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Reasons to smile when the doc asks if you have access to fire arms on an illegal abduction

Also could be titled reasons your murder will be labeled a suicide. Things Minnesota police wont consider as crime (in my experience) 

 Gas Asphyxiation:

  • dry ice. 
  • C25
  • Argon
  • liquid nitrogen
  • nitrogen gas
  • co
  • propane
  • methane (natural gas) 
All of of these are easy to come by. I'm not telling you where. I will say it's not up to you about the last two. 

This post is mainly here to highlight the insanity of being asked if you have access to a fire arm on a forced mental hold.

I'd prefer you don't kill yourself. 

If you are uh..dead set do not f****** use an explosive one in a multi-family dwelling. Your life probably should be your choice. The lives of others especially neighbors but probably don't have the ability to move at a moment's notice... Not yours to take or risk.

Ionizing Radiation

  • xray
  • radon 
  • americium 
None of these will be quick the shit part is it's not very reversible either. It can be quick but not with what most budgets and people can source just don't do it.


  • high voltage. like play King Kong with the leap from the power pole. If you notice there's three wires on most of them connect to 92 is more than sufficient. High-voltage isn't what most people think it's what's up there and the ones near you aren't even very high but it's not household voltage. Like we're talkin 700v to 1500vif I recall correctly on each line. And you'll be grabbing two phases so... ask  an electrician  crossing phases. They say your prefrontal cortex it's supposed to poof be finished at 25. If you manage to grab each line a lot more than that will be proof.I don't think that theory accounts for neuroplasticity but we're kind of outside that topic at the moment.
  • lower household 120 or 240 preferably the 240 and across the heart. a few months ago I did the math and I forget exactly what the conclusion was but as an approximate number. 240 is not enough. At least reliably and repeatedly. If you've been conditioned to enjoy s&m this might be up your alley. Yourr going to need to stab a fork in each arm. Or like sit on one tongue the other. which is going to be a hell of an act unless you can switch it off first on both legs of hot .you are also going to want to be on a rubber non-conductive mat. you could call it two phase but what it actually is is split phase. Transformer on the pole gives you phase shifted positive 120 and negative 120 isn't easy way to conceptualize it the potential between the two hot wires ends up being 240 literally the center of the transformer winding is connected to an earth rod making it the neutral ground. Both tied to ground or ground reference by the center tap is the reason you need the non conductive mat. We're talkin Earth ground and while not a great conductor the floor of your dwelling is generally sufficient. So at least some of it is not going to be 240 but to separate one twenties and is probably mathematical laws for what happens there. As usual most of this is coming from my memory without looking anything up.The problem with lethality is e equals IR or I =e/r and your skin is about 100kohms dry and unbroken. on the plus side you're basically salt water inside. It's been studied to uh...death? And the range most likely to stop your heart is 0.1 to 0.2 amps across it. But if you plug in 240 over 100k you're probably not there but that was the resistance for dry unbroken skin. Worth noting here the job in America with the most on-the-job fatality is electric lines person. I think police officer was number three of the last I checked. Which is interesting becausewhen's the last time you heard of electric lines person using electricity to drop somebody on the job ? Other than when they f****** and the drop is someone who made sure your refrigerator keep your food and your stove allows you to cook it. the other wants more and more rights will drop you with electricity and all of your stuff maybe there's until you prove the stuff is innocent regardless of charge to you. The more you know 🌈
  • Xray 10 to 60kv thermionic emission that's all I'm saying. You might be more successful by accident with that level of voltage. Especially if the supply isn't current limited and it really can't be within the safe range for what's required so..
  • Head inside the microwave for the modern Sylvia Plath? There's two switches that make this hard without opening it. most places will tell you to be very careful when you open it but uh have you noticed the title here?but no joke that capacitor can harm you severely so can everything else here.
  • Specific to the microwave running that thing without shielding loss of sight loss of hearing, sterility. That's if you f****** if you succeed Pop goes the weasel would be an apt descriptionof the pressure from the heating of about 2 in into your skull.don't do this
  • I'm not sure about Minnesota but some states do still allow sterilizing what they deem mentally infeeble. This probably isn't a good way to do it but there is more than one way to fix stupid. 
  • At this level of Mac I'm not even allowed within two blocks of a PC. Ish that wasn't even worth the joke
  • energy drinks and topical anesthetic. Hypoxia + racing heart goodbye. requires very large amounts of both. If you supplement with some sort of potentiator anything from a racetam to a Minneapolis officers knee it might be more effective. Of course that was a little bit different but it was hypoxia. Opioids or whatever the other one is whatever one that was I forget there's two but they're essentially the same as far as suppression of breathing... Nothing potentiates that like the  little league coach you can't say no to offering unrefusable huddle up and take a knee. They used to say you had to paint over the orange tip to get execution like that. Here's one to highlight the insanity if a white person wishing to do this pants black face And Taunts Minneapolis Police to attempt suicide by many news anchors heads explode trying to explain who's more racist? ah the existential questions of living in Minnesota
  • Plants like lilly of the valley and pines that produce ricen 
  • Those two cleaners no one has ever mentioned that you probably shouldn't combine before or like every time. You know not to do that right 🤪


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