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Unlawful orders must be delt with in court

 wheres the text to specify unless thatch an unlawful order to not enter the court on the dater of the trial?

if i must follow an unlawful order and that is to jump off a cliff or shoot myself in the head, is court provided for free after? am i the tree or the forest while not in court because im dead? 

tough decisions. law makers probably cant be expected to cover peculiarities like this between accepting huge donations from corporate interests. 

if you read this and think "THAT WOULDNT HAPPEN"

top of my head: 

an officer in nyc was found creating dui charges in a scheme to ensure overtime by having to appear in court. 

police asked a man in new mexico to step out of the car at a traffic stop. claim they thought he flinched his butt or clenched it...or clearly were fixated on it. fixated to the extent that for several hours on end the man ended up with fingers, enema tubes and scopes forced into his ass on police order. They didnt even offer to buy him a drink first. 

I dont think theres actually a monetary amount for that level of violation. i can think of a hammurabi brown eye for ...wait.. butt  its probably appropriate it's about 4 times the diameter of what those about to be punished can handle  and make it a pipe bomb

 inserted sans lube. n

seriously someone list or try to... In your opinion,  what the god honest fuck does anyone MAYBE have up their ass to justify police ordering repeat it anal insertions?

what the fuck happened to the days when blink-182 sang the state looks down on sodomy and it might have been true?

"later on ,on the drive home I called her mom from a payphone 

I said I was the cops and your husband's in jail 

the state looks down on sodomy  that's about the time that bitch hung up on me

Police need a psych eval but only require a degree 

They steal anal probes from skeezy hoes why the fuck is this inside of me?"

 Yeah the original is way better.

mad tv sketch in its final season when they joked about hilliarly having a suitcase nuke in her... maybe i cant think of much else. not on that level of non probable/ probably before geting out of squad, hey bet you 10 bucks we cant make him... 

im part joking with my suggested punishment, butt.... it damn sure would rectum. fuck thats not how it goes. the point is making an example out of something heinous. 

Detonate the pipe bomb and make their family clean it up. You probably won't see it happen again.Oh but now we're going to argue vengeance creates children who will try to avenge maybe not but I could see that happening.

logicly following this i was thinking, wonder if he could even walk into the courtroom after that level of forced insertion. i wouldnt doubt a wheel chair was involved. I really want to know if there was a lawyer conversation about whether or not a neck brace would be too much. 

introducing the combination stool and throat scratcher. idk why the reported he stole a giant rooster replica. 

I figured there should be some comic relief. 

an officer in WI returned an escaped victim to Jeffy Dahmer.

no seriously... think about that, picture what ever slasher you want from hollywood, then realize it was as bad as that but real life (Dahmer did things like drill holes in peoples skulls and pour acid on their brain)  teen escapes only for cops to pick him up and drive him back to the killer. 

put yourself in it. you escape bleading from a hole in the head knowing you are somewhat fucked for life. officer friendly who introduced the  class to drugs at 4th grade show and tell called dare... well he thinks you need to go hang with Dahmer and according to a 1960s supreme court decisions, the only way out of this is challanging that later in court. 

you probably dont know that or wont soon because there is actually fucking acid on your brain. but you get dropped off with a lampshade maker. 

if only he was female we might have seen reform. ima go contemplate suicide and throw up a little bit for that statement.

Maybe go back and re-read this then realize the only thing that hasn't happened on this page is putting pipe bombs up an anal rapist cops ass as a punishment .

seriously look at the content of this page that's the only thing I made up t

America's legal system.

Were the court Jesters not Union or what did we do with them? 

considering Sergeant Hansen is from Wisconsin and Maple Grove Police uphold the culture of derp further maybe suicide is a good option

Because insult to injury at least in Minnesota this is the same legal system that might also want to weigh in on whether or not you are sane.

You know the one that thinks the right way to deal with the police non-verbally ordering George Floyd to take a knee in huddle up well he's supposed to go to court and contestant that right?

I think tupak had a better idea with his leaked video on creating pork ribs from drunk police officers beating civilians in possession of stolen weapons while they do it.

Also not made up actual recorded history. He was arrested and charged but the charges were dropped when this evidence came out.

