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What happens when police cherry pick what interests them

In the land of the free there's actually two ways to end up with the government or large businesses disappearing people.

Maybe let's go with 3 but nothing rules them out from being mutually exclusive.

Large corporations or organizations regardless of if corporation, state government and federal government

The first two won't be able to directly rewrite law but if you look at wealth distribution in this country it would be quite easy to pay off police in a few States. Which brings me to the next point who's auditing the police?

Who audits the state for if it follows its own laws let alone the constitution of the federal government?

Do you see the problem yet?

Oh yes you can go to civil court right well if I can disappear you let alone like in my case police will enable multiple felony level theft attempted murder by assault continued attempted murder via shouldn't be hard to paint a picture where you might not make it to civil court 

it's just piss off estate and maybe even the police take you away but there's no arrest record

I know nothing about the Chinese billionaire in the link above I hope he's all right regardless

I think it should be noted that Minnesota has already established most of the legal framework to do this. When paranoid is a reason for police to be able to break the law to force you to a doctor under threat of force I don't think I have to say more except the doctor officially made it official except 30 minutes of Calm talking 20 at minimum resulted in the threat to use Force if I didn't step out of the vehicle and then 3 days detainment and they would have forced drugged  me.

I had mild pee STD in 2006 like it wasn't debilitating I know wake up screaming the names of the therapy animals that I had loved and cared for and who loved me and died during these events in 2018 and 19. When you can be detained for someone else hurting you it's no good if it has to go or we are not the land of the free. It puts the lotion on its skin and now all the sudden it's a criminal because it said violent words allegedly to the person who's trying to kill it it puts the lotion on its skin and it gets the court again it puts the lotion on its skin well I literally claim to own it and lie to the court again

Okay but felony-level thefts afterwards stocking afterwards well I'm in an empty place with one of my aforementioned animals in the freezer the other threatened to extract labor for nine months before seeking an abuser label for me hey all people that are human trafficed

Hey if you're human traffic through Maple Grove hey little girl know you're an abuser.victim how dare you you might have allegedly said violent things to somebody I don't give a f*** what the contents context is you might have said violent things no no it's not about what they said you might have I don't give a f*** you're an abuser you lose your rights

See how insane that is?

I really doubt it would ever happen like that if Mike to a boy though. Minnesota claims its non-gendered but I was able to find PDFs this is entirely a product of the violence against women movement. I think the new or well the new spin the new PR is hey let's take these right stripping hearsay civil charges and open it to anyone so if we want we can go after anyone

It's weaponized psychiatry having an incest should have been abortion with the court system

And it allows anyone in MN to file any time for free for ever . Bye 2nd amendment by need for warent to said it so it can pass without your presence your presence isn't even expected in some ways they can file it you have to request a trial but your rights are stripped either way. 4 days notice is what I was given I have zero history of being abusive towards people. I have gotten physical to defend myself never offensively. Even that's pretty limited

By the time these things were filed Marlene had already tried to push me over a railing to their basement

A short time earlier I caught her throwing away someone else's property entrusted to me actually I might have paid for that part without reimbursement so it might have been mine that's not really the point and she threatened to push me down the staircase that short time later like a week 2 weeks Max she's trying to push me over the railing

MN doesn't need to disappear people, just support parents owning and abusing their adult offspring have police threatent emergency medical holds after the ofp rather than allow on report a confession of felony-level theft

MN makes people disappear themselves 

Wincesy for the lawyer win and loss of everyone and anyone else 

I have a somewhat unique perspective. Both of my parents are old enough to be many of my peers grandparents I'm an only child and they are together and once likely a codependent relationship between two full-blown cluster B individuals.

Most of the people I knew growing two parents still together neither is step parent was not the norm. I'd say by far the more common reaction or experience for people reading this was in their own life they experienced having to deal with did I cause it? Which we tell people no they didn't. I think it's important to know what causes that because we're also moving towards cluster b as the normal normal. In other words psychology will never tell you it's especially if you have money that you are wrong they might want you to get there but if you look around online sites that masquerade as good sources of info often are run by divorce court lawyers and corporate psychology as the same problem I should say mental health services doing compass psychiatry even social workers. The problem is there's no money or job continuation in telling people the root causes. parents that were taught how to emotionally tend to their children would not be as likely to produce children questioning for large portions of their life if they caused the split between their parents. This whole society didn't just sell the next generation down the river or sell out the country from under them we've literally based it on if you made it to have Little ships you can enslave. Some people won't do that the problem is we don't see it the way we encouraged it the way the media has normalized it. What's not debatable is any extent that is a profit increasing customer retention method intended or otherwise

Back to where I started it's really easy to disappear someone in Minnesota. It's even easier when your condition to believe that your son your daughter your Apache helicopter is just plain rotten what a brat. When families sell each other out no good comes and a lot of weakness is developed

Anytime between interpersonal relationships there's a vast to even moderate power differential the potential for grave harm is very real. It's sold to us as women are 30% weaker or actually it's more sold as the binary woman week she know her man man killed woman. Funny thing is in homosexual relations the data has revealed that lesbian relations have a higher than the general percent of DV.

In hetero couples if the woman is believed over the man strength difference doesn't so much matter unless you can only see black and white. Most men don't want to hurt you most women don't want to hurt you. Now we return to a regular scheduled programming.

after this message from police with the ability to shoot you and face paid time off. Potentially do so well robbing you of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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