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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Unless the us nukes all other nations

 Police enabling slavery and parents destroying their offspring

 will eventually lead to the collapse of the us or the us being leap frogged in military and tech superiority. I explain the why or how a bit below.

It should be viewed and tried as treason. It's also horrible for the planet. I might not be the normal case but I had mainly tools . Tools now rusting and molding away not useful to anyone while being kept and destroyed. All that carbon so child molester can kill their adult offspring they claim to own 

Anything to keep boomers with disposable income placid. I guess.

What's the difference between a pile of dead pigs and a tessla model s? 

I'm not likely to live long enough to earn enough to put a Tesla in my garage. I can figure out the later for $10ish dollars a car. Sometimes that might be a twofer. The trick is not needing a sky voew or large external power source. I've got both figured. Turns out apple can ionnovate. Or rip of Danish kings.

Real question is how much does it take to get through XLHDPE? I bet 3200f does the trick. Esp with a steal plate on one side. The kicker is in the most basic form what I illude to can be about the size of 2 postage stamps and consist of 6 discrete components, one is a litiumion battery one is a steal plate. Adding 3 more makes it more reliable and retains roughly the same size.

9 months forced unpaid labor on moldy car:

Note the scacale on finger tip. Also less not able to u: my sense of smell is intermittent and comes back after blowing put black shit pictured bellow

Here's another attempt to leave a legacy 


Leave your willy where it is, free information. Do it to spur innovation and maintain balance of power. 

Then later if u win free willy with 1 or more consenting adults. Do so behind a door or on fenced property. Doesn't willy need a pool? R/woosh

It's funny we fight to defend intellectual  property of large corps. Military industrial is often developed at taxpayer expense yet when these corporations don't spend enough on it security and China then reaps all the benefits for free we just go on handing them boat loads of money. Yet if you're old enough to remember Napster we let the music industry absolutely destroy individual citizens over IP violations. One should be treason the other was never necessarily a sale

I think the social conditioning and or programming we are subjected to has ensured that it's only going to get worse as well. Worse from the perspective of your average citizen we just wants to survive and maybe do a little bit of what they like. I say this becausethis programming favors image over substance. It favors narcissistic traits. Look how many people believe there's an alpha and a beta division between people. Howell far are you when you have to sleep? Ono did he threaten me lock him up I can't handle that but I'm alpha. In the less  extreme context but perhaps more important it favors those who can take something they don't understand and rip it off or take credit for it over those who might have innovated it.

Just ask Dale at suregripdollies, about what? Not sure what we were speaking of .

The line between aspd and npd is pretty blury and the conditions are poorly defined as is. I'd say he's the most charming and otherwise convincing you'd ever meet except he failed where Paul and Marlene succeeded. Using police to force labor and aid theft of service 

Now I'm off topic 

I think where we are headed is one world gov after a world war and it will probably be based out of China .

For most parts same outcome though. 

The unspoken uneasy of population reduction also seems to have a competition control built in.

I find it unlikely history books will record it this way but by what I see and figure

The elite used the us as a puppet to build the blocks required to for the first time dominate and rule the entire planet. Not just weapons or tech but also the psychology of distraction disassociation and division . They use international corporations 2 usurp power from governments and play them against each other. The people that own them has treated them like sovereignty since the late 1800. I'm not speaking out my ass around 1870 very large still exist in company went into Chinaviolated the agreement with the Chinese government then told the government basically f*** off we are sovereignty we'll do what we want here

The reasoning behind child abuse and ownership of children being treason is how population control and competition control integrate. It's the only way one might live a decent life is to get the grades to get the scholarship or take the loan whether we call it this or not we have a track system. Within that system it is imperfect. There will be very smart people that might come up with things others never would have that will one have some form of learning disability to the system will fail to catch it

That person or another like them it's probably also the biggest threat to the conventional power structure if they happen to be the above-average genius not just genius I'm not saying that's me I'm planning out logical possibilities here trying to illustrate how it's just as much competition control. It's also incredibly nearsighted we don't know every risk to any human surviving we do know that there's a bunch of space rocks that don't give a f*** about Earth politics ask the dinosaurs how that goes

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