Perhaps the irony is the amount of people who buy into anybody who suggest that any of this at any time might be a conspiracy theory are the same people on one side that are likely to tell you that everything is systemic. How do you have systemic without a group of people with shared agenda not working together to achieve something that might be bad for another group yet isn't that the definition of a conspiracy theory I'm really confused here maybe it's that if Jamestown told me to drink the Kool-Aid I would have been one of the people shot. I kind of wish the government was that honorable. You could say only having done it sooner would have. But if you're so worried about people eating Tide pods maybe you miss the bubble bath in the brain I'll let you know what a metaphor is for if I ever fucking me one.

somewhat related but when I say officer friendly who brought drugs into 4th grade show and tell what I'm referring to is known as the jail program. You know keep kids off drugs by potentially introducing kids that have no freaking idea what drugs were to drugs. Of course that's going to very highly with the communities socioeconomic status. I can be PC when I want to be I find it as more of a tool to silence things than anything else. John poplar said it's so PC it's killing me. if you can read through the fact most of this gets transcribed on a tiny ass phone. You might notice I go from work like elegant congruent esoteric to fuck. if you juxtapose esoteric and fuck you better not have any Amish in the room or a white sheet with a hole. Well unless your state counts on federal funding from violence against women programs and your officer orders them out of court orders them to commence now you've just created someone in prison and a financial award to the state but that person in prison supposed to can test the order in court. Is that supposed to be separate from the charges the officer My level then or level 2 create hell for the person who might not be able to afford cork to begin with OR like is this something that just happens when you're automatically brought from jail to prison for those other charges related to and then cover up there's just nothing here that sounds like this doesn't enable a lot of terrible things.

The other thing along those lines as if police want you missing through have no trouble figuring out where you are. They're allowed to deceive we've basically established not only a system where there's a little automatic oversight but it's prime 4 abusing power to cover abuse of power

If an officer makes an unlawful order that you fire your lawyer and or give him her all your money you're supposed to go to court to contest it? In the meantime the local police agency might be the only person or entity that investigates any complaint in Minnesota if that's found fraudulent you might face another charge none of this seems in line with modern ideas of controls or even old ideas like checks and balances

In my case for a year-and-a-half before the perjurious I'm not sure if that's the correct conjugation or used but but you're in a half before those claims were made in civil court I'm ordered to wait from public property after those claims are made the parties that made them come and steal a felony amount including the computer with my resume and portfolio on it. Anytime someone wants to use the police to separate you from nearly and officers yearly salary worth of your personal property kitchen stuff tools cheap stop other people have paid for for contracted work anytime that happens apparently in Minnesota and anywhere in the nation you are supposed to work your way up again to the point where you have the ability to afford a lawyer and the time off to file a court case do so within the statute of limitations before it expires... Do so while the police May refuse to enforce felony-level law or any law in a system that's not watched to the level that would produce the results that claims it does or alludes to provide... My mail was opened my mail is still being held my name is been signed on things like my healthcare from my mail at least one check I know of from mail addressed to me I have reasonable expectation that Nola or amount of violations of law against me will be enforced in this situation

yet it's also been demonstrated that being paranoid is a justification for 3 to 5 day detainment against the law but you called the free help available the Minnesota State bar hotline and they tell you that no one touches these casesmeanwhile the party doing it one of the two has literally said I owned you twice that he believed he bought me once wanted me to repeat the word slave wants and frequently serves me I'm going to jail or prison has told me I'd like it because I can have a boyfriend both of them tell me they get what they want when they want and every demonstration has been that even the police will help them do it.

yet the same police say in their mission statement there are about enforcing the law without prejudice or some paraphrase of that.

Yet in 1944 Minnesota did a study on the effects of malnutrition and starvation and found that the mental effects are so profound that during the recovery phase people chopped their own limbs off. This was done over. Shorter than what I have experienced at the hands of someone attempting to harm me prevent me from having Independence and police helping them. Another question raised by the study is probably or is it ever ethical to meditate if we don't address address dietary needs in the psych world? I can't even show that I took care of myself that way anytime someone is just supposed to replace everything while fighting court cases that will be levied against them regardless well being human trafficked in any law can be violated this this is describing slavery whether you want it to be allowed to be used for it or not.

Police also are pretty damn sure when they've got a crime you will be convicted for but somehow they can't seem to figure out the problem with a non-violent suspect detained face down on the ground not having resisted at any point but if he says he can't breathe that's not of concern.

