  • This great at appeasing narcissist destroying the middle class and putting money in the pocket books of lawyers judges police officers medical institutions prisons. Not much else. it seems that when we did things like family court even the standard of the rational average adult went by the wayside. if we really were a population that was modernizing or advancing we would see more stringent requirements towards factual evidence but we're going the other way. Meanwhile last time I tried to look up the Salem witch trials it was being revised to be women's rights issue God help us all. Those trials had no scientific or hardly even a legal standard of evidence. It's also highly likely the entire population was eating hallucinogenic fungus contaminated rye. It's called ergot and ergot poisoning. They'll tell you that it's basically LSD but the thing is CIA once tried to kill an elephant using doses of LSD. They ended up having to use a bullet. Ergot on the other hand can kill very easily and it's why all of your grain is washed in ammonia before you ever see it. meanwhile agencies like the CDC obscure how deadly poisonous and disruptive mold and fungus can be to the human state of existence. I think this has something to do with the way the houses were built during the housing bubble and subsequent liabilities that might be faced but that's just a theory. but if mold is aren't capable of being toxic than you can't overdose on antibiotics right? Kind of a question to make you connect some dots. aspergillus has spores that under microscope are hard if not impossible to differentiate from penicillin. Penicillin was discovered when bread mold kill the bacteria culture. Seems every 6 months the radio will announce and the news will announce to watch out for that pet food. Aflatoxin. The name for these chemicals in general that molds and fungus is emit is mycotoxins.
  • but whether mycotoxins or other substances another reason it's Insanity to Bass law on feeling is humanity is known for a long time that to heavy metals in particular can cause some very messed up states of being. Lead and Mercury. right now you could feed your significant other lead all day long then have the police come take them away. Then get an ofp and steal everything they ever earned  while victim poisoned tries to recover and the police won't let a report be filed because of the civil order.
  • We have recreated slavery. Child support isn't much different.especially with arguments like her right to choose. I'm inclined to believe that actually. I'm also inclined to say that she doesn't have a right to his wallet for her choice.
  • One last thing on  poisons and drugs: I'll let you search on your own but there have been several prominent psychologist and psychiatrist that have advocated for use of MDMA and LSD and treatment of things that traditional pharma has not been able to touch with their remedies. post-traumatic stress disorder complex post-traumatic stress disorder borderline personality disorder possibly narcissism or NPD. In dare they talked about how LSD could do DNA damage. Oh so close to telling us something good. I mean the concept of epigenetics. The reality is yet can but what they did is leave out the scale. Four equal dose caffeine does more. There's a minor risk of activating dormant schizophrenia but I'm not sure how well that's been researched either and at the moment the doctor can label you just about anything without criteria. If you look it up there's people who helped create the DSM that are now highly against how it's being used to harm people without objective criteria. We've been invaded by some very disgusting forces on a government level. See my previous post on control freaks

Livable wage or flexible hours. If you need something done and it's crucial to your income to the point where it's not done between those hours you don't have your income as a business owner then it would seem to me that your income is dependent on it and if that's your living what demands are you making on another I know this isn't too perfectly fleshed-out argument but the basis for one is there

To have notice of a few weeks to two months before you must bake 8 any promise that you reside in

Food ingredients labeled. scientific name. This debate about GMO is just sick. If it's p*** 209 I don't need a f****** GMO label. If I care I can look up what corn 2009 is versus corn.which I know is not the scientific name but that's the point in making.if you aren't hiding anything about what you are trying to feed to a population then you wouldn't have a problem with those who are concerned out of that population for themselves being able to find out what's in it. Some people are going to eat it anyway some people are going to eat it because they can't afford anything else. True give me definition of evil becomes when you start deciding for people that could decide otherwise financially that they can't know. Which also starts to make even trying to be able to afford otherwise pretty f****** pointless. which it might be and there would be every reason not to let a population know that. But if you go by the Georgia guidestones dear God are we f*****. The first on that albatross says 500 million humans should be the population limit for the Earth. At today's population that's a 6.66% survival rate. Are you feeling lucky?

I'm going to abstain from the low-hanging fruit of removing that decimal point

Police and courts with the first duty to protect human life and that operate with standards of evidence. Right now the allegation of the threat seems to be reason to pose actual danger to Life by government action

Somewhere next to life is protecting evidence. Especially if we are going to let civil matters put someone without house and home and then that same person may face defense against accusations they can no longer prove because of the police have granted the other party full control over everything necessary.

Minnesota learned in 1944 that malnutrition let alone starvation has a huge impact on cognitive ability. It's pretty cruel and unusual in my mind but every part of someone's life including their diet can be disrupted by police acting without legal authority to do so but with no one to challenge their authority. Leaving the person who is by every definition endangered by this action responsible for mounting the legal counter to it.

Gov at app levels , police and courts that must abid by most of what they decide is rule for their population and he accountable for their words and actions 

Some reasoning:

Truma is known to be linked with several mental illnesses and disablities as well as addiction. We currently have a system where the police can create anywhere from a body to a mental ward patient to criminal with little accountability even for actions that mirror if not outright are outlawed (like human trafficking and forced labor)

When one or more parties is allowed to break law repeatedly in ways that terrorize and endanger another another less considered thing may be going on

Psychological conditioning.

The word reward might seem like oh you want praise and attention but at its basis in this application reward for working would be you get paid and can eat and have a roof over your head. You can get rid of the problem that threatens your life if you put the effort in to say clean and keep it clean. Police and my situation have allowed my parents to use their mold like a biowarfare agent while stealing even vacuums to keep me from being able to deal with it. Forcing under threat to myself my animals the remains of my animals all of my property I worked for labor on their moldy car to make sure that it transferred

But the idea of conditioning is really important because you might then face a commitment trial which if it has any merit isn't just a device to further harm people looks at adaptive vs. Maladaptive behaviors

we have a system set right now where people can terrorize others conditioning terror for adaptive behavior.

Federal reports indicate police look down on mental illness. Ironically police do not pass or are not required to take a psych eval on hiring.

We might as well have Hitler's youth running the police but always seem to care about is the matters of a pot and kettle argument.eam while all lives suffer.

I won't try to sell anybody on animal rights. I honestly don't have the energy to even think about that in that context I do know that I love mine and then focusing on what they wanted who they were rather than why I'm superior they learned to love me too. Not that any of that matters other than despite not being human their loss of life my terrorist parents using them as tools has substantially impacted all aspects of my life


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