I definitely think racism is real oh, I don't think you can actually be racist without qualifying for a cluster B disorder it's just kind of the nature of the traits of those...I think we could work out a lot of the issues with something like requiring a psych eval the military doesn't it wouldn't be perfect but it would be a good start.

If you consider the military at least for a moment as the international enforcers I think it gets a little more weird because why would a nation require it's enforcers that go abroad to have a psych eval but the ones that enforce over at citizens no such concern?and I understand there might be a different reason for that in the military except whatever that reason is like maybe it's more about trusting or being reliable for your fellow service members in a heated moment but I can't believe that international court and war crimes isn't a factor. And applying same psych eval would at least catch some of the people that attempt to become officers with no actual regard to other human life.

like I said it wouldn't be foolproof but it's relatively simple to do and right now the taxpayer is paying for every arbitration when we try to fire an officer in Minnesota. There's a 50% rehire rate. 18 excessive force violations and on the 19th you're still called officer. No charges the claim that you might have been aggressive is enough to separate a citizen from everything they own and endanger them. Then the police are free to at will reject any evidence against the case they're trying to build

We have way bigger issues than racism in this state and in this country. Issues that I think if we address will accomplish the same thing that BLM aims to do if they are honest in what they're aiming for.

I can't help but see that as or see what we actually get as a distraction from the legal reality that George Floyd's only option in that situation was to Fila court case his death occurred and his only option was to take it up in court.

His death occurred, his only option was take it up in court.

Maybe I'm missing something but that's more offencive to me than racism or the accusation there up I don't care if you was black I don't want women I don't want men I don't want anybody getting the shit kicked out of them nor do I think it's good for our economy or for our future.

As a nation I don't think we're accomplishing anything with the way we're trying to fight it though.

I think it's just covering the backslide into tyranny and used to distract and divide. To me the main indicator is the way racism is defined to those groups isn't very clear it's kind of like everything if you think it is it is it always has to be and we know better than that there's something called confirmation bias. The real problem there is when you teach it that way not only do you catch what's there you make sure it's always there. And if you're doubting that try to answer the question of what do you actually do make it go away how do you accomplish ending that? If you can't define it if it's anything you can't mend everything or there's the real shit thought maybe you can.

Because of what's been happening to me I haven't had a lot of human interaction. That said people that I found our the definition of if not self-described cancel culture members the two that I got into it with are diagnosed borderline.

What did we get into it over my suggestion that there might be a deeper root cause that if we don't address it it doesn't matter what's done to violence because you might be on the street anyway.or another words yeah I support this but I think we should look deeper is enough to trigger a barrage of attacks. Meanwhile white people are going up to other white people and demanding they say whatever is on the agenda today or whatever they want in reality MN basically loving them for not submitting and saying they willa for racism this is fucking insanity.

I don't think anyone wants to think this way but there is a truth in the way the media covers it that gets really ugly. The word disparity is used an awful lot

When you know the definition of that word here's the reality a disparity is or seeing the problem is the disparity there's two ways to solve that disparity

25 white beat

50 black beat

25 other race beat

-4 Apache attack helicopters beat

Well that's leave off the sarcastic part

Ending the disparity can also be accomplished by beating 25 more white people and 25 other minorities.

if those numbers are all 50 you have in fact solved the disparity problem.meanwhile the police will still likely be pushing the image they are there to protect your life

The honest truth is a lot of them will regardless of who you are.

Police are people and most people don't want to hurt other people.

the problem is positions of power where you can control other people tend to attract the cluster b a narcissistic sociopath. We know a lot better than what we implement corporations call it controls the Constitution call the checks and balances but in the context of controls over organization that was developed to limit harm to the bottom line or undesired behavior. it's even applied to accounting but why don't we have it applied to the police in the regards of actually doing the image they push?

We're so concerned that Martha Stewart used insider information trading stocks but only racism is the problem here when in fact some arrests and some crimes offer financial incentive and the reality is the officer can make or watch you die and doesn't have to enforce any of the crimes that's what we call a conflict of interest especially when they make statements mission statements public statements any kind of statement that they're there to protect life the money literally makes it in their interest to follow the money but they'll tell you otherwise they have the power to tell you anything they want and yeah I've covered this already